Full Day Workshop 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Tuesday

WS 101 - Accelerate SharePoint Success: How to Best Plan, Manage and Control Migration Projects

Dux Raymond Sy - AvePoint

In the last 15 years, Microsoft SharePoint has greatly shifted the paradigm in enterprise collaboration and information management. Organizations today continue to invest in this business enablement platform and many are in the process of upgrading and migrating to the next generation version of SharePoint on-premises, cloud and even hybrid environment.

In an AIIM study, lack of planning is a key contributor to SharePoint deployment failure. To deliver successful SharePoint migration projects, having an effective project management strategy is paramount. Executive support, proper planning, realist project team and appropriately managing expectations are crucial to ensure SharePoint migration success.

How can you ensure that your SharePoint upgrade and migration project is a success?

Join Dux Raymond Sy, SharePoint MVP, in this interactive workshop as he shares practical guidance on how to best plan, manage and control SharePoint migration projects.

In this workshop, you will learn how to:

  • Initiate executive excitement, promote organizational buy-in and foster sustainable adoption for your SharePoint migration project
  • Develop an effective and practical project management process for your SharePoint upgrade and migration project
  • Apply relevant strategies in mapping business needs to identify SharePoint features and capabilities in your new environment
  • Ensure your information architecture, infrastructure design and data governance strategy meets business needs
  • Identify necessary resources to plan, deploy, maintain and support your SharePoint implementation
  • Minimize uncertainty and risk by applying practical scope management techniques

The primary audience for this workshop are IT executives, project managers, analysts, consultants who wish to successfully plan, manage and control SharePoint upgrade and migration projects. This session applies to organizations upgrading and migrating to SharePoint 2013, Office 365 SharePoint Online and SharePoint 2016.

Participants will get presentation notes, checklists, and project templates.

Level: Experienced

Full Day Workshop 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Tuesday

WS 102 - Discover SharePoint and Office 365 - What do you have in there?

Benjamin Niaulin - Sharegate

This one-day workshop aims to demystify the new SharePoint 2013 as well 2016 features. You often see and hear about them at a high-level overview but never in detail. This workshop will go through these but in detail using some real-world applications context when possible. This will be very helpful regardless if you have migrated, planning to or still evaluating the value it could bring.

If you're looking at Office 365, many of the features and use cases are relatively the same. We'll cover some of the new features available there as well to see if it makes sense for you to either go there or use it in a hybrid approach with your own On-Premises.

Here are some of the things that will be covered:

  • New and notable features in SharePoint
  • Figuring out how collaboration works now
  • Focus on using the new Search to drive content to the right people
  • How to do a migration
  • Comparison of features from different versions, including Office 365
  • How these features actually work and their limitations

As well as some insights into what's coming and how it will impact you and your organization.

A very valuable workshop whether you have experience with SharePoint in the past or starting new, see what you can do.

Level: ALL

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Full Day Workshop 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Tuesday

WS 103 - Mastering the SharePoint Framework

Andrew Connell - Voitanos

The new way Microsoft wants us to customize and extend SharePoint is to use the SharePoint Framework. This model brings client-side development as a first class development model complete with packaging, deployment and real a full deployment lifecycle. But this model is very different from what traditional SharePoint developers have been used to.

In this workshop you will learn what the SharePoint Framework is all about, what is involved in getting your environment setup to be productive and how to build custom components. We will go from using no web frameworks to leveraging React, Angular, Vue.js and even implement automated testing for robust and reliable components for your SharePoint deployment.

By the end of the day, you will be well on your way to being a SharePoint Framework Master!

Level: Experienced

View Workshop Preview Video

Full Day Workshop 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Tuesday

WS 104 - Everything You Wanted to Know About Power BI (But Were Afraid To Ask)

Jason Himmelstein - Rackspace
John White - UnlimitedViz
Power BI is the gold standard for cloud based report delivery. It's very approachable - you can get up and running with it in minutes, but it's also very robust, secure and extensible. As you might expect, it has many pieces and nuances, and it's important to understand what is possible, even if you may not take immediate advantage of some features, in order to understand what to use when.
This tutorial will help to guide you in building a complete analytical solution, using all the features of Power BI. We will start from nothing, and create queries that import and integrate data from many different sources. You will also learn how to refresh data using the on-premises data gateway and the personal gateway to connect to existing on-premises data from a variety of sources. In addition, you will see an overview the many other additional features available in Power BI.
At the end of this workshop you will be ready to not only start using Power BI for your projects, but you will also understand which approach is best for different situations. Bring your questions, and we'll do our best to answer them.
Level: Experienced


Full Day Workshop 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Tuesday

WS 105 - SharePoint Automation Bootcamp

Scott Shearer - Haystax Technology

The tools used to automate processes in SharePoint are Flow and Designer 2013 Workflows.

