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Technical Sessions:

SharePoint Fest - D.C.  - Wednesday, April 19th  Agenda 

April 19  
Breakout 1
Room 206
Breakout 2
Breakout 3
Room 207B
Breakout 4
Room 208AB
Breakout 5
Room 209AB
Breakout 6
Room 203AB
Breakout 7
Room 202B
Breakout 8
Room 202A
Breakout 9
Room 201
Breakout 10
 7:30 – 8:25  Registration and Morning Coffee & Rolls
 8:25 – 8:30 Conference Introduction & Opening Remarks
 8:30 – 9:30 KEYNOTE: Future of Business Applications in SharePoint - Cathy Dew, Microsoft

 9:40 – 10:50  

ECM101 Introductory Level
Levithan MVP
PWR101 Introductory Level
Sundet MVP
BI101 Experienced Level
Himmelstein MVP
OFF101 Introductory Level
Rehmani MVP
BV101 Introductory Level
Donahue MVP
SIA100 Experienced Level
Usher MVP
SPT101 Experienced Level
Hanley MVP 


SIA101 Introductory Level
McDonough MVP
DEV101 Experienced Level
Overfield MVP
 10:50 – 11:20 Expo Hall Opens and Coffee Break in Expo Hall

 11:20 - 12:30 

ECM102 Experienced Level
PWR102 Introductory Level
Cleary MVP
BI102 Experienced Level
Feldman MVP
OFF102 Introductory Level
Niaulin MVP
BV102 Introductory Level
Deere‑Strole MVP
SRC102 Introductory Level
Carroll MCT
SPT102 Experienced Level
Williams MVP
WF102 Introductory Level
SIA102 Experienced Level
DEV102 Experienced Level
Levert MVP
 12:30 –1:20   Lunch Break - Expo Hall

 1:30 – 2:40

ECM103 Experienced Level
Robbins MCT
PWR103 Introductory Level
Glenn MVP
BI103 Experienced Level
Gatte MVP
OFF103 Experienced Level
Ozcifci MVP
BV103 Introductory Level
SRC103 Introductory Level
Olenick MVP
SPT103 Experienced Level
Khipple MVP
WF103 Experienced Level
SIA103 Experienced Level
Alderman MVP
DEV103 Experienced Level
Windsor MVP
  2:40 – 3:00 Afternoon Refreshments - Expo Hall

 3:00 – 4:10

ECM104 Advanced Level
PWR104 Experienced Level
Drever MVP
BI104 Experienced Level
Relbe‑Moe MVP
OFF104 Experienced Level
BV104 Introductory Level
Catrinescu MVP
SRC104 Advanced Level
Maadarani MVP
SPT104 Experienced Level
WF104 Introductory Level
Shearer MCT
SIA104 Advanced Level
Coventry MVP
DEV104 Experienced Level
Schouten MCT

 4:20 – 5:30

DEV107 Introductory Level
Shingieti Singh
PWR105 Experienced Level
Preston MVP   
BI105 Experienced Level
White MVP
OFF105 Introductory Level
SPT106 Introductory Level
OFF106 Introductory Level
SPT105 Experienced Level
Carson MVP
DEV105 Advanced Level
SIA105 Advanced Level
McDonough MVP
DEV106 Experienced Level
Rackley MVP

 5:30 – 7:00


Introductory Level Introductory Level      Experienced Level Experienced Level      Advanced Level Advanced Level         Expert Level Expert Level


SharePoint Fest - D.C. - Thursday, April 20th Agenda

April 20
 Breakout 1
Room 206
Breakout 2
Room 207A
Breakout 3
Room 207B
Breakout 4
Room 208AB
Breakout 5
Room 209AB
Breakout 6
Room 203AB
Breakout 7
Room 202B
Breakout 8
Room 202A
Breakout 9
Room 201
Breakout 10
Room 204ABC
 7:30 – 8:30 Registration and Morning Coffee & Rolls

 8:30 – 9:40  

ECM201 Introductory Level
Donahue MVP
PWR201 Introductory Level
Preston MVP
BI201 Experienced Level
White MVP
OFF201 Experienced Level
Ozcifci MVP
BV201 Experienced Level
OFF200 Experienced Level
SPT201 Introductory Level
DEV200 Experienced Level
SIA201 Experienced Level
Catrinescu MVP
DEV201 Experienced Level
Windsor MVP
 9:40 – 10:00  Coffee Break - Expo Hall Opens

