Monday, December 9th 2019, 2:00 pm

  • Chris McNulty

    Sr. Product Manager / RMVP

WRK305 - Planning and Implementing Project Cortex: A Deeper Dive

With rapid change from automation and a global skills shortage, empowering people to harness knowledge, upskill and learn faster is the new workplace competitive advantage. Project Cortex is your knowledge network in Microsoft 365, empowering people with knowledge and expertise in the apps you use every day. Building on the leading content services of SharePoint, Project Cortex connects content in Microsoft 365 and external content and enables you to manage your information and streamline processes with advanced security, compliance and automated workflow. Join Chris McNulty, Senior Product Manager for Project Cortex, to review new services for sharing knowledge, organizing information, integrating data, managing content and defining compliance policies with Microsoft 365.

Tuesday, December 10th 2019, 9:00 am

  • Sarah Haase

    Microsoft MVP, MLIS

WRK501 - Plan your SharePoint home sites & hubs with mind-mapping

It's a flat new world in SharePoint. We're supposed to move on from our classic, hierarchical site collections and start building an array of modern sites. But how do we organize our content and intranets in this new world? This half-day workshop takes a deep-dive look at SharePoint home sites and hubs. We'll define what home sites and hubs are, lay the conceptual groundwork for understanding their use, and provide a creative new way of conceptualizing the logical ties between your myriad of flat SharePoint sites. If you have no idea how your organization will start using home sites and hubs, need help understanding how to relate your SharePoint sites together, or want to learn how you can start making sense of your SharePoint sites and content, this is a must-attend workshop. You'll leave with a clear understanding of the new information architecture capabilities being released and learn how to leverage mind-mapping to organize your SharePoint world.

Wednesday, December 11th 2019, 9:40 am

  • Mike Maadarani

    Microsoft MVP

CM101 - The Evolution of SharePoint Enterprise Content Management to Content Services

Modern content management is essential in today’s world for organizations to increase the workforce collaboration and drive productivity. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) is rapidly evolving into modern content services, where SharePoint Online and OneDrive are the center of the collaboration and content management. In this session, we will review the new feature of content services and the information management lifecycle, through creating, collaboration and securing your data in Office 365. This includes demoing ECM capabilities in modern SharePoint such as content types, bulk editing, retention policies, intake, etc., to make sure content management is easier than ever in the modern lists.

Wednesday, December 11th 2019, 9:40 am

  • Chris McNulty

    Sr. Product Manager / RMVP

CM100 - Project Cortex: What’s new and what’s next

Everything’s new in Project Cortex! At Ignite 2019, we introduced our first new commercial service in Microsoft 365 since Microsoft Teams. Project Cortex applies AI to automatically organize your content, and delivers innovative experiences—topic cards, topic pages and knowledge centers—in Office, Outlook and Microsoft Teams. Join Chris McNulty, Senior Product Manager for Project Cortex, to start building your knowledge network and explore our latest innovations in knowledge and content services.

Wednesday, December 11th 2019, 11:20 am

  • Benjamin Niaulin

    Microsoft RD, MCT

CM102 - Mastering content management in Office 365

This session will help you understand what's available for you to manage content in SharePoint. As the content service for your intranet and all other products in Office 365, it's important to leverage the tools available to categorize your content. Learn about: • Content Types and Document Sets • Site Columns & Columns to tag your content • How to work with views and pages to surface your content • Column and View Formatting • An intro to PowerApps & Flow connected to a List or Library • Basics of Search to drive content on Modern Pages via Web Parts In short, this session helps you master the lists and libraries of your SharePoint to build experiences that drive better usage and adoption of your content.

Wednesday, December 11th 2019, 1:30 pm

  • Bobby Chang

    Office 365 Collaboration Technology Specialist at Microsoft, PMP

CM103 - To Folder or Not to Folder. Struggle continues in Modern SharePoint.

Have you been steering people away from using folder in SharePoint? Or maybe you're on the opposite corner and you're tired of hearing yet another benefit of document tags? The use of folders has long been a contentious battle in the world of SharePoint collaboration. They have their benefits and their drawbacks. So, what’s the right approach? Find out which could work best for you and your organization. Explore how to fully utilize modern SharePoint in SharePoint Online & SharePoint Server 2019. In this session, we will take the modern Document Library for a spin, showcasing features for document management and collaboration.