This demo-rich session will prepare you to immediately begin creating powerful SharePoint 2013 Designer workflows - no experience required. We'll start out by exploring core workflow concepts and quickly progress by creating simple but very useful workflows along the way. The session will conclude by creating workflows that retrieve data from SharePoint web services.

Flow is the future of automation in SharePoint.  In this session, you’ll learn through practical examples how to quickly design, deploy, debug and share workflows.  You’ll see how to accomplish many of the tasks you now do with Designer Workflows with Flow.  In addition, you’ll see how to implement Flow to do tasks never possible with Designer Workflows.   


Level: Introductory


Full Day Workshop 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Tuesday

WS 106 - What Every SharePoint Developer Ought To Know

Eric Overfield - PixelMill

The Office Developer Patterns & Practices (http://aka.ms/OfficeDevPnP) community project provides tools, guidance, tutorials and best practices for repeatable solutions in the cloud driven world that every successful SharePoint developer must know. OfficeDev PnP is an open source project lead by Microsoft, maintained by community driven Core Team and includes sample code, libraries and tutorials for real business problems.
In this workshop, you will learn how to utilize OfficeDev PnP, including tools such as the PnP Core Library to build modern solutions for SharePoint, both on-premises and in the cloud. You will learn how to use the PnP Remote Provisioning Engine to build and maintain repeatable environments such as development, user acceptance testing and production, automating the provisioning and maintenance of environment structure and assets. Further a look at the PnP Partner Pack will enable you to provide managed self-service site creation to your organization, even in the cloud. Learn to master the best patterns and practices for modern SharePoint on-premises and cloud based solution development.

Get the most from your SharePoint investment:

  • Learn the best patterns and practices to move SharePoint development to the cloud
  • Discover PnP, what it does and most importantly how to use it
  • Get the walk-throughs, code and other assets to utilize PnP right away.


Level: Introductory

View Workshop Preview Video



Full Day Workshop 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Tuesday

WS 107 - Use Microsoft PowerApps and Microsoft Flow to Jump Start Your Next Project!

Michelle Caldwell & Cathy Dew

Did you ever wish there was a way to solve business problems quickly and creatively! In this session we will review key scenarios that are great candidates to get started with PowerApps & Microsoft Flow based solution. We will walk you through and demo some use cases. We will cover the fundamentals of PowerApps and Microsoft Flow functionality as well as future roadmap capabilities.

By attending this class, you will get a chance to:

  • See real world PowerApps and Microsoft Flow solutions
  • Understand the key features and capabilities PowerApps and Microsoft Flow can bring to your next project
  • Understand how to identify key scenarios in your organization where you can use PowerApps and Flow to solve challenges within your organization
  • Get started with your own PowerApp using a starter template


Attendees must bring your own device to this course. Bring your Windows-based notebook and we will supply the rest! If a Windows device is not available then most activities will still be possible though a browser.

Please pre-install the PowerApps desktop app from the Windows Store – https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/ 

Level: Beginner

Morning Workshop 9:00 am - 12:30 pm, Tuesday

WS 201 - Getting Started with SharePoint Development

Ryan Schouten - ZAACT
SharePoint and Office365 have become the go to place to get information in most organizations. Are you prepared to create solutions that consume the data that is stored in these environments?
Come to this workshop to learn the information you need to get started creating applications that your organizations want. We will learn what tools are available to develop your applications. We will also cover how to best access the data that is stored in SharePoint and Office365.
Level: Introductory

Morning Workshop 9:00 am - 12:30 pm, Tuesday

WS 202 - A Beginner’s Guide to Client Side Development in SharePoint

Mark Rackley - PAIT Group
With the creation of SharePoint 2013's new SharePoint Hosted Apps and the continued momentum of companies moving to the cloud, Client Side development has quickly evolved from a once shunned technology into an essential skillset that all developers (especially SharePoint Developers) need to learn.
In this workshop, attendees will be introduced to client side development in SharePoint learn essential skills that they can begin to use immediately.
Attendees will learn:
  • The pros and cons of client side development and how to get started
  • How to effectively interact with SharePoint using JavaScript to build powerful applications without the need for Visual Studio
  • What is jQuery and how to use it effectively
  • Debugging techniques that will stop you from wanting to pull your hair out
  • How to modify SharePoint’s default forms quickly and easily
Level: Introductory

Morning Workshop 9:00 am - 12:30 pm, Tuesday

WS 203 - Office 365 Feature Explosion: What should you be using?

