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SPT 201 - Contextual Help: Using Search and an Enterprise Wiki to build an on-demand help system

Paul Stork, MVP MCM MCT - Invited Speaker

Well Trained users are a critical factor in the success of any SharePoint implementation. But classroom training can be time consuming and lose its effectiveness as the time gap between class and real world application increases. You could purchase a third party on-line system but these can be expensive and may be hard to adapt to your branding and needs. In this talk we'll explore how to leverage The "out of the box" Search and Enterprise Wiki template features in SharePoint 2013 to build an extensible help system for your users. We'll use no custom code or SharePoint Apps so these techniques will work both on-premises and in the cloud. The solution will support a variety of content types, including text, audio, and video.


I'll also share tips and tricks on how to produce help content and get it loaded into your system. When we are done you'll know how to build a help system that users can use from any search box in SharePoint environment to get the answer to the question "How Do I..."