Wednesday, December 11th 2019, 3:00 pm

  • Jeff Cate

    CEO PremierPoint Solutions

CM104 - Making the most of SharePoint Managed Metadata

When SharePoint’s Managed Metadata feature set was introduced in 2010, it was hailed as “revolutionary” and the most important SharePoint feature to date. Fast forward to 2019– it still provides an awesome set of features that are woven tightly throughout the SharePoint end user experience. But, with all of the emphasis over the past 5 – 7 years on “moving to the cloud,” has it become an underutilized power feature? We believe so. Attend this session to take a fresh look at the Managed Metadata feature set in SharePoint and hear some stories of its effective use.

Wednesday, December 11th 2019, 4:20 pm

  • Joanne Klein

    Microsoft MVP

CM105 - Take a Crawl, Walk, Run Approach to Implementing Retention in Office 365 Retention

This session will cover the new retention options in Office 365 including retention labels and retention policies and discuss the "crawl, walk, run" approach for implementing them. We'll walk thru specific examples of how to do this and what each step means from an administrator, records manager and end-user perspective. Pragmatic discussion of the current gaps will also be addressed. Session is based on experience from a real world use-case.

Thursday, December 12th 2019, 10:30 am

  • Bridgette Somers

    Manager of Corporate Records at City of London, Ontario
  • Evelina Skalski

    Manager of Records and Information Service at City of London, Ontario

CM201 - Case Study: Records Management in SharePoint from a Public Sector Perspective

In this case study session, you will learn how the City of London Ontario Canada migrated and created an EDMS (electronic document management system) in SharePoint. Learn how our team navigated through legislative restrictions and requirements, how that effects records management at a local government level, and how that can effect storage and retrieval. You will learn practical experiences and the lessons we learned, as well as the specific business needs of public sector institutions and how they leverage SharePoint to run their everyday operations. See how local governments can establish a governance framework to guide the business use of the platform in a compliant and maintainable fashion.

Thursday, December 12th 2019, 1:20 pm

  • Bobby Chang

    Office 365 Collaboration Technology Specialist at Microsoft, PMP

CM202 - Retain, Remove, Record. Office 365 Retention for Digital Hoarders & Record Managers.

Do you work in a place where no file ever gets deleted? Is your organization required to meet compliance regulations for digital preservation? If so, let's unpack how to manage your content life-cycle in Office 365. In this session, we will walk through the retention capabilities provided in Microsoft Information Protection (MIP). This session will uncover: • Differences between retention and records in Office 365 • When to use retention policies vs. retention labels • How to manage a review process before files get discarded from Office 365 • Administration and end user experiences using Office 365 retention

Thursday, December 12th 2019, 2:40 pm

  • Marc D Anderson

    Microsoft MVP

CM203 - Managing Content Types in the Modern World

When the order of the day was huge, pyramid-shaped Site Collections for capabilities like Intranets, managing your Content Types was relatively easy: any Site Columns and Content Types you built in the root site were available throughout the Site Collection. When we needed more enterprise-wide information architecture, we turned to the Content Type Hub. In our new, flatter world, we need to think about information architecture differently while hanging onto the better practices of the past.

Thursday, December 12th 2019, 4:20 pm

  • Drew Madelung

    Microsoft MVP

CM204 - Everything you need to know about sharing files in SharePoint & OneDrive

You can't spell SharePoint without 'Share'. Sharing is a core concept within the modern workplace and it is powered by SharePoint and OneDrive but there are complexities that lie underneath the covers that you need to know about. Collaboration lives at the core of a workplace and collaboration is built around effective sharing. Getting content securely to the right people at the right time keeps a company moving. But do you really know everything that is out there? Who has access to the content? Is the content still secure? Learn move about what you can do as a user to share your content, what happens after it has been shared, and how to control content sharing as an administrator.

Thursday, December 12th 2019, 4:20 pm

  • Joanne Klein

    Microsoft MVP

OFF204 - A Case Management and Retention Walk-thru in Office 365

Managing a set of documents as a case is a common requirement across many organizations. Whether for projects, legal, financial, healthcare, insurance, education, or HR, there are requirements on how to organize and manage these documents and maintain record keeping. I'll demonstrate how to manage case and subject files using Office 365 and SharePoint Online. As an example, we'll look how to manage a legal case file in an organization. The session will include common requirements and options for using Office 365 features to organize documents and apply retention across many industry verticals and case file scenarios (customer file, project file, student file, etc).