Paul Stork - Don't Pa..Panic Consulting

The pace of change in Office 365 continues to accelerate.  Over the last few years we've seen the introduction of a multitude of new features and offerings like Teams, Groups, PowerApps, Stream, and now Forms.  All these new icons in the Office 365 App Launcher provide both a promise and a challenge for organizations.  Some of the new offerings appear to overlap or replace existing offerings and in some cases there are so many new icons available in the Office 365 App Launcher that many users are wondering which they should be using. 

In this workshop we will demo each of the following offerings, discuss the business case for their use, and explain the administrative controls available for controlling their usage. 

Here is the list of offerings that will be explored:

  • Yammer
  • Delve
  • Sway
  • Planner
  • Groups
  • PowerApps/Flow
  • Stream
  • Teams
  • Forms
Level: ALL

Morning Workshop 9:00 am - 12:30 pm, Tuesday

WS 204 - The rise of the ninjas: A unique methodology for driving SharePoint user adoption

Sarah Haase 

This half-day workshop discusses the "chaos-to-clarity" journey many organizations take on their path to a successful SharePoint implementation. We will look at common training, governance and user adoption pitfalls, provide recommendations for framing a successful SharePoint Center of Excellence (COE) and give you practical tips for building an internal user community of SharePoint ninjas.

These strategies can change the course of your SharePoint implementation and catapult you from being “just another file repository” to being the premier workflow automation tool people want to use.

Level: Experienced

Afternoon Workshop 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm, Tuesday

WS 301 - Jump Start Your SharePoint Governance – Then Take it Home!

Stacy Deere-Strole & Liz Sundet- Focal Point Solutions

In any organization that utilizes SharePoint, governance is a must.  Some say it’s an option based on size, how much content, or even what functionality is being used. However, we say it doesn’t matter, if your company exists governance should exist. 

Traditional ways of providing governance such as writing 30 pages of documentation doesn’t show the transparency that the organization is exactly looking for. In addition, once the documentation is written the chances of it ever being reviewed, updated or even read again are very slim. 

The goal of this workshop is to provide a new “norm” for providing governance to organizations. First step is to provide it in a format that they are already using to seeing and using day to day, SharePoint. Then use terminology, wording and font usage that is appealing to users to make it inviting to encourage their return to the site. Then, combining additional features and functionality on the governance site that will draw users to the site without them really recognizing the fact they are going to a governance site. 

Essentially making the site the norm!

Level: Introductory

Afternoon Workshop 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm, Tuesday

WS 302 - A Deeper Dive into Client Side Development in SharePoint

Mark Rackley - PAIT Group
In this more in-depth workshop, we’ll review the techniques learned in the earlier workshop and add on to them taking a deeper look at what you can do with Client Side Development in SharePoint.
In this workshop users will learn:
  • How to use Third Party Libraries to take the SharePoint applications to the next level
  • How to use Custom Actions to deploy scripts across a site collection
  • How to use REST, CSOM, and SPServices to interact with SharePoint list data and create business logic
Level: ALL

Afternoon Workshop 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm, Tuesday

WS 303 - Developing Extensions for Microsoft Teams

Paul Schaeflein - Digital Management, LLC
Microsoft Teams is a chat-based conversation tool that contains everything your team needs to keep in touch. You can extend Teams by building Bots and Connectors, as well as extending the user interface with custom Tabs. The Teams extensibility options allow developers to bring their application to the place that users are already interacting. No need for switching between windows and multiple sign-ins.
This workshop will provide the opportunity to learn about each of these types of extensions as well as authentication and integration techniques.
Level: Experienced

Afternoon Workshop 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm, Tuesday

WS 304 - SharePoint Deployment Planning

Stephanie Donahue - PAIT Group

Upgrading from a legacy version of SharePoint? Deploying SharePoint for the first time? Want to expand the use of your current environment?
Attend this workshop for a deep dive on all the critical items you need to cover during a SharePoint deployment:

  • The big decision – SharePoint 2013 v 2016 v SharePoint Online
  • Upgrade planning – what to be aware of
  • Site Architecture, Taxonomy, and Governance– tips, tools, and best practices
  • Phased deployment – it’s not over once you upgrade! 
  • User Adoption and Training – introducing a new version of SharePoint and keeping users excited

Documentation examples and templates for deployment planning are provided as part of this session!