 10:00 – 11:10  

ECM202 Experienced Level
PWR202 Experienced Level
Rehmani MVP
BI202 Introductory Level
Coventry MVP
OFF202 Experienced Level
Hanley MVP 
BV202 Experienced Level
SRC202 Experienced Level
Carroll MCT
SPT202 Introductory Level
WF202 Experienced Level
SIA202 Experienced Level
Alderman MVP
DEV202 Experienced Level
Schouten MCT

 11:20 – 12:30 

ECM203 Experienced Level
PWR203 Introductory Level
McNulty MBA
BI203 Experienced Level
Gatte MVP
OFF203 Experienced Level
Feldman MVP
BV203 Experienced Level
Deere‑Strole MVP
SRC203 Experienced Level
Olenick MVP
SPT203 Introductory Level
Himmelstein MVP
WF203 Experienced Level
Relbe‑Moe MVP
SIA203 Experienced Level
Levithan MVP
DEV203 Advanced Level
Overfield MVP
 12:30 –2:00 Extended Lunch Break - Expo Hall

 1:30 – 2:00

Solution Showcase 1


Solution Showcase 2
Solution Showcase 3


Solution Showcase 4


Solution Showcase 5


Solution Showcase 6


Solution Showcase 7


Solution Showcase 8 


Solution Showcase 9 


Solution Showcase 10 


 2:10 – 3:20

ECM204 Advanced Level
Maadarani MVP
PWR204 Advanced Level
Drever MVP
BI204 Introductory Level
Glenn MVP
OFF204Experienced Level
Niaulin MVP
BV204 Experienced Level
Carson MVP
SRC204 Advanced Level
Rackley MVP
SPT204 Advanced Level
Khipple MVP
WF204 Experienced Level
SIA204Experienced Level
van Hunen MVP
DEV204 Experienced Level
Levert MVP

 3:30 – 4:40


PWR205 Advanced Level
Huneycutt MVP MCT


OFF205 Advanced Level
Cleary MVP
DEV206 Introductory Level
SIA206 Experienced Level
Usher MVP
WF205 Experienced Level
Shearer MCT
SIA205 Experienced Level
DEV205 Experienced Level
Williams MVP


Conference Ends

Introductory Level Introductory Level      Experienced Level Experienced Level      Advanced Level Advanced Level        Expert Level Expert Level



Enterprise Content Management Track:

ECM101  Rolling Out OneDrive Successfully
ECM102 The Document Set Content Type
ECM103 Using Document Sets to Implement Business Processes
ECM104 Protecting your Content: Demystifying Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in SharePoint
ECM201 Taming the Hoarders...Organizing Users who Keep Everything!
ECM202 Content Type Syndication in SharePoint
ECM203 Defining your Taxonomy and Information Management Strategy
ECM204 Search Web Parts

SharePoint Power User Track:

PWR101 Oh! The Places You will Go with SharePoint
PWR102  Creating and Developing Solutions for SharePoint and Office 365
PWR103 Building Future-proof SharePoint Solutions with No Code
PWR104 Playing Outside Your Sandbox. Interacting with other systems using SharePoint BCS
PWR105 Client-Side Rendering for SharePoint: From intro to practical application
PWR201 PowerApps for SharePoint Users
PWR202 Power User tools of the SharePoint trade
PWR203 Apps for Everyone ~ Building No Code Business Apps
PWR204 Playing Further Outside Your Sandbox. Advanced Concepts and Processes with SharePoint BCS
PWR205 Business Process Automation for SharePoint

Workflow Track:

WF102  What is Workflow and What is it Good For?
WF103 Workflow and Forms: Its About Reducing Paperthinking, Not Just Paperwork
WF104 Flow - The Future of Automation in SharePoint
WF202 2013 Workflow Basics in Plain English for Business Users
WF203 SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows: An Introduction
WF204 How workflow and content automation power digital transformation
WF205 Advanced SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows

Search Track:

SRC102  Why Intranet Search Sucks (and understanding what it takes to fix it)
SRC103 Understanding Delve & the Office Graph
SRC104 SharePoint 2016 Search
SRC202  Developing your own Query Magic in SharePoint Search
SRC203 Pro Tips for Getting the Most out of Search and Discovery in SharePoint and office 365
ECM204 Search Web Parts
SRC204 Delivering a World Class Search Experience

Office 365 Track:

