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BI 102 - Power BI – Making your Data a Shapely Model

Peter Serzo - Featured Speaker

Power BI is the Microsoft tool to quickly create impactful reports and dashboards. While creating reports is simple, data is still the dependency. In order to present complex relationships (think drilldowns) graphically, data is the foundation. Data can be messy and overwhelming but no longer does one need to be a SQL professional to create these complex relationships. In this session, we will cover several “tricks” to quickly get the beginner up to speed.

This session uses everyday language while showing technically how to make your data shapely translating into fantastic reports/dashboards.

BI 103 - Five key trends in Business Intelligence and how they will impact your organization

Treb Gatte, MVP - Featured Speaker

Is your organization ready for the third BI wave? There are five key trends in Business Intelligence that are dramatically changing the way we approach reporting.

Join Treb as he takes you through each trend, the challenges resulting from the trend and recommended actions to take.

BI 104 - How To Use Google Analytics With Power BI to Get Usage Statistics From an Intranet

Knut Relbe-Moe, MCT MVP - Featured Speaker

Google Analytics content pack for Power BI connects your Google Analytics through Power BI. You will get a Power BI dashboard and a set of Power BI reports that provide insights about your site traffic and user dimensions. You can use the dashboard and reports provided, or customize them to highlight the information you care most about. The data will be refreshed automatically once per day.

In this session we will look into how you can add google analytics to your SharePoint Intranet, and then get reports on which pages are most popular, which news are most popular and so on.

This session will give you the foundation you need to get started with Google analytics in your Intranet.

BI 202 - What can SSRS do for you in 2017

Peter Serzo - Featured Speaker

SQL Server Reporting Services have been around since 2004. The product went through a fantastic period of innovation with SQL Server 2008 R2. After a lengthy period of hibernation SQL Server 2016 is once again proving this is an innovative product. In this session, we will look at some of the changes including the integration with Datazen, now known as Mobile Reports and the updated Report Builder.

We will also cover what is going on with SSRS and Power BI and present a roadmap for reporting strategy.

BI 203 - What you should know about Power BI to deliver an incredible BI solution for your organization

Treb Gatte, MVP - Featured Speaker

I’ll present a common business scenario, highlighting the undocumented IT Pro strategies needed for a successful implementation for both Cloud and Hybrid environments.

I’ll also demonstrate key Power BI functionality that sells the project to your management.

PWR 100 - Introduction to Power Apps

Luc Labelle, MVP - Featured Speaker

This session is aimed at users / super users and is intended to help participants better understand the capabilities Power Apps offers in terms of enterprise application development, without having to write a single line of code.

During this session, participants will be exposed to different scenarios of using Power Apps to create and publish applications. The aim of the session is to demonstrate the value of the Power Apps application by connecting to different data sources, by designing applications quickly and publishing them on Dynamics365.

PWR 101 - Oh! The Places you will Go in SharePoint

Liz Sundet, MVP PMP - Featured Speaker

Have you ever had that dreaded moment when you learn something new and wish you would have learned it just a week before? Let’s face it, SharePoint is big! It can be daunting at first and there’s lot of places to make mistakes. In this session, we will hit some of the hottest tips, tricks, gotchas and ah ha’s for getting started with SharePoint.

From what browsers work best to where to find content types this fast paced session will give you a great start on your journey into SharePoint. You will succeed, yes indeed!

PWR 102 - Power User tools of the SharePoint trade

Asif Rehmani, MVP - Featured Speaker

Don't code your solutions, configure them! Many no-code developers (aka Power Users) don't realize that SharePoint already has the building blocks you need to create amazing solutions. There is no need to program everything from scratch. What you need to know is: which tool should I use and for what scenarios? Once you know that, you're all set!

Come to this session and we'll talk through tools such as SharePoint Designer, PowerApps, Search web parts, InfoPath, Flow and more. There will be lots of demos of these choices as well so you can see them in action.


PWR 103 - Client-Side Rendering for SharePoint: From intro to practical application

Wes Preston, MVP - Featured Speaker

SharePoint in O365, 2013, and now 2016 continue to offer stellar functionality through lists, libraries and views. Client-Side Rendering (CSR) allows power users to employ JavaScript and HTML to extend these capabilities beyond out of the box limitations without using managed code.

This session will walk through a primer for using CSR while showing methods to improve a common SharePoint solution scenario.

PWR 104 - Playing Outside Your Sandbox. Interacting with other systems using SharePoint BCS

David Drever, MVP - Featured Speaker

Business Connectivity Services (BCS) is probably one of the most versatile and powerful features of SharePoint. It can also be one of the most under-utilized. Join me today as I provide an overview of the BCS system and show you how easy it is to integrate with external systems without writing a single line of code. I will cover topics like External Content types, External Lists, user impersonation using the SharePoint Secure Store system and much more.

PWR 105 - Creating a Simple Event Registration System using InfoPath

Jeffrey Rhodes - United States Air Force Academy

This session will demonstrate how to use two SharePoint lists along with InfoPath to create a simple but effective event registration system. We will build the "Events" and "Attendees" lists from scratch and then customize the "Attendees" form with InfoPath in order to look up the capacity of the event, compare it to the number of existing attendees for the event, and notify the user and disable sign-up for the event if the capacity has been reached.

Key topics to be covered include lookup columns, calculated columns, InfoPath rules, and InfoPath data connections

PWR 106 - Business Process Automation for SharePoint

William Huneycutt - Featured Speaker

Business Process Automation for SharePoint is all about using out of the box tools to meet the ever changing needs of our business.

Our client needs to develop an automated facilities management portal. The facilities management team is currently struggling to handle incoming requests for use of company resources for meetings, training, and conferences. Their goals for the new system include a customized form for handling requests, a workflow for manager approval, and a workflow process for assigning tasks to their team related to setup and breakdown of facility resources. They would also like custom dashboards for manager overview of requests and tasks, setup and breakdown assignments, and event related expenditures.

What can we build with SharePoint to meet our client's demands? The clock is ticking, we have 70 minutes to build a working business solution for our client. Let's build a business solution using Business Process Automation for SharePoint.

PWR 201 - PowerApps for SharePoint Users

Wes Preston, MVP - Featured Speaker

Are, or were, you a user of SharePoint Designer? InfoPath? Access Services? How are you building business solutions today?

Microsoft is using PowerApps to target the business user and power user gaps left between SharePoint’s out of the box capabilities and custom development. Learn what PowerApps is and what it has to offer SharePoint users now and into the future.

PWR 202 - Got Navigation! GPS Guidance through SharePoint

Liz Sundet, MVP PMP - Featured Speaker

How do I get to where I want to go? In real life, we use some sort of navigation device in our vehicles and on our phones. But navigating SharePoint can be a little more difficult. In this session we will cover some of the ways to set up navigation, from global or top bar navigation, left hand navigation or quick launch. Drive your way thru SharePoint using managed metadata to create a consistent set of maps for every site that is created. Create maps of important items by using promoted links to guide your users.

Whatever way you get there will be the shortest route by avoiding detours along the way and your users will be happy when they arrive.

PWR 203 - Playing Further Outside Your Sandbox. Advanced Concepts and Processes with SharePoint BCS

David Drever, MVP - Featured Speaker

SharePoint's Business Connectivity Service, we will cover more advanced concepts within the SharePoints BCS system. Integrating SharePoint Search with BCS External Content Types to search into non-SharePoint data sources and Associations are just a couple of the topics we will cover.

I will show you some of the true power in using SharePoint to leverage and present the data contained in your LOB systems that will make your own daily processes more efficient.

PWR 204 - The Nuts and Bolts of Teams, Groups, and Conversation-as-a-Service

Christian Buckley, MVP - Featured Speaker

Within Office 365, we have multiple methods for social collaboration. Organizations around the world are struggling to understand which tool to use when -- but this is the wrong premise.

In this session, we'll discuss the broader concept of "conversation as a service" and how Microsoft Teams, Outlook Groups, Yammer, and SharePoint all fit together -- and show you how to get the most out of all of them.