Level: Experienced

Full Day Workshop 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Wednesday

WS 401 - Beyond SharePoint Deployment: How Can IT Inspire, Motivate And Drive Sustainable Adoption?

Dux Raymond Sy - AvePoint
In most organizations today, SharePoint is nothing more than a glorified file share and while training is a critical component that can drive better adoption, it is not enough.
To make the most of your SharePoint investment, it is critical that your users take advantage of SharePoint's full capability to address their day-to-day business needs. The key to drive excitement, organizational buy-in and adoption is being able to provide relevant, business-contextual application that drives consistent, sustainable usage.
Join Dux Raymond Sy in this interactive workshop as he shares practical techniques on how you can drive sustainable SharePoint adoption in your organization.
In this workshop, you will learn how to:
  • Excite and inspire users with how SharePoint can support their daily business activities
  • Align business needs and SharePoint capabilities to deliver relevant business solutions
  • Identify training needs and delivery mechanisms
  • Implement gamification techniques as a learning strategy to motivate and encourage SharePoint usage
  • Groom champions from the business that can help promote the business benefits of SharePoint
  • Establish an effective SharePoint support structure for on-demand learning, peer to peer knowledge sharing and higher level technical assistance
  • Create a 12-month phased adoption program that facilitates change, empowers users and enables knowledge sharing within the organization
Level: Experienced

Full Day Workshop 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Wednesday

WS 402 - Becoming a Master Power User in SharePoint and Office 365

Benjamin Niaulin - Sharegate

You may have discovered what’s in SharePoint and Office 365, listed the features and what they do or how you can benefit from them. But do you know how to use them and what the best way to implement them is?

This full day workshop not only covers what you have, but helps you learn how to use SharePoint and Office 365 as well as everything around them to best benefit your 'organization and empower you as a Power User.

  • Inside Out of a Team Site (Lists, Libraries, Content Types, Site Columns, Web Parts etc...)
  • Deep Dive into Search
  • Leveraging things like PowerApps to build mobile apps and forms as well as workflows
  • Basics of SharePoint Designer Workflows
  • Learning Dashboards with PowerBI connected to SharePoint

Take a day to master your role as a Power User for SharePoint and Office 365.

Level: ALL

View Workshop Preview Video

Full Day Workshop 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Wednesday

WS 403 - Getting Started with JavaScript Development in SharePoint

Julie Turner - Sympraxis
Marc Anderson - Sympraxis
JavaScript, REST, CSOM, Office 365 APIs: Like it or not, client side development is the future of SharePoint development. Utilizing simple JavaScript or powerful third-party libraries like jQuery in SharePoint, developers can take their applications to the next level in less time. What's more, you can utilize JavaScript in SharePoint 2007, 2010, 2013, and in Office 365 often without making changes to your code.
In this full day workshop, you gain a new appreciation for JavaScript and learn what's possible utilizing this type of development. We'll discuss various methods of development and debugging, some better practices for maintenance and deployment when it comes specifically to SharePoint. And, finally we'll look at how we can do more advanced development, including single page applications (SPAs) and dashboards utilizing Client Side BI.
Level: Introductory

Full Day Workshop 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Wednesday

WS 404 - SharePoint 101

Tamara Bredemus - City of Minneapolis
If you are new to SharePoint, this is your workshop. We will start at the beginning with, “What is this thing you call SharePoint?” then go step-by-step to “Now I can build basic business solutions.” Everything we do during this session will be in the browser. No Code. No InfoPath. No SharePoint Designer. 
Here’s what we will cover: 
1. What is SharePoint
2. Getting around SharePoint
3. How to build and use a solution to your business needs
4. Discover what metadata is and how it can help
5. How to make sure the right people have the right access to the right things at the right time
6. Create a one-stop-shop with a custom page
7. Automate business processes with workflows aka eliminate copy and paste
At the end of this workshop you will have the information needed to create simple solutions using the tools provided by SharePoint without waiting for IT to build it for you. Buckle up. We’ve got a lot to cover.
There will be labs during breaks for you to try, so bring your laptop or save them for the office. All demos will be done in SharePoint Online.