Friday, December 13th 2019, 9:00 am

  • Susan Hanley

    Microsoft MVP, MBA

CM301 - How to Create a Governance and Training Delivery Site for SharePoint and Office 365

One of the hardest challenges in getting users to adopt your new solution is providing easy to follow guidelines and training that they can “consume” just when they need the information. If you are struggling with this challenge, this session is for you! We’ll walk through a step-by-step approach for creating a super easy, no-code governance, training, and delivery framework for your SharePoint and Office 365 environment. You will leave with all the design information you need to create your own site, ideas on how to deliver the information “just in time,” and specific governance content to get you started.

Friday, December 13th 2019, 10:40 am

  • Julie Turner

    Microsoft MVP

CM302 - Multilingual SharePoint Online

Multilingual pages are an absolute must have for many international organizations and organizations in regions where support for multiple languages are required by law. One of the last remaining hurdles for many organizations to move to modern SharePoint is a way to manage this content. Microsoft heard you and has just released their first implementation of modern multilingual pages for SharePoint online. This session will cover all of the new features and capabilities that have been introduced and how to leverage them in your organization. It will further cover how to migrate from the PnP Multilingual Pages solution if you used that as a stop gap.

Friday, December 13th 2019, 1:00 pm

  • John Peluso

    Microsoft RD

CM303 - Protection and Retention of Office 365 Content- The MIP Primer

Microsoft has been making the case that your content is safer and better managed in the cloud—but what, specifically are they doing about it? In this session we’ll deep dive into Microsoft Information Protection (MIP), understanding what it is, how it works, and where it came from. Specifically, we’ll cover Sensitivity Labels (Azure Information Protection), and Retention Labels (Advanced Data Governance) and along the way, learn what they have in common, what the differences are, and set you on a practical course for how to use them effectively.

Friday, December 13th 2019, 2:20 pm

  • Brian Alderman

    Microsoft MVP, MCT

PWR304 - Cross-site Publishing; the most powerful underutilized SharePoint feature

Sharing information across site collections has never been easier than it is with the use of Cross-site publishing. It’s easily configured, and provides current information to your users whenever they view the dynamically updated content. In this session, we are going to explore the configuration components involved with cross-site publishing. We will then explore the sites needed to quickly configure and implement cross-site publishing, by creating a content portal that author’s will use to manage content, and a separate publishing site collection that displays the authored content in the Search Query Web Part. This configuration can be completed both on-premises and in SharePoint Online, so we will also explore the differences between the two configurations.

Friday, December 13th 2019, 2:20 pm

  • Joanne Klein

    Microsoft MVP

CM304 - Planning the Migration of Your Shared Network Drives to a Modern SharePoint Architecture

Whether an organization has been using SharePoint for a while or just starting down that road, many still have large shared network drives and legacy SharePoint environments holding content that could rightfully belong in a new, modern SharePoint architecture. Migrating this content is a challenging task and one that many of us are being asked to do. Come to this session and we'll talk about reasons why migrating this content is a good thing, a framework for making it happen, common pitfalls (and ways to avoid them), and how to help end-users make the all-important shift from "classic legacy" locations to "new and modern" in SharePoint. As it turns out, not quite as easy as you would think. You'll walk away from this session with my do's and don'ts to keep you on the right path!

Friday, December 13th 2019, 3:40 pm

  • Bob German

    Partner Technical Architect at Microsoft
  • Bobby Chang

    Office 365 Collaboration Technology Specialist at Microsoft, PMP
  • Craig Jahnke

    Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft
  • Frank Migacz

    Identity and Security Specialist at Microsoft
  • Liz Sundet

    Premier Field Engineer at Microsoft
  • Max Fritz

    Technology Solutions Professional at Microsoft

AMA - Ask Microsoft Anything

Join us for an interactive Q&A about SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams and Yammer. Bring your best questions. (You can submit your questions to the panel ahead of time via the Q&A feature on the app.)