AZR301 - The Next Great Migration: Classic to Modern

Marc D Anderson 

As organizations have moved to Office 365, many - especially legacy SharePoint shops - have resisted the move to the modern UIs as much as possible. This is true for both end users and developers. We tend to stick with what we know, and historically the modern UIs may not have seemed compelling enough to make the switch.

What this means is there is an impending migration on the horizon for many organizations which they may not realize is coming. While classic doesn't have a known retirement date, Microsoft's investments are in the modern UIs.

As developers, what can we do to help facilitate organizational preparedness for this migration? This session will cover what it means to embrace the modern UIs and what you can do now to prepare.

We'll cover such topics as:
• What still doesn't exist in modern and might keep you in classic for the time being (a moving target!)
• How to rethink your existing client-side solutions to be prepared for the SharePoint Framework (SPFx)
• How to add functionality into list views using column formatting
• Moving from classic team sites to modern team sites and what that means from a navigational and functional perspective

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: OnPrem and Cloud