Level: Introductory

Full Day Workshop 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Wednesday

WS 405 - Information Architecture: The Myths, The Methods, and The Musts for an Awesome Intranet

Susan Hanley - Susan Hanley, LLC
If your users can’t find what they need on your intranet, your information architecture (IA) probably needs some work! In this workshop, you will learn tips and best practices to improve “findability” and information organization and the basic concepts of information architecture.
We will cover four critical aspects of a great IA: navigation/site architecture, best practices for organizing information on pages (page layout and content architecture), how to use content types and metadata to improve both browsing and searching, and how to think about search experiences as part of your IA. You’ll also learn the best places to focus your IA energy – so that you can build an intranet that is an essential part of your digital workplace.

Level: All

View Workshop Preview Video

Full Day Workshop 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Wednesday

WS 406 - Dashboards, in one day!

Treb Gatte - Tumble Road

Need to create stunning dashboards from your SharePoint data?

Yes you do! In this workshop, we’ll show you:

  • How should I approach my BI need?
  • What things should be considered when creating dashboards?
  • What are the best practices?
  • How much is this going to cost me to license?
  • What security aspects should concern me?

Why you should take this course

To save time and money, immediately and in the long run. Since we've been in your shoes before, we also discuss topics related to maintenance, implementation, security and design best practices.

According to Forrester, half of a department's annual reporting needs are ad hoc, which works out to be about 50 reports a year:

  • The fully loaded cost of an individual report is $3200-$6100
  • Each report can eat up up to 32 hours of time to develop and test
  • That's hundreds of thousands of dollars spent in throwaway report investment

Learn a faster, cheaper way to explore your data. Power BI is well suited to enable quick ad hoc reporting where you spend the majority of the time developing the data set, rather than the individual report. This helps you save money and reduces the cost of developing ad hoc reports.

Who should take this course

If your company uses Office 365 or SharePoint 2013/2016 and you are a:

  • Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Power User
  • SharePoint Administrator
  • Consultant

Or if you work in these areas, you can definitely see value:

  • Marketing
  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Sales
  • Social Media

You need this class if you are expected to use data from Office 365 and SharePoint to do your job effectively. The class assumes no prior knowledge of Power BI and Data Concepts.

What is required for this class:

  • Install Microsoft Power BI Desktop on your laptop (recommended but not required)
  • We'll provide an Office 365 site for you to use for exercises

What you will learn:

  • In this training course you will learn how to create Production Dashboards using Power BI, from SharePoint list and document library data
  • You will learn how to use Power BI in a multitude of situations, including ad hoc analysis and the creation of formal dashboard.
  • You will learn about the Power BI components: Power BI Desktop, PowerBI.com, Power BI mobile applications and how they can be used with Office 365 and SharePoint
  • You’ll also receive an introduction into the core functions of Power BI; Data extraction, loading and transformation using Power Query Formula Language (“M”) and DAX.
  • You’ll receive some guidelines on how to extract Project data in fast manner
  • You will discover some data modeling practices that will ensure you have maximum flexibility in analysis. You'll also learn some visualization best practices to ensure you can tell your digital story effectively
  • You'll learn best practices for maintaining content with your organization
  • This course provides an end to end view of Power BI for Project reporting, so that you are able to use Power BI immediately for your needs

What you will get:

You'll get the tools to immediately get started on your design. You’ll receive:

  • Design spec that prompts the asking of the right questions
  • PowerPoint-based layout templates for dashboard paper prototyping
  • Tried and true BI design approach
  • 5 critical value-adds you will take back to your company
  • You'll have a jump start on a standard BI development approach
  • You'll deliver new insights into your data
  • You'll have a great understanding of how Power BI can be used and implemented
  • You'll learn techniques to make your dashboards perform well with SharePoint data
  • You'll gain insight into how others are leveraging Power BI within their companies


  • Introduction to Power BI
  • Gettin Data from SharePoint
  • Using Power Query M for Data Retrieval and Transformation
  • Data Modeling with DAX
  • Data Visualization Techniques
  • Content Administration and Deployment
  • Licensing and Planning Considerations

Please bring your laptop 

Level: Introductory

View Workshop Preview Video

Full Day Workshop 9:00 am - 5:00 pm, Wednesday

WS 407 - Power Up with PowerApps - Harness the power of rapid application development

Michelle Caldwell & Cathy Dew

Do you have basic knowledge of PowerApps and Microsoft Flow? Are you looking for a class to advance your skills in PowerApps and Microsoft Flow.

