TMS302 - It’s Time to Modernize Your Company FAQ with a No-Code Bot in Microsoft Teams

Mark Rackley 

The thought of creating a bot may sound like a daunting task to anyone without a technical background. I know as a developer when I was tasked with writing a Question and Answer bot I was apprehensive as to what all it would entail. It turns out the process is extremely simple and requires no technical abilities whatsoever. In fact, after creating the bot it struck me that the Question and Answer bot is the ideal bot to replace your company’s FAQ. We all have them. Frequently Asked Questions.

Attend this session and learn:
• How ANYONE can create a QnA Bot and deploy it to Teams
• How to source FAQ information from spreadsheets, web pages, and other sources
• How to take advantage of AI Cognitive Services to determine user intent when they ask questions
• ALL without writing a line of code!

It’s time that you modernize your company’s FAQ

Level: Introductory and overview   -    Platform: Cloud/Online