AZR202 - Developing Custom Connectors and HTML Forms for the Microsoft Power Platform

Peter Carson 

Learn about custom connectors and how you can take advantage of the connector platform to extend your data sources for Microsoft Flow and PowerApps. In this session, we will share Microsoft's roadmap and vision for the connector platform, and show real examples.

We will start with background on custom connectors, what they are, why you would build them, and how users interact with them.

We'll then go through an interesting scenario, where we use a custom HTML form to submit to a SharePoint list through a Flow HTTP Post connector. This scenario opens up tremendous opportunities to create both anonymous and authenticated rich HTML forms that communicate with any of the many systems Flow integrates with, without requiring any back-end code development. We will share a sample project that you can use to implement your own forms with.

Next we will do a walk-through of how to create your own custom connector, using the Yelp Fusion API as an example. Full details of the walk-through are available at:

From there we will review how we built our custom connectors for our Extranet User Manager product, so that you can either repeat that process for your own systems, or leverage our connectors with our product. We will cover not only custom actions, but also triggers using web hooks. Examples will include using Flow to automate the assigning of SharePoint Online permissions on creation of EUM groups, and customization of the new user registration approval process.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud/Online