PWR 205 - Apps for Everyone – Building No Code Business Apps

Chris McNulty - Microsoft

SharePoint has a rich history as a home for business focused applications. One of SharePoint’s greatest strengths is its ability to unify teams with content collaboration and business productivity applications. Modern application developers can create powerful solutions. But now information workers can create productivity apps without code that can deliver immediate business impact.

Join me for the roadmap of building custom solutions for enhanced collaboration, data analysis, account processing, business intelligence and mobile integration – using Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Power BI and SharePoint.

SPT 102 - Reimagine The Way Work Gets Done

Michelle Caldwell - Featured Speaker

Organizations with a Digital Workplace strategy in place are seeing vast improvements in: employee productivity (78%), increased revenue (70%) and new approaches to drive innovation (78%). Find out how to speed up business cycles and increase productivity to drive competitive advantage.

A successful digital workplace integrates social, mobile, analytics and cloud in an intelligent context that is tailored to the role and responsibilities of employees. The outcome focuses on driving the maximum increase in employee efficiency, performance and innovation. But what does the future look like?

Join me in this interactive session to find out what it takes to make the leap into the future of Collaboration

Session Highlights Include:

  • Benefits of a digital workplace
  • Growth powered by a high-performance workplace
  • Digital Workplace Trends

SPT 103 - Top 10 Digital Workplace design patterns

Kanwal Khipple, MVP - Featured Speaker

Imagine a future where silo'd departments and legacy processes don’t stand in our way. Today’s collaboration needs go from complex collaboration portals to simple innovation hubs and most importantly need to work for our devices. Designing portals to enable a new kind of collaboration and communication is an absolute necessity today.

For the past couple years, I’ve had the opportunity to study how successful teams collaborate and have helped to transform the way teams work and collaborate together.

In this session, I'll share what I’ve learned about making effective cross-discipline collaboration possible, and leave you with actionable approaches you can use to unite your team's communication and collaboration needs.

SPT 104 - All You Need to Know for Automated SharePoint Site Provisioning with PnP PowerShell

Eric Overfield, MVP - Featured Speaker

Provisioning sites and assets in Office 365 and in particular SharePoint in repeatable, reliable method used to require Visual Studio, developers and the feature framework. Well no more! Using Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices (PnP), it no longer takes VS or developers to create deployment packages.

In this session we will look into the provisioning toolset found within PnP to provision columns, content types, list templates, list and library instances, branding and file assets and even metadata and more all with XML provisioning templates and PowerShell. This demo heavy session with the PowerShell scripts and sample provisioning templates will help you jumpstart your next SharePoint project using future friendly provisioning methodologies. Being a developer is not required, although developers are encouraged to attend to not be left behind.

Benefits of this Session:

  • Learn how PnP provides provision tools
  • See how to provision SharePoint assets without a developer
  • Get the reusable PowerShell scripts to start your next project

SPT 200 - Planning your Digital Workplace Transformation

Michelle Caldwell - Featured Speaker

Your success with 0365 and SharePoint 2016 is not assured: A successful Digital Workplace transformation goes way beyond getting the software installed and configured successfully. Fortunately your chances have greatly improved recently with the advances made by Microsoft. By integrating new capabilities and social tools into everyday work processes we are able to reimagine how work gets done and have measureable impact to the bottom line.

In this session we will discuss the importance of creating a Digital Workplace Transformation Strategy to ensure a successful Digital Workplace Transformation. In this highly interactive session, we’ll share key aspects of a Digital Workplace Strategy and discuss how to engage business stakeholders, drive user adoption, and realize a true return on your organization’s investment in SharePoint and 0365.

Highlights include:

  • Defining your Vision
  • Determining the potential Business Impact

SPT 201 - Governance is Not An Option

Stacy Deere-Strole, MVP - Featured Speaker

Random things we all typically hear when it comes to Governance…

· Not on top of the list right now

· Not in the budget

· We’ll get to it later

· Not really seeing the need…

I have yet to hear 1 valid reason as to why Governance should not be completed, maintained, or approved in budgets. Governance really is not an option in any organization if you want your processes and procedures followed by employees. Each time I have been involved in a project where governance was put on the back burner there have been issues with not knowing what other departments processes were, building themselves into a corner, not meeting service level agreements, and the list goes on and on. If there is no one source of truth in how all the functions of the business run, how are you ever going to build a solid foundation and keep it running at the level it needs to run so that your organization can be successful? In this session we will review what governance is, how it can be useful, how you can get started, maintain it, and most importantly how to get it approved!

Each time I have been involved in a project where governance was put on the back burner there have been issues with not knowing what other departments processes were, building themselves into a corner, not meeting service level agreements, and the list goes on and on. If there is no one source of truth in how all the functions of the business run, how are you ever going to build a solid foundation and keep it running at the level it needs to run so that your organization can be successful?

In this session we will review what governance is, how it can be useful, how you can get started, maintain it, and most importantly how to get it approved!

SPT 202 - Understanding and Leveraging Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) Suite

Sean McDonough, MVP - Featured Speaker

The Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) Suite is a product offering that receives a lot of attention and “air time” from Microsoft nowadays. Although many enterprise architects, technical decision makers, and IT Pros have heard about EMS, many don’t know exactly what it is and what it does. In this session, we will be looking closely at EMS and the growing set of identity, security, data, and device management problems that it addresses. We will look at each of the workloads and capabilities within EMS, how they work, and some practical examples of solutions involving each. We will also clear-up the confusion that frequently arises in understanding where Office 365 ends and EMS begins.

By the end of this session, you will understand what EMS is, the role that it plays in secure cloud solutions, and why it is a natural fit for consumers already leveraging Office 365 in their day-to-day operations.

SPT 203 - Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, SharePoint, Yammer…What Should I Use, and When?

Dux Raymond Sy, MVP PMP - Featured Speaker

For today's fast-paced, mobile-driven, and globally dispersed workplace, Microsoft offers tons of great ways to effectively communicate and collaborate. But which tools are right for your organisation?
Solutions like Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, Yammer, Skype for Business, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow all offer something unique to your business.

In this interactive session, you will gain practical guidance on finding the right tools to facilitate efficient communications and collaboration both inside and outside the walls of your organisation. We’ll also explain how to drive adoption and keep your chosen solution under control.

Get ready to walk away with the ability to chart a productive and pragmatic collaboration approach that delivers immediate and lasting value to your modern workplace.

SPT 204 - Running Effective Projects in Office 365

Peter Carson, MVP - Featured Speaker

Many organizations create project site templates to manage their projects in SharePoint, either online or on premises. However, SharePoint is only part of the equation when it comes to collaborating effectively on projects. The new consolidation of Office 365 Groups, SharePoint Team Sites, Planner, and Yammer brings both choice and flexibility, which can present their own challenges.

This session will cover the following:

  • Conversational confusion. What is appropriate for different scenarios – Outlook conversations, Yammer threads, Teams persistent chats, or some combination?
  • Review of a project site template we've created in Office 365 using SharePoint Online, Office 365 Groups, Planner, and Teams
  • Sharing your project site externally – SharePoint external sharing or Azure B2B?
  • Customizing the UI to bring in project information from other systems
  • Build a site creation workflow process to automate the creation of sites and groups in Office 365, external B2B groups, and configure all the permissions
  •  Inviting external users into the project site with Extranet User Manager
  • How to maintain private internal content and project content shared with the external group
  • Single sign-on to other project tools outside of Office 365


  • Leverage Office 365 Groups, Team Sites, Planner, and Teams all together
  • Provide effective governance around creating and using project sites
  •  Include people from outside your organization in your collaborative project sites



SPT 205 - Ecosystem of Applications - How to serve an Evolving Digital Workplace

Kris Bennett - Neudesic

Prepare your digital capabilities for shifting market dynamics, customer expectations and employee agility. We’ll help you recognize opportunities where you can build value by exploring long-term strategies, immediate actions and quick wins to engage customers more efficiently, leverage existing technologies for competitive advantage and build a more productive and satisfied workforce specifically through appification and enabling mobile access to existing systems.

