December 7th - McCormick Place South

Wednesday Full Day Workshops
dux raymond sy 80

Dux Raymond Sy, MVP PMP - Accelerate SharePoint Success: How to Best Plan, Manage and Control Migration Projects

In the last 15 years, Microsoft SharePoint has greatly shifted the paradigm in enterprise collaboration and information management. Organizations today continue to invest in this business enablement platform and many are in the process of upgrading and migrating to the next generation version of SharePoint on-premises, cloud and even hybrid environment.

In an AIIM study, lack of planning is a key contributor to SharePoint deployment failure. To deliver successful SharePoint migration projects, having an effective project management strategy is paramount. Executive support, proper planning, realist project team and appropriately managing expectations are crucial to ensure SharePoint migration success.

Benjamin Niaulin

Benjamin Niaulin, MVP MCT - Becoming a Master Power User in SharePoint and Office 365

You may have discovered what’s in SharePoint and Office 365, listed the features and what they do or how you can benefit from them. But do you know how to use them and what the best way to implement them is?

This full day workshop not only covers what you have, but helps you learn how to use SharePoint and Office 365 as well as everything around them to best benefit your organization and empower you as a Power User.

Sarah Haase

Sarah Haase - Cowboys versus Ninjas: A user adoption and innovation games workshop

Driving effective user adoption for collaborative platforms like SharePoint and Office 365 is incredibly difficult. Most companies veer off-course, missing the opportunity to engage users, build internal communities and drive business engagement and value. The result: a muddle of unused SharePoint sites, negligible business buy-in and a maze of nested file repositories.

This full-day workshop explores common user adoption myths and explains the role social epidemics play in driving adoption of collaborative toolsets. You'll learn practical tips and tricks for engaging key user constituencies in your organization, learn key motivational techniques to drive technology adoption and explore how innovation games can help you drive shared understanding and build a unified vision.

Jack Fruh

Michael Blumenthal

Jack Fruh & Michael Blumenthal, MVP - Come learn PowerShell from Jack Fruh and Michael Blumenthal!

In this intense full day workshop, we'll teach you the basics of powershell, including a bunch of tools and tips to make working with powershell easier.

The afternoon is dedicated to real world example and covers Office 365 usage examples such as bulk user licensing and reporting, SharePoint online examples such as reporting on users, confirming your site owners are still with your company and more.

Wednesday Morning Workshops

Liz Sundet

Stacy Deere Strole

Liz Sundet & Stacy Deere-Strole, MVP - Jump Start Your SharePoint Governance – Then Take it Home!

In any organization that utilizes SharePoint, governance is a must. Some say it’s an option based on size, how much content, or even what functionality is being used. However, we say it doesn’t matter, if your company exists governance should exist. Traditional ways of providing governance such as writing 30 pages of documentation doesn’t show the transparency that the organization is exactly looking for. In addition, once the documentation is written the chances of it ever being reviewed, updated or even read again are very slim.

The goal of this workshop is to provide a new “norm” for providing governance to organizations.

Scott Shearer

Scott Shearer - SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflow Bootcamp

This demo-rich workshop will prepare you to immediately begin creating powerful SharePoint 2013 Designer workflows - no experience required. We'll start out by exploring core workflow concepts and quickly progress by creating simple but very useful workflows along the way.

The workshop will conclude by creating workflows that retrieve data from SharePoint web services.

Stephanie Donahue

Stephanie Donahue, MVP - SharePoint Deployment Planning

Upgrading from a legacy version of SharePoint? Deploying SharePoint for the first time? Want to expand the use of your current environment?

Attend this workshop for a deep dive on all the critical items you need to cover during a SharePoint deployment.

Wednesday Afternoon Workshops
Eric Riz

Eric Riz, MVP Write the Right Requirements

STOP the requirements madness! This half-day workshop is your guide to creating successful SharePoint requirements that meet the needs of stakeholders, decision-makers and end users while leading the way to a successful implementation.

This is not your traditional requirements 101 workshop that focuses on the theory behind requirements gathering and heavy documentation. We will take the covers off SharePoint and learn how to effectively break down each SharePoint component into manageable, tangible deliverables.

Chris McNulty

Chris McNulty, MVP MBA - Managed Metadata and Enterprise Content Management in SharePoint 2013/16 & Office 365

As SharePoint explodes in enterprise capacity, big data often results in a lot of big noise, too. Managed Metadata and Enterprise Content Management provide tools and analysis to help you separate valuable signals from all the useless background static.

This workshop is intended for enterprise architects and content managers looking to optimize the user experience for document-centric collaboration in SharePoint and Office 365.

Ryan Schouten

Ryan Schouten, MCT SharePoint Framework Jump Start

The future is here, the SharePoint Framework is the new way to create web parts in SharePoint. No longer do we need to be constantly adding content editor web parts to our pages to add our client side code. We will be discussing everything you need to know to started creating your own solutions using the SharePoint Framework.

We’ll start by discussing the supporting tools that you will need and then move on to the architecture and structure of the projects. Since the SharePoint Framework takes advantage of TypeScript we will provide information on what it is and discuss the differences between TypeScript and JavaScript.