OFF101  How to make use of All that's included in Office 365
OFF102 Groups for Office 365 and Team Sites - What you should know
OFF103 The ultimate guide about SharePoint and Office365: “what’s new” from A to Z
SRC103 Understanding Delve & the Office Graph
OFF104 How to Accelerate Office 365 Success: Develop your Information Governance Strategy in 4 Steps
OFF105 When to Use What in Office 365
OFF106 Teams, Groups, SharePoint, and Yammer... Oh My!
OFF200 Untangling Office 365: Exposing the Plan for Productivity
OFF201 The good, the bad and the ugly part of Office 365 for large sized enterprises
OFF202 Knowledge Management and Office 365: What’s Possible, What’s Transformative, and What You Need to Know.
OFF203 Leveraging Microsoft Teams to accelerate team collaboration
OFF204 A deep dive into Groups for Office 365 - The new way to work
OFF205 Office 365 and Azure Services

Business Intelligence Track:

BI101 Analytically shiny and new: A guided tour of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence toys
BI102  Getting Started with PowerBI
BI103 Five key trends in Business Intelligence and how they will impact your organization
BI104 How To Use Google Analytics With Power BI to Get Usage Statistics From an Intranet
BI105 Cloud, On-Premise, or Hybrid - Where are you making BI investment decisions and why?
BI201 What's new for the BI workload in SharePoint 2016
BI202 SQL Server Reporting Services - Awakens!
BI203 What you should know about Power BI to deliver an incredible BI solution for your organization
BI204 Business Intelligence Using SharePoint and Power BI

Business Value Track:

BV101 SharePoint Can Make your Coffee, but it Shouldn't - Overcoming SharePoint Frustrations in your Organization
BV102 Navigation: A Step Towards Success in SharePoint
BV103 Make it Stick: 5 Steps For Better SharePoint Adoption
BV104 What do YOU get from SharePoint Hybrid?
BV201 De-Mystifying ROI calculation for SharePoint
BV202 SharePoint 2016: What’s New and Why should I Upgrade?
BV203 Taking User Profiles to New Heights!
BV204 Extranets in SharePoint On Premises and Office 365

Special Topics Track:

SPT101  How to Create a Governance and Training Delivery Site for SharePoint
SPT102 Get Started with Microsoft PowerApps
SPT103 Designing your Future Collaboration Experience
SPT104 When cookie-cutter user adoption doesn't cut it
SPT105 Branding in SharePoint Online and On Premises
SPT106 Panel Discussion: SharePoint Accessibility and Usability – Specific challenges the user, SharePoint administrator and IT department face.
SPT201 PowerShell for Office 365
SPT202 Demystifying Governance: A Fresh Approach To SharePoint Governance
SPT203 Analyzing the #FutureOfSharePoint… a case study
SPT204 Building an Innovative Culture

SharePoint Infrastructure & Administration Track:

SIA100 Setting up Directory Synchronization for Office 365
SIA101 The Essentials of SharePoint Disaster Recovery Planning
SIA102 Making SharePoint Strategic
SIA103  Integrating Office Online with SharePoint
SIA104 Windows PowerShell for the involuntary Office 365 Administrator
SIA105 "Caching-In" for SharePoint Performance
SIA201 PowerShell for Office 365
SIA202 Manage Data Recovery in SharePoint
SIA203 Structuring Your SharePoint Migration for Success
SIA204 How to Provision Artifacts to SharePoint Online without being a Developer
SIA205 Securing SharePoint in the Cloud
SIA206 To the Cloud! Using IaaS as a Hosting Provider for SharePoint

SharePoint & Office 365 Development Track:

DEV101 Build Your First SharePoint Framework Webpart
DEV102 SharePoint Framework, Angular & Azure Functions : The modern SharePoint developer tool belt.
DEV103 TypeScript for SharePoint Developers
DEV104 Not sure how you should REACT

An Introduction to Azure Functions for SharePoint/Office 365 developers

DEV106 SharePoint Framework, Angular & Azure Functions : The modern SharePoint developer tool belt
DEV107 SharePoint 2013: Our Approach to Branding
DEV200 Updating Legacy SharePoint Customizations to the Add-in Model
DEV201 Introduction to the Office Dev PnP Core Libraries
DEV202 Using Azure Apps to Create Applications that use Office365
DEV203 Supercharge Your SharePoint Framework Webpart with React
DEV204 Everything you need to know about the Microsoft Graph as a SharePoint Developer
DEV205 Introduction to Microsoft Graph
DEV206 Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) for Office 365 Developers