We will explore building apps that can be built and shared in minutes, allowing you to rapidly prototype and test your ideas without the time and expense of custom development. We will also take a deeper dive into building PowerApps from scratch to solve for more complex scenarios.

In this workshop we will start with your problem/idea and iteratively build on it. The goal of this session is for you to walk away with a functional app that you can start using in your organization re-imagining the way work gets done every day.

This session will be facilitated in a hackathon format and basic knowledge of Microsoft Flow and PowerApps is encouraged and it will be helpful if you have basic Excel knowledge as well. (however not required)


Attendees must bring your own device to this course. Bring your Windows-based notebook and we will supply the rest! If a Windows device is not available then most activities will still be possible though a browser.

Please pre-install the PowerApps desktop app from the Windows Store – https://powerapps.microsoft.com/en-us/ 

Level: Advanced 

Morning Workshop 9:00 am - 12:30 pm, Wednesday

WS 501 - Site Collection Administrator Boot Camp

Scott Shearer - Haystax Technology

So, you just became a Site Collection Administrator – what now? Wondering how to set up security? Are your end users asking you to help automate business processes? This workshop is designed to provide new SCAs and site owners with the skills they need to build, manage and maintain their sites and site collections.

Topics covered include:

  • SharePoint Security
  • Managing Users and Groups
  • List and Library features and maintenance
  • Out of the Box and Custom Content Types
  • Out of the Box SharePoint Workflows
  • SharePoint Designer Workflows
  • Site Structure
  • Site Templates
  • Governance Concepts

And more...

This demo-rich workshop is designed to provide you with ideas, tips and “how-to” knowledge that you can immediately implement.

Level: Introductory


Morning Workshop 9:00 am - 12:30 pm, Wednesday

WS 502 - Automate your business processes with tools from today and tomorrow

Vlad Catrinescu - vNext Solutions
One of the big advantages of implementing SharePoint in the enterprise is process automation. By using Out of the box workflows as well as easy to create custom SharePoint Designer Workflows, Power Users are able to automate processes, avoid repetitive tasks, and boost team productivity. Furthermore, new tools such as Flow which are exclusive to Office 365 at the moment allow you to easily create workflows, and integrate SharePoint Online with other systems.
In this half-day workshop, you will learn how to use SharePoint Designer and Flow to create workflows that solve real problems and to automate your business processes in SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online.
Level: Introductory

Morning Workshop 9:00 am - 12:30 pm, Wednesday

WS 503 - SharePoint Framework Jump Start

Ryan Schouten - ZAACT
The future is here, the SharePoint Framework is the new way to create web parts in SharePoint. No longer do we need to be constantly adding content editor web parts to our pages to add our client side code. We will be discussing everything you need to know to started creating your own solutions using the SharePoint Framework.
We’ll start by discussing the supporting tools that you will need and then move on to the architecture and structure of the projects. Since the SharePoint Framework takes advantage of TypeScript we will provide information on what it is and discuss the differences between TypeScript and JavaScript.
By the end of this workshop we will create an application that you can then take and deploy to your SharePoint environment or use the Workbench to play with. We will also discuss the new SharePoint Framework extensions and how we take advantage of this new functionality in Office 365.
Level: Experienced

Morning Workshop 9:00 am - 12:30 pm, Wednesday

WS 504 - Get started with PowerApps and Flow

Knut Relbe-Moe - Valo Intranet
During this workshop I will show how to build some of the most used HR Forms with Powerapps to bring the applications to your mobile, and flow to for instance automatically send the applications to your manager for approval.
We will look into:
  • HR Forms:
    • Holiday application
    • Expense claim
  • IT Forms:
    • IT service request
In this workshop bring your laptop, create a Office 365 Trial account, to get you started, and we will create this applications together.
So if you plan to start to use Flow or Powerapps this session will guide you on the way.
Level: All

Afternoon Workshop 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm, Wednesday

WS 601 - Some Quick Wins to Jump Start Your SharePoint Implementation

Stacy Deere-Strole - Focal Point Solutions

The determination of success vs failure for all projects is whether or not what you have implemented is being utilized by the users. Better well known as User Adoption!!  However, many wonder what can I do to make sure I’m giving the users what they want, what they didn’t know they needed but will make their job easier and something I like to call the “Plus A Little” and/or the WOW Factor! 