SPT 209 - SharePoint Product Team Update/AMA

Chris McNulty - Microsoft

Join me for an interactive chalk talk about the latest release and upcoming roadmap for SharePoint Online, OneDrive and SharePoint 2016. We’ll review our newest rollouts and best practices for using in your organization.

Bring your best questions.

DEV 100 - Uncovering the Latest in SharePoint Development

Eric Overfield, MVP - Featured Speaker

The evolution of extending SharePoint continues to quicken its pace to match the rate of change with overall technology. See how SharePoint development and customization methodologies is progressing to match industry expectations. Learn best practices to help guide your organization, customers and clients to position themselves with the correct development model to match their business needs, be it full trust, sandbox, Add-in, SharePoint Framework or a custom brew of available development models. Finally, we will look at the announced Office 365 and SharePoint development roadmap so we are best prepared for future investments.

Session Benefits:

  • Overview of SharePoint extensibility options
  • Benefit to limitation analysis of development options
  • Best practices on how best to evaluate development needs to fit your business requirements

DEV 101 - Introduction to the SharePoint Framework

Bob German, MVP - Featured Speaker

Microsoft has released a whole new new page and web part model called the SharePoint Framework which is the basis for its modern team sites. This modern, responsive framework runs entirely on the client side, and is markedly different from previous SharePoint development models.

In this session, you’ll learn the development process for client-side web parts and full-page applications using SharePoint Framework. You’ll learn about the architecture and tools, and how to get started developing these modern SharePoint solutions.

Don’t miss this opportunity to get a head start on this exciting new development model!

DEV 102 - An Introduction to Azure Functions for SharePoint/Office 365 developers

Chris Johnson - Hyperfish

Heard the hype around serverless architectures and Azure Functions? Come to this session to hear about what they are, how to get started, and understand the scenarios where they are most powerful.

This session will show scenarios that will be extremely useful for SharePoint/Office 365 developers around Microsoft Graph webhooks, scheduled timer jobs, and much more!

DEV 103 - Using the Office Dev PNP to Accelerate Your Productivity

Ryan Schouten, MCT - Featured Speaker

Microsoft has been backing and working on the Office Developer Patterns and Practices(PNP) to make our lives easier. We will talk about the functionality and tools that are available to us including code that we can integrate into our own projects and also already built PowerShell scripts.

Included as well in the PNP is site provisioning, this provides easy ways of applying branding and templates to sites at any point in time.We will discuss ways of automating this as part of site creation as well.



DEV 104 - Feel the Flow -- Adding your Custom API to Microsoft Flow

Paul Schaeflein, MVP - Featured Speaker

Out of the box, Microsoft Flow allows you to connect to many cloud-services. But what about your line-of-business systems? With a JSON-capable web service, your employees can use Flow to automate their processes without development skills.

Come learn how to connect Flow, APIs, Azure AD and Office 365 in this demo-heavy session.


DEV 105 - Leveraging Microsoft Graph API through Client Side Web Parts

Julie Turner, MVP - Featured Speaker

One API to rule them all, the Microsoft Graph API is the central hub to access all your Office 365 assets such as user profiles, Groups, One Drive, Excel, and video. Although it requires separate authentication strategy, you can create powerful solutions by leveraging SharePoint and the Graph API together in your client side web parts.

This demo heavy session will walk you step by step through the authentication theory and the actual code needed to access the Graph API from either generic JavaScript or the Angular 1.x framework.


DEV 201 - Introduction to Developing Solutions with Visual Studio and the Microsoft Graph

Doug Hemminger, MVP - Protiviti

The Office 365 APIs are REST services that provide access to data from Office 365 services: mail, calendars, and contacts from Exchange Online; files and folders from SharePoint Online and OneDrive for Business; and users and groups from Azure AD.

In this course, we will learn the basic elements required to develop an Office 365 solution in Visual Studio using the Office 365 REST APIs. Specifically, we will be focusing on the new Microsoft Graph API.

By the end of the course, you will an understanding of:

  • How to design and architect a basic but practical solution
  • How to setup a development environment for Office 365 development
  • •How to work with data and the various Microsoft Graph API endpoints

This session will include a few slides but will be mostly demonstration and walkthrough of code.


DEV 202 - Using Azure Apps to Create Applications that use Office 365

Ryan Schouten, MCT - Featured Speaker

Azure Apps allow us to be able to access data that is stored in Office365 that users have access to. In this session, we will create an Azure application and then using Angular2 and node.js we will pull in user data from Office365 and work with that data while truly using Office365 as a service. Come see how we can integrate all these technologies together.



DEV 203 - Ins and Outs of Office 365 -- Integration strategies for your systems

Paul Schaeflein, MVP - Featured Speaker

Microsoft’s collaboration technologies in Office 365 provide a great foundation for today’s information worker. But your business is not 100% in Microsoft’s cloud. Fortunately, there are integration points into the Office 365 environment for your businesses.

This session will explore and demonstrate these technologies.


DEV 204 - BI for the Cobbler’s Children: JavaScript Charting and Graphing

Julie Turner, MVP - Featured Speaker

Data visualizations are a hot commodity, and “Power” tools abound. To be sure, they are powerful. With some time, patience, and effort they can also be visually pretty appealing. But what happens when you want to create a very customized visualization, or you need to make it interactive like an application, or you need to manipulate data in code first but lack access to a full blown back end server stack to make it happen. Enter, "Client BI"... custom web parts written using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to turn data visualization on its head.

We’ll start with really easy examples using libraries such as Highcharts and c3 and then move up to more advanced solutions using canvas. Join me and explore some of the ways we can make data visualization in a web part a reality.


DEV 205 - Preventing Double-Booking in a Calendar using SPServices, JavaScript, and jQuery

Jeffrey Rhodes - U.S. Air Force Academy

This session will demonstrate a solution for preventing a SharePoint calendar appointment from overlapping any existing appointment. We created it for Academy tutors to avoid two sessions being booked for the same time, but it is very useful for conference room calendars as well. The gist of the technique is to use SharePoint Designer to add JavaScript files to the New and Edit forms for the calendar. These files use JavaScript/jQuery to communicate with SharePoint's web services to read the existing calendar events and parse them to determine if there is a conflict. If so, the user is notified and prevented from making the appointment.

The session will also demonstrate how to use the Internet Explorer and Chrome Developer Tools to view and debug the logic for this and similar applications.


SIA 101 - Navigation: A Step Towards Success in SharePoint

Stacy Deere-Strole, MVP - Featured Speaker

Navigation can single handily destroy any SharePoint implementation. How you ask? If your users cannot easily find what they are looking for in 3 clicks or less they have lost focus and sometimes the drive to reuse the site. However, that is not the only issue that can occur with a navigation, one of the most popular ones I have been seeing lately is navigation that takes the users to another page or site then to another and another and another. I guess the good thing is they eventually get there but the bad news is now they are going to bookmark or make it a favorite so that they never have to click so many times to get back there. Sounds like a great solution for the users right? Actually, it’s the worst thing that can possibly happen to your SharePoint implementation. The basis of implementing SharePoint within an organization is collaboration and if the users are bookmarking sites then they are missing all the information the company is trying to share with their organization. The home page becomes obsolete, editors of the sites stop updating it and then collaboration only (hopefully) exists within the content sites and the company fails in communication.

In this session we will explore navigation best practices, how to clean up your existing navigation to make it more relevant, easy to use and turn it into the wow factor of your site. Last but not least some tips and tricks on how to get your users excited about SharePoint and your new navigation.


SIA 102 - SharePoint Infrastructure: Inside Out

Jared Shockley - Microsoft

Are you an IT Pro but the world of SharePoint infrastructure is a confusing world?

Are you a SharePoint developer and want your engineering environments to look like a production one without a lot of expense?

Are you a SharePoint user and want to know what is going on under the hood of SharePoint to host it?

This session will help IT Pros, developers and users in how SharePoint should be hosted for the best results. We will go over the needs of SharePoint within its infrastructure, how to architect the best possible farm for SharePoint and how you can use newer technologies like virtualization and the public cloud like Azure for hosting SharePoint.

While the primary focus is on SharePoint 2013, SharePoint 2016 will be covered as well in talking about the future of SharePoint hosting.

SIA 103 - Managing Data Recovery in SharePoint

Brian Alderman, MVP MCT - Featured Speaker

SharePoint Server includes several content recovery options for SharePoint administrators, site collection administrators, and end users. Educating your users, and site collections and lighten the burden on your SharePoint farm administrators. Using Central Administration or PowerShell you can backup and restore your entire farm or components of your farm. You can also perform more granular content backups by exporting site collections, site, libraries, and list. SharePoint also provides the option of recovering site collections, sites, list and libraries from content databases that are no longer part of the SharePoint farm. With a vast majority of your SharePoint content stored in SQL Server it is imperative that you have an efficient way to recover items or entire databases as quickly as possible.

This discussion will introduce the Best Practices framework that will allow your SharePoint administrator to configure SharePoint and SQL Server for quick content recovery minimizing the downtime and providing shorter yet achievable Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

SIA 104 - Designing and building a highly available on-premises SharePoint 2016 farm

Doug Hemminger, MVP - Featured Speaker

In this session, you will not only learn the technical software and hardware resource requirements for SharePoint 2016, but you will also learn how to scale those resource requirements to suit your organization’s specific capacity needs. We will apply those learnings and demonstrate the process of building out a new SharePoint 2016 farm.

By the end of this session, you will understand:

  • The design and purpose of the new MinRole feature and how to use it
  • What’s different with SharePoint 2016 service and content databases and how to maintain them
  • What’s new with certain service applications including the User Profile Service
  • What process to follow when planning for and building a new SharePoint 2016 farm 

SIA 105 - Tapping the Power in PowerShell

Sean McDonough, MVP - Featured Speaker

PowerShell has been around in some form since 2005, but it was only with SharePoint Server 2010 that PowerShell became an official part of the SharePoint administrative landscape. Nowadays, PowerShell is the preferred mechanism for administrative management of SharePoint farms, both on-premises and in the cloud with SharePoint Online. In this session, we’ll be taking a more advanced look at PowerShell and how it can be used to execute and script administrative actions for SharePoint. We’ll look at some common SharePoint activities that are carried-out through PowerShell, as well as some of the newer PowerShell capabilities like desired state configuration (DSC).

We’ll also look at some PowerShell watch-outs including some behaviors that can sometimes cause trouble with SharePoint. Administrators and developers alike will leave this session with a variety of concepts and script samples that can be used to immediately improve operations within their own SharePoint environments.

SIA 106 - Using Microsoft Identity Manager with SharePoint 2016 to fill the UPS Gap

Max Fritz - Featured Speaker

In SharePoint 2016, the anger-inducing User Profile Service was fixed, and there was much rejoicing. Instead of relying on a built in version of FIM, the UPS service uses Active Directory Import, which works better but lacks many of the old features. 
In this session, learn how to install and configure Microsoft Identity Manager from the ground up for use with SharePoint 2016, and how to configure SharePoint 2016 to use it. Discover what features MIM has versus Active Directory Import, and why you would choose one over the other. Learn how to use MIM to allow users to edit their AD information from within SharePoint, and allow automatic import of user profile photos.

SIA 201 - Deep Dive into designing a SharePoint 2016 Physical Architecture

Vlad Catrinescu, MVP - Featured Speaker

SharePoint Server 2016 is the latest release of SharePoint Server and includes awesome features for business users, but quite a few changes for SharePoint IT Professionals. New features such as MinRole, combined with new requirements such as mandatory Office Online Server configuration for Business Intelligence, will change the way that SharePoint Administrators will design their SharePoint farm.

In this course, you will learn how to design your SharePoint Server 2016 Farm according to your business needs and Microsoft Best Practices.



SIA 202 - Integrating Office Online with SharePoint 2016

Brian Alderman, MVP MCT - Featured Speaker

Microsoft Office Online Server (OOS), formerly known as Office Web Applications (OWA), is documented as an optional SharePoint component, but in reality it is a requirement to take full advantage of SharePoint's new features. Office Online Server provides a powerful punch to SharePoint by providing Excel Services, Search results document preview, Business Intelligence features, and the use of Durable Links functionality introduced in SharePoint Server 2016.

These browser-based services were once configured and managed as service applications in earlier versions of SharePoint, but are now configured and managed in a separate OOS farm which allows you to create a universal Office Online environment that can host multiple SharePoint farms, as well as communicate with Skype for Business and Exchange. The OOS farm allows users to create, share, and even edit content using browser-based versions of Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and OneNote.

This session will discuss how to deploy, configure, and manage an Office Online Server farm.

SIA 203 - Learn best practices for managing and administering SharePoint 2016 and Office 365

Gokan Ozcifci, MVP - Featured Speaker

Cloud computing has become a popular computing model that enables organizations to reduce both their capital and operational expenditures, renew IT innovation, and gain the advantage of more rapid software delivery to meet their business needs. Learn how PowerApps, Flow, Delve, OneDrive, Groups and many others, how they can improve your experiences with SharePoint Online.

This session will explore advanced SharePoint Online as On-Premises administration for the IT Pro as Developers. A SaaS SharePoint deployment isn't a marketing stuff from Microsoft. With SharePoint 2016 just released, many organizations are looking for ways to combine their existing SharePoint business productivities with the bright future of Office 365.

In this session, learn how to manage your Microsoft SharePoint Online (SPO) and Microsoft SharePoint environments in the browser (the SharePoint Online Admin Center) and by using the SharePoint Online Management Shell. We will cover numerous scenarios and demos for both seasoned SharePoint admins and new SPO admins.

  • Learn how with SharePoint 2016 hybrid, productivity services in SharePoint online can be integrated with on-premises SharePoint Server 2016 to provide unified functionality and access to data.
  • Learn how SharePoint Server 2016 hybrid environment enables trusted communications between SharePoint online and SharePoint Server 2016

Learn when you have enabled this trust framework, you can configure integrated functionality between services and features such as the new modern experiences-, Flow, PowerApps, Delve, Delve Analytics, Cloud Search Service Applications, Azure SQL DBs, Scenario Pickers…

SIA 204 - Migration and Upgrade: Learning from Microsoft IT

Jared Shockley - Microsoft

Facing a SharePoint migration or upgrade and don't know where to start? Dive in and grab the project by its horns with this session. Understand what the options for upgrades or migrations are and how those options will impact their sites and users.

Learn the possible upgrade paths and the capabilities of the newer versions compared to your current environment. Focus is then moved to the technical how-to of performing either upgrades to self-hosted farms or migrations to Office 365.

Learn the technical steps, highlight the "gotchas", and guide you through some of the best practices used by Microsoft IT.

SIA 205 - Advanced PowerShell for remote SharePoint administration & inspection

Richard Toland - Perpetual Reality

As SharePoint admins and consultants in tightly secured ecosystems, we often are not granted the access to run PowerShell connected to an onprem farm or MSO tennant. Or perhaps you have access to run the commandlets but need to shave time off of your job run with parallel processing methods.  Or maybe you've been given a task to offload administrative tasks to Azure Automation & functions.  This session teaches advanced tactics for remote SharePoint administration PowerShell.  Topics will cover a broad range of SharePoint connections and automation optimization as we examine gathering collections from Search, exploring object attributes with web services, processing these objects quickly through parallel processing with script blocks, jobs, and queues.

BV 101 - Transform Knowledge Management and Collaboration with Office 365

Susan Hanley, MVP MBA - Invited Speaker

As your workplace becomes more dynamic, organizations need to re-think how to enable knowledge management to drive efficiency, productivity and competitiveness.

In this session, we’ll explore how Office 365 enables content, community, conversation, and connections through experiences in SharePoint, Delve, and Yammer. Learn how you can leverage the capabilities of Office 365 to capture, share, retain, and transfer organizational knowledge to unlock the value of your employees, your partners, and your customers – and how to capture meaningful business metrics to know whether you are successful!


BV 102 - The Art of SharePoint Adoption and Building Engagement Roadmap

Jeff Willinger, MVP - Featured Speaker

What is all the buzz with the new suite of Microsoft collaboration and productivity tools? One of the top reasons employees do not visit or engage with their Intranet is a seeming lack of relevance in the content they see, particularly on the home page. Over time, having to hunt for items of interest amidst a sea of content erodes the user experience and the user’s appetite to go back for more.

Using SharePoint and a good data source, you can customize content a user sees on the homepage based on role, location or other information you have about them. The trick is to know what to customize, and how.; Do you know your employees well enough to know how to design for them to bring them the most value?

Join your peers in this workshop as you learn how to understand how to gain involvement and use employees to drive user-adoption and engagement, including how to:

  • Identify what employee involvement looks like and how they will affect your digital workplace
  • How to create employee engagement strategically – knowing who to choose and why
  • Key pieces to consider when planning your SharePoint communications for personalization

This interactive session will feature group activities, peer discussions, best practices and provide you with take-away tools to bring to your office.



BV 103 - SharePoint and SharePoint Online: “what’s new” from A to Z for End Users

Gokan Ozcifci, MVP - Featured Speaker

SharePoint 2016 is out since a while and with Microsoft Ignite we had a lot of changes. I’ll provide you an overview of the new features and all cloud driven changes. In this session, we will review, what’s new, what changed and improved and how you can align your organization to be ready for the next wave.

We will talk about Modern Experiences such as Flow, PowerApps as well as User Profile + Microsoft Identity Manager / AD Import, Zero Downtime Patching, Fast Site Collection Creation and much more. This is a MUST-SEE session for all people interested in using SharePoint on a very efficient way!

  • Join this session to learn the latest about SharePoint and Office365
  • We'll discuss about the roadmap of Microsoft and what we could possibly see in the next years

Learn best practices on how to use cloud-driven modern experiences with Microsoft SharePoint and Office365



BV 104 - Extranets in SharePoint On Premises and Office 365

Peter Carson, MVP - Featured Speaker

SharePoint is a great tool for collaborating, whether you use the on premise versions or Office 365. In most organizations, collaboration includes not only internal users, but external ones as well. An Extranet is an ideal way to facilitate this. In this session we’ll go over what an Extranet is and why you would want one, and then discuss the various options for delivering one.

Traditionally many people rely on email for document collaboration externally. This can quickly become unmanageable, particularly as the number of participants and documents grow. Really, anything more than two people collaborating breaks down over email. Next steps for many are to fire up shadow IT such as DropBox, or leverage OneDrive for Business. While both help the problem, they don’t provide good governance and can get out control in organizations.

Extranets help solve this problem. They can take many forms. The idea of a single version of the truth is core to collaboration in general, and SharePoint is a great way to provide this. Whether it is an on premises installation of SharePoint 2016, 2013, or 2010, or in the cloud in SharePoint Online / Office 365, a rich collaboration environment can be created.

In the on premises scenarios, there are many choices to be answered. How is SharePoint going to be exposed externally? Is there a DMZ in place already that can be used to secure it, a reverse proxy to publish the internal farm, or aa hybrid approach such as Azure Application Proxy to provide connectivity through the cloud to on premises. Then there is the access question. Will user accounts be created in the on premises AD (not recommended), a DMZ AD, or another repository like SQL? How will users get their passwords, sign in, and reset forgotten passwords? Should federation be used with partners?

From an infrastructure perspective, building an Extranet in the cloud is much easier. SharePoint Online supports external users in a number of ways. External sharing can be done directly through SharePoint, or the new preview Azure B2B service can be used to federate to partners. From a governance perspective how is this managed? Who invites users, or can they self-register, and if so who approves their accounts?

What customization is desired over the whole experience? Can the new beta REST invitation in Azure B2B be used to better control this?

Come learn not only the designs and patterns for delivering an Extranet, but see examples of many different Extranet implementations, both in the cloud and on premises, as part of this talk.



BV 201 - Practical Advice to Overcome User Adoption Hurdles for Office 365 and SharePoint

Susan Hanley, MVP MBA - Invited Speaker

Are you wondering how you can jump start your SharePoint or Office 365 initiative? Curious about how best practice organizations are engaging users to drive successful adoption? Wondering what you can do to make sure that your SharePoint solution gets adopted? This session will show you how to unlock the key secrets to user adoption success. You will learn:

  • Why it is important to invest in user adoption planning to achieve your solution objectives – and how to “sell” this message to your executives
  • Critical elements for user adoption plan
  • Practical and creative examples of user adoption strategies that work
  • How to make sure that if you build it, they WILL come!


BV 202 - The Change Enablement Journey: Where SharePoint, Office 365, Teams, Groups, Yammer Fit in to Drive Involvement

Jeff Willinger, MVP - Featured Speaker

Your organization has all the tools with SharePoint and Office 365, Groups, Teams, Yammer, and yet there is no engagement or involvement.

This session will walk you through the journey that you need to roll out for a successful deployment and will have a higher chance of success the earlier Change Enablement is brought into the project. As part of deployment, enlist team members or subject matter experts from communications and training. Leverage stakeholders across the organization to enlist launch feedback, ideas and risks to establish a meaningful change plan.

Establish a Change Enablement playbook to drive alignment and focus throughout the integration.



BV 203 - Digital Transformation with Microsoft Business Applications

Luc Labelle, MVP - Featured Speaker

This session is aimed at decision-makers / users / super users and is intended to help participants better understand the issues that companies are facing in terms of digital transformation and adapting their business model to meet new demands of the market.

As part of this session, participants will be exposed to the different issues faced by today's businesses and how Microsoft intends to address them. The objective of the session is to demonstrate the value of "Business Apps" (Power BI, Microsoft Flow and Power Apps) in the context of digital transformation of organizations by positioning each application in a different scenario.

BV 204 - Making SharePoint Strategic

Eric Riz, MVP - Featured Speaker

The highest and most effective use of SharePoint includes business units operating at the same level with SharePoint, including your original data. SharePoint must be deployed as a shared system of data, where trusted information is surfaced up from accounting, document management, data collection and governance. Without these components in place, it is questionable whether or not your implementation will succeed.

The question is, how do you create and align a SharePoint roadmap and plan that is strategic to your organization, and not tactically based on implementing SharePoint to perform only a percentage of what it is capable of doing. Join Eric Riz to learn how to make SharePoint the enterprise system that Microsoft intended it to be. He will discuss deployment strategies, tips for aligning your line of business (LOB) data, and help you conceptualize how your SharePoint implementation can become strategic while devising a business plan for your implementation.

Attendees will learn how to see the tangible, conceptual workplace that your executives had hoped for SharePoint.

OFF 101 - Getting the best use out of all Office 365 applications

Asif Rehmani,  MVP - Featured Speaker

There's so much that Office 365 has to offer small to large organizations. However, the current reality is that most organizations are only using about 20% of the available capabilities. Why not understand the Entire value of the suite of Office 365 applications so your users can take full advantage of what you are already paying for!?

Come to this session and we'll go over the entire stack of Office 365 applications. Not just what each of them do, but also the sample business use cases for each of them as well.

OFF 102 - Managing Office 365 Groups

Drew Madelung, MVP - Concurrency

Office 365 Groups enable teams to work together by establishing a single identity in Office 365. Office 365 Groups are a new and modern solution for collaboration in Office 365. There is a lot of confusion on what Groups can do and should be used for. This session will be a deep dive into all things Office 365 Groups focusing on the technical aspects.

We will spend a large amount of this session demoing Office 365 Groups.

This session will include demos of:

  • How to create, access, and navigate?
  • How are they technically structured?
  • How can I control them?
  • What administration options are available?
  • How can I manage them using PowerShell?
  • What’s new for management?

I will also walk through the pros and cons of using Groups vs other collaboration options in Office 365. Groups are also one of the fastest changing solutions in Office 365, so this session will bring everyone up to speed on the most recent updates that Microsoft has rolled out and what innovations are next.

By the end of the session you should have a better understanding of how you can manage Groups and if they are right for your enterprise right now or in the future!

OFF 103 - PowerShell for Office 365

Vlad Catrinescu, MVP - Featured Speaker

Take your Office 365 Administrator skills further by learning to automate repetitive tasks using the magic of PowerShell. In this session, you will learn how to use PowerShell for Office 365, and we will focus on SharePoint online.

A basic understanding of PowerShell is recommended to get the most out of this session!

OFF 104 - How to Develop Your Office 365 Information Governance Strategy in 4 Steps

Dux Raymond Sy, MVP PMP - Featured Speaker

So you’ve made the decision to move to Office 365 – now how do you ensure your critical business information is secure in the cloud?

In this interactive session, you will learn how to reduce risk and ensure your users do the right thing by employing industry best practices for information governance, risk, and compliance. We’ll also explain how recent enhancements from Microsoft – including Office 365 Security & Compliance Center and Azure Information Protection – as well as other related technologies can help.

This session will empower you to implement proven tactics to ensure your Microsoft Cloud investment meets business needs while protecting your most sensitive data.

OFF 105 - Office 365: Planning a Global (or Local) Solution for All Bandwidth Connections

Steve Tonkin - Rightpoint

As the world becomes more and more connected, the demands for real-time and relevant information come without boundaries. Solutions need to provide information to stakeholders working with little to no bandwidth, while allowing those users to create and send data back to teams in high bandwidth areas. Real-time information needs to be shared among teams and communications platforms need to be stable in order to facilitate daily business.

In this session, we’ll look at challenges in designing a solution that thinks about the employee working out of HQ who can stream video in seconds, employees working remotely on jobs sites with limited resources, and globally in areas where there are major roadblocks to reliability. We’ll build on those challenges to craft solutions in Office 365 that provide the ability to best work in all areas of the globe and determine the key metrics to understanding what successful global collaboration looks like to organizations.

OFF 200 - Office 365 Groups Boot Camp

Justin Walker- AvePoint

Office 365 Groups has created waves in recent months. As Groups adoption begins to grow and the offering matures numerous individuals have begun to ask: “How do I manage groups?” “Are groups different from Teams?” “Is Yammer obsolete?” Excitement about new features comes mixed with concerns on how to incorporate Groups and its components into existing workloads.

Join Richard Taylor for a session focusing on everything you need to know to get started with Groups and how to avoid the top pitfalls in the early stages.

OFF 201 - Hidden Gems in Office 365

David Broussard - Catapult Systems

Office 365 is Microsoft’s innovation laboratory and new features are rolling out all the time. When you implement Office 365 you also get exciting new features that combine features from Exchange, SharePoint and other workloads.

This session will cover some of the hidden features and show you how your organization can leverage them to become more productive.  Whether it is Office 365 Groups, Flow and Power Apps, or multi-authoring in Office Online, after attending this session you will be the power user that everyone looks to for help.

OFF 202 - Planning for Office 365 Mobile Access

Stephanie Donahue, MVP - Featured Speaker

The mobile landscape for Office 365 is vast and quickly changing. A year ago our focus was on simply getting to the cloud. Today many of us have already deployed Exchange, Skype, and SharePoint in Office 365 and are beginning to wonder what’s next as we begin to look at mobile access to Office 365.

Join this session to learn about:

  • Overview of available Office 365 Applications and real world use scenarios
  • Discussing SharePoint Responsive Design vs using an App
  • Learn about the latest offerings for Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility & Security Suite
  • The future of mobile forms and workflow with PowerApps and Flow

OFF 203 - Integrating Bots into your Digital Workplace Strategy

Kanwal Khipple, MVP - Featured Speaker

Is your organizations looking to become smarter? Attend this session to better understand the benefit of bots and how integrating them into your organization can help common tasks automated. It's the first step toward better integration between business applications together.

At the end of this session, we'll ask demo bots and sample solutions currently available in the Office 365 space.

OFF 204 - Information Management and Governance in O365

Joanne Klein, MVP - Featured Speaker

What does Information Management and Governance mean within the context of O365? What are the tools that allow us to manage it? In this session we’ll talk about the traditional ways we’ve approached this discipline and how the new collaboration world is disrupting this.

Organizations need to empower employees to reap the benefits of new collaboration tools in the digital workplace, but they can’t compromise the security, compliance and protection of corporate assets while doing it.

Capabilities are being rolled out to help organizations keep both managed and unmanaged content secure and compliant throughout O365. We'll talk about setting organizations up for success on all fronts from an Information Management perspective.


OFF 205 - A Deep Dive into Groups/Teams for Office 365

Knut Relbe-Moe, MCT MVP - Featured Speaker

This session will teach you all about one of the main foundation of Office 365 that needs to be the foundation of any Office 365 implementation.

We will look into best practice for group creation, and what's included when you create a group. We will deep dive into the bits and bolts of Office 365 groups, and take a look at teams the new visual way of working with the Office 365 Groups.

We will also check out the different powershell commands you should know if you plan to work with Office 365 groups and teams for you as an administrator

SOL 01 - Unlock the full Profile Experience across Office 365 using Hyperfish

Jakob Maciolek, Hyperfish

Learn how you can easily complete your people profiles and get the most out of your Office 365 investment. Hyperfish enables organizations to automatically identify and populate missing information in Active Directory, quickly and easily.

  • Improve the speed and quality of communications across your organization
  • Reduce IT Support costs in maintaining directories - Ensure quality and consistent directory information
  • Enable and accelerate key IT projects including Approval Workflows, Personalized Portal, Cloud Migration, Corporate Directory, Mobile Intranet and Organizational Chart
  • Unlock the value in Microsoft Office 365 including Delve, Skype for Business, and SharePoint

SOL 02 - Who Said You Have to Be a Power-User to Create Dynamic Forms in SharePoint/O365?

Shai Petel, MVP,  KWizCom

Most available form solutions for SharePoint are designed for power-users, requiring technical skills to work with complex designers such as InfoPath. But why can't form creating be as easy as creating a WORD document??In this session Shai Petel, the R&D Director of KWizCom, will demonstrate how non-technical business users can quickly create powerful forms by using KWizCom Forms - a 100% SharePoint-native Forms solution for SharePoint on-premises and Office 365.

SOL 03 - 5 Steps to a Secure Migration

Alex Vaughn, Metalogix

When moving to the cloud, stakeholders require confidence that they’re content is safe. In additions, content is no longer moving to a single environment. It may stay on-premises, be divided in a hybrid scenario, or moved into Azure or Office 365. In this session, we’ll look at a five-step method to understand your environment, classify your content, automate your migration, and continually secure content in your new environments.

SOL 04 - FireStart: Powerful workflows, easily.

Shyamal Addanki, FireStart BPM Suite

FireStart BPM Suite is an easy-to-use, rapid deployment workflow solution that integrates seamlessly with SharePoint, SAP, Dynamics, and many other systems for an efficient, out-of-the-box process automation solution. In this session, we will provide an overview of FireStart's functionality, show you how intuitive the interface is, and give you a peek under the hood into how we connect FireStart to back-end systems. A workflow solution CAN be both powerful, and easy to use; we'll show you how.

SOL 05 - SharePoint Migration - Turbo Mode

Shekhar, Saketa

SharePoint migrations are notorious for being extremely complex and time-consuming exercises. Just ask any SharePoint manager who has owned a migration, and he will provide you with a laundry list of items that could, and usually, do go wrong. Saketa has the answer to address those migration woes. We bring to you a migrator that makes migrations effortless, codeless and smooth. With powerful features, innovative design and iconic performance, the Saketa SharePoint Migrator allows you to migrate and manage your SharePoint environment from a wide variety of sources (SP 2007/2010/2013, File Share, Cloud Sources to SP 2016/O365) at an unbelievable speed. At SPFest, Denver we will present the Turbo mode of Saketa Migrator. Fast and Furious.

SOL 06 - Unlocking the Value of Analytics for SharePoint and Office 365

Sigalit Hassid, Cardiolog Analytics

The modern enterprise platform is changing, with a growing demand for understanding how SharePoint/Office 365 can be constantly improved to increase user adoption rates, boost productivity, enhance usability and more. By leveraging reporting for SharePoint/Office 365, you can identify concretely how the portal is being used with business goals and optimization at heart.


  • Why Advanced Analytics will carry your organization farther than Out-of-the-box
  • User adoption rate statistics to maximize training programs and identify active users
  • Portal site and design that benefits end users
  • Content and areas of your portal in need of improvement and change
  • What your users searching for and which content are they not able to find

In this session, we’ll share the key metrics you’ll need to achieve these goals. Armed with this intelligent data, you’ll be able to start seeing your intranet in full color to get a solid understanding of how to transform metrics into actions. You’ll then be able to increase means of portal optimization with insights on adoption, collaboration and productivity methods that are personalized and in tune with your needs.

SOL 07- Case Study: Neudesic helps Trinidad Corp achieve Digital Workplace Automation and rich business processes with Nintex workflows

Tim Hagan, Trinidad Benham Corporation

Before partnering with Neudesic, Trinidad manually integrated data every time the sales process was initiated via email and manual approval procedures. The Neudesic team developed and deployed a workflow automation solution comprised of Nintex technologies to manage the process by which existing Trinidad customers request products. Hear from current customers on their experiences with Neudesic and Nintex and how they built innovative technology solutions that directly improve the way people do business, with measurable results.

SOL 08- Wrangle Your Office 365 Groups with AvePoint

Justin Walker, AvePoint

Strike the balance between enforcing governance over Groups, and getting your users what they need quickly with AvePoint. Learn how to use simple service request forms to streamline approval processes and ensure every Office 365 Group is set up in accordance with your governance policies and business needs. In this session you will learn about:

  • Regulated provisioning
  • Comprehensive permissions management
  • Office 365 Groups reporting

SOL09 - How to Design Your Digital Workplace (Intranet, Portal, etc.) with Office 365 and LiveTiles

Mahdi Hamdi, LiveTiles

This session will focus on the best practices to redefine, redesign and rethink our approaches to build any digital experiences. Based on use cases( Nike, PepsiCo and 21 century Fox, ..), I will share practical tips to combine O365 and Livetiles

SRC 103 - How to Build a SharePoint Search-Driven Website

Joanne Klein, MVP - Featured Speaker

What does it mean to build a search-driven website in SharePoint and why is this better than the traditional approach of site design? In this session you will learn the value-add of this design architecture and how to build search-driven sites in SharePoint using cross-site publishing and author-in-place features. This approach not only improves the experience for content authors but also provides dynamic, tailored pages for content consumers, all done by leveraging SharePoint search and managed metadata as the underlying mechanism.

I’ll walk thru an end-to-end example of designing, authoring and publishing content as well as customizing search webparts to demonstrate how you can use this technique to keep your site dynamic and personalized. This is a no-code session!

Features demonstrated: Cross-site publishing, Author-in-place, Managed Metadata, Search, Content Search webpart.


SRC 104 - Why Intranet Search Sucks (and understanding what it takes to fix it)

Virgil Carroll, MCT - Featured Speaker

In all the projects I have completed in my 18+ years of web (and more than a few with SharePoint), intranet search ALWAYS seems to be an afterthought. Organizations not only fail to understand its importance, but also the effort and planning it takes to create awesome and relevant search results for your users.

In this session we will delve into the dark side of cleaning up your intranet search results, practicing some strong planning and query magic to help to pull out better results and happier visitors! This talk will help walk you through the opportunities of solid search strategy, reveal many of the challenges you will face both technologically and content-wise, and provide some quick tips you could implement tomorrow to improve your results significantly.

SRC 105 - SharePoint 2016 Search

Mike Maadarani - Featured Speaker

In this session, we will review what's new in SharePoint 2016 Search, and how does a hybrid search work. Together, we will create a Hybrid Search Environment and explain some tips to avoid any implementation headaches.

During the session, we will cover the following topics:

  1. Overview of the new SharePoint Search API
  2. Differences between Hybrid Search and Federated Search
  3. Setting a Hybrid search between O365 and On-premise

SRC 203 - Search Web Parts

Mike Maadarani - Featured Speaker

Content Search Web Part (CSWP) is one of the great web parts in O365 and on-premises.

In this session, Mike will demo how to configure and use the CSWP, and build a dynamic O365 branded portal with CSWP only.

In this session, we will review:

  1. Creating Queries using Keyword Query Language (KQL)
  2. Building dynamic queries
  3. Creating and customizing HTML Display Templates

SRC 204 - Developing your own Query Magic in SharePoint Search

Virgil Carroll, MCT - Featured Speaker

SharePoint Search is one of the most powerful, configurable search engines on the planet. Even with this fact, many organizations are still struggle to return relevant results and fend off negative feedback. In this session we will delve into the dark side of cleaning up your search results, practicing some query magic and help to pull out better results and happier people! Virgil will help walk you through the opportunities and challenges a solid search strategy provides and some quick tips you could implement tomorrow to improve your results significantly.

SRC 205 - Indexing a Big Data World: Integrating SharePoint Search with Office Graph

Steve Tonkin - Rightpoint

“Big Data” has moved beyond buzzword to become tangible assets that a company needs to understand the world around it. Many business now have a problem of too much data, and not enough understanding and context to use it.

In this session, we’ll explore the architecture of business data from repositories like CRM, HRIS, BI, and even Exchange and SharePoint. In diving into what we need to get from that architecture we’ll explore how it relates to different roles, from Finance to HR to Marketing. Then we’ll use the new Office Graph to explore how to combine data sources through APIs, get the types of information relevant to our users, and display it through Office 365 using Power BI and SharePoint.

When we’re done we’ll have created a single entry point to our big data world.

WF 101 - What is Workflow and What is it Good For?

Kim Frehe - Featured Speaker

You've heard that SharePoint Workflow can make your life easier, but you're just not sure exactly what it can do or where you should start. You know that it can help automate approvals, but what else can it do?

Join Kim Frehe as she walks through some examples of SharePoint workflows that have helped users be more organized, effective and get more done. After we get the creative juices flowing, she'll talk about some tools and best practices that can help you when you're planning, designing and testing your workflow process.

She'll finish up with some helpful tips and resources that can help you as you start your automation journey.


WF 102 - SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows: An Introduction

Scott Shearer - Featurted Speaker

Learn how to create SharePoint Designer workflows from the ground up. This session is full of live demos designed to provide a solid foundation for creating workflows. List workflows, reusable workflows and site workflows will all be discussed and created live. Learn how easy it is to automate processes by using SharePoint Designer workflows.

This session will also highlight new features in SharePoint 2013 Designer workflows and differences from Designer 2010 workflows.



WF 105 - SharePoint Workflow for Cross-Site data, web services, and Flow

Richard Toland - Perpetual Reality

This session teaches how to leverage SharePoint Designer 2013 or better workflow to interface with remote web services. While this provides the ability for everything from posting to Twitter or instantiating Azure automation routines, it is also particularly useful to SharePoint users for list item creation and manipulation between sites or site collections or even provisioning sites. With the recent release of Microsoft Flow this can now be used in tandem to seamlessly integrate between SharePoint onprem and online or beyond.

WF 201 - Going with the Flow: Rationalizing the Workflow Options in SharePoint Online

Bob German, MVP - Featured Speaker

Microsoft has confused its workflow story by adding two new technologies, Microsoft Flow and Azure Logic Apps, to its existing workflow engines in SharePoint. Which one should you use, and when?

This session will clear up all that confusion! We’ll start with an overview of Flow and Logic Apps, along with a brief review of SharePoint’s two workflow engines. Then you’ll learn how to use them, separately or together, to solve real world business problems.

Please join in for a comprehensive and practical session on all of SharePoint’s workflow options!


WF 202 - Business Process Automation: Advanced Workflow Solutions

William Huneycutt - Featured Speaker

BPA is the automation of complex business processes beyond conventional data management. It focuses on “run the business” activities and often deals with event-driven, mission-critical, core processes. This session is designed to showcase how custom workflows can provide a rich feature set, and a no code solution, that helps increase efficiency in the workplace, provide transparency, and promote accountability.

In this session, you will learn about creating custom workflows using SharePoint Designer. Using real-world examples, we will demonstrate how to design workflow solutions to meet the ever-changing business requirements faced by today’s professionals. We'll also discuss the future of workflow with the introduction of Microsoft PowerApps and Flow.

WF 204 - Advanced SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows

Scott Shearer - Featurted Speaker

This session is designed to help you take your Designer 2013 workflow skills to the next level. Full of live demos, you’ll learn how to use Designer workflows to set permissions on list items and use new features such as App Steps, Loops and Task Actions. We’ll also explore the Designer string actions and show you when to use them.

If you ever wondered how and why to use an Association Column, this session is for you. Unlock the power of no-code solutions with Designer 2013 workflows.



ECM 101 - Taming the Hoarders...Organizing Users who Keep Everything!

Stephanie Donahue, MVP - Featured Speaker

Email, file shares, documents, legacy systems, metadata… can be overwhelming. Whether you are planning a brand new SharePoint implementation, migrating from another system, or supporting the SharePoint site you already have, this presentation will help you get (and stay) organized.

I will take you through some tips and tricks for organizing even the most challenging users in SharePoint:

  • Learn about locations that users typically hoard save their data
  • Learn methods to help difficult users adopt SharePoint
  • Review easy ways to plan your site architecture
  • Discuss training methods that will increase user engagement

ECM 102 - Kickstart Your Content Marketing Strategy

Christian Buckley, MVP - Featured Speaker

Whether supporting an internal deployment of SharePoint or Office 365, or extending your brand to the outside community, having a strong content marketing strategy is critical to your success.

This session will walk through proven strategies for building your content marketing strategy, and help you to increase leads, nurture customers and partners, extend your thought-leadership, and ensure the success of your overall marketing plans.

ECM 103 - Defining your Taxonomy and Information Management Strategy

Eric Riz, MVP - Featured Speaker

Do you have a taxonomy strategy for your business? Did your company setup SharePoint sites, lists, and libraries without metadata? Do you have a strategy but want to measure it against industry best practices? If your answer was “yes” to any of these questions - this is the session for you; one which helps define your taxonomy and information management strategy.

This session is designed to walk through effective quantification and qualification for creating the right taxonomy for your business, including ways to enhance social and Enterprise 2.0 technologies. We will discuss how to determine relationships amongst information and the incremental collective benefits from tagging documents with the right data. This is more than just a how-to; it’s a roadmap to defining corporate information and knowledge in your organization to ensure that your SharePoint content is well structured, in order to provide better access, improved productivity, and more reliable information.

ECM 104 - OneDrive for Business: How to manage Sharing and Syncing with the Next Gen client

Paul Stork, MCT MVP MCM MBA - Featured Speaker

OneDrive for Business provides an incredible resource for your users to store files, share them with people, and sync them to their local hard drives for offline access. But with all that flexibility comes a lot of confusion. Is it OneDrive or OneDrive for Business? Do I need the Next gen sync client or the one based on Groove.exe? And what can I do to control where and how users store and disseminate business content?

This talk will review the fast changing world of OneDrive for Business. We'll dispel all the myths, explain the evolving capabilities of the Sync clients, and discuss Tips and Tricks for controlling OneDrive for Business usage.

ECM 105 - Using Document Sets to Implement Business Processes

Tom Robbins, MCT - Featured Speaker

Document Sets are a feature of SharePoint that allow an enterprise to manage multiple pieces of content as one single work product. We can think of Document Sets as “Super Folders” because they allow us to group information together, but that is as far as it goes. Folders are something you want to avoid in SharePoint because they have little value in the big scheme of actually managing SharePoint content. Document Sets have the same attributes as folders, but come with other object elements that allow us to perform many different management functions. Some of the features of Document Sets are: version management, workflow association, Information Management Policy, and metadata.

This session will introduce the attendee to Document Sets and will dive deep into how to create and use them. Document Sets can then be used to implement business processes and this goes beyond the normal approach of using them simply as folder replacements. This session will really open the mind when it comes to really using SharePoint to it's fullest to implement business processes.

ECM 202 - Intro to Content Web Parts

Kim Frehe - Featured Speaker

Learn how you can use out-of-the-box content web parts to display your data in unique and interesting way. By combining content web parts with content types, metadata, search and audience targeting, you have a great way to bring information to your users, regardless of where the data may exist, without being a programmer. Imagine your users finding everything they need in one location in SharePoint!

This session will show users real world examples of content displayed with SharePoint 2010/2013 Content Query, Content Search and Search Results web parts. Examples include targeted communications, content owner-maintenance views, dashboards and more. You will learn when you should use which web part and how to make minor modifications in order to make each more effective.

We will wrap up with tips and tricks, as well as session recommendations to learn more in-depth information on each topic.

ECM 203 - Protecting your Content: Demystifying Data Loss Prevention (DLP) in SharePoint

Paul Stork, MCT MVP MCM MBA - Featured Speaker

Keeping content safe has always been a challenge in SharePoint. Many companies are afraid to decentralize security administration for fear that confidential material will inadvertently get into the wrong hands. But centralizing security can slow down the pace of information sharing in your organization while users wait for security permissions to be approved. Even if security administration is controlled that still doesn't guarantee that someone won't save the wrong kind of information in the wrong place and share it with the wrong people. The New Compliance Center in SharePoint lets you create Data Loss Prevention (DLP) queries and policies that can be used to identify and protect sharing of documents that contain sensitive information in both SharePoint and OneDrive. This functionality is available both on-premises and in Office 365. In this talk we'll explore the following topics:

  • What is a DLP Policy
  • What common DLP templates are available in SharePoint
  • How can DLP templates be used in queries to identify sensitive content
  • How can DLP Policies be used to inform users and prevent sharing of sensitive content
  • How can I create custom DLP Templates, Queries, and Policies
  • How is DLP different in SharePoint 2016 and Office 365

ECM 204 - Rolling Out OneDrive Successfully

Adam Levithan, MVP - Featured Speaker

Mobility, flexibility, Content Creation & Internal Collaboration rely on an individual’s ability to access and share their content from anywhere at any time. OneDrive for Business is the solution provided by Office 365, and mobile apps, to meet these unwavering end-user goals. However, there are still questions if the current solution does meet the expectations of the end-user while balancing the need of IT governance.

In this session we'll take a look at the key considerations when building your adoption plan of OneDrive, migration methods for moving your end-users' content, how to manage the content as users join and leave your organization.

ECM 205 - Content Type Syndication in SharePoint

Tom Robbins, MCT - Featured Speaker

Enterprise Content Management is at the core of guaranteeing SharePoint is a relevant and valuable information management system. Content types allow us to define reusable content for our sites and site collections to guarantee that users are utilizing the same templates and content definitions across all information. Out-of-the-box, Site Columns and Site Content types have a deployment boundary of Sites and Site Collections. If we want to guarantee that the content is available across the entire farm, we must syndicate the content types using a Content Type Syndication hub.

Content Type Hubs enable administrators to create new content types and then make them available to other SharePoint site collections in the same or different web applications or across farms. This is a publisher-subscriber model, where content types are published by the Content Type Hubs using the Metadata service and subscribers are the web applications in the SharePoint Farm. Finally, all the site collections in the web application which subscribe to this Metadata service will get this content type.

In this session the attendee will learn what content types are and the value they return in SharePoint as well as how to create, deploy, and manage content types.

 KEY 100 - KEYNOTE: SharePoint and the Modern Workplace

Bill Baer - Microsoft

Ubiquitous connectivity and the rise of intelligence are changing how people work. Learn about how SharePoint and OneDrive are responding to changing demands, market trends, and empowering the modern workplace.