Quick wins are identified as things that are quick to do, take very little time to implement (low cost), and have a HUGE impact within the organization. 

In this workshop we are going to explore & build out different features within your SharePoint (O365 & OnPrem) environment that will make your SharePoint implementation the Rock Star of all projects ever implemented.

  • Promoted Links
  • Corporate Directory
  • Global Navigation
  • Collaboration
  • Search
  • Automation
  • Social
  • Dashboards
Level: Introductory

Afternoon Workshop 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm, Wednesday

WS 602 - PowerShell Scripting Workshop for SharePoint Practitioners

Sean McDonough - Bitstream Foundry

PowerShell has been around in some form since 2005, but it was only with SharePoint Server 2010 that PowerShell became an official part of the SharePoint administrative landscape. Nowadays, PowerShell is the preferred mechanism for administrative management of SharePoint farms, both on-premises and in the cloud with SharePoint Online.

During this workshop, we’ll spend most of our time looking at PowerShell scripts and scripting techniques to address a variety of common administrative concerns. The focus will be on crafting well-written scripts that are safe, documented, and easy to use. We’ll look at crafting scripts that work both on-premises and with SharePoint online. And we’ll utilize a number of newer, more advanced PowerShell techniques such as desired state configuration (DSC), leveraging the Client Side Object Model (CSOM) from PowerShell, and calling REST (representative state transfer)-based web services.

Participants will see how these techniques work, and they will leave equipped with a variety of scripts that they can put to use immediately after the workshop.

Level: Experienced

Afternoon Workshop 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm, Wednesday

WS 603 - The SharePoint Superhero: The SharePoint Business Analyst

Liz Sundet - Focal Point Solutions
If you already have a SharePoint BA role or looking to add one to your organization, this session will cover what should be expected of the Business Analyst and what falls outside the realm of the Business Analyst world. Learn some of the many tools and techniques that a business analyst uses every day to make their work valuable to the organization such as: Business Process Management, Mind Mapping, and Prototyping.
Finally, learn some of the skills and behavior characteristics to look for when developing a BA on your team to make your next SharePoint project a success.
Level: Introductory

Afternoon Workshop 1:30 pm - 5:00 pm, Wednesday

WS 604 - The NEW Way to Create the Digital Workplace

Jeff Willinger - Rightpoint

SPOILER ALERT:  The intranet is NOT going away, but the way we use the intranet to create the digital workplace is dramatically changing daily.  Will the digital workplace look like a blank page 'Google-esque' or will it be an experience that connects people and information through a single digital destination, gaining instant access to news, tools, knowledge, and the expertise they need to do their jobs. Anytime. Anywhere. On ANY device! 

This workshop will give you real takeaways to bring back to the office to find the influencers in your organization and figure out how to influence them and get C level buy-in to make the project more fluent.  The session will help you find the use cases needed to get budget justification and identify milestones along the way.

Level: ALL
AMA - SharePoint Product Team Update/AMA (Ask Microsoft Anything)
Chris McNulty, Microsoft

Join us for an interactive Q&A about the latest releases and upcoming roadmap for SharePoint, OneDrive and Yammer. We’ll review our newest rollouts and best practices for success in your organization. Bring your best questions.

KEY100 - Accelerating your digital transformation with SharePoint and Microsoft 365
Dan Holme, Microsoft, Director of Product Marketing

Join Dan Holme, Director of Product Marketing, for a comprehensive look at innovations that power content management and intranets in Microsoft 365. Dan will focus on building an intranet that makes it easy for you to inform and engage people, transform business processes, harness collective knowledge, and share and work together—in a group or across the organization. Dan will also demystify common questions like “which tool to use when” and “where to share”. Don’t miss your chance to catch up with all the latest announcements from the Microsoft product group.

ADM 101 - Navigation: A Step Towards Success in SharePoint
Stacy Deere-Strole, MVP - Featured Speaker

Navigation can single handily destroy any SharePoint implementation.  How you ask?  If your users cannot easily find what they are looking for in 3 clicks or less they have lost focus and sometimes the drive to reuse the site.  However, that is not the only issue that can occur with a navigation, one of the most popular ones I have been seeing lately is navigation that takes the users to another page or site then to another and another and another.  I guess the good thing is they eventually get there but the bad news is now they are going to bookmark or make it a favorite so that they never have to click so many times to get back there.  Sounds like a great solution for the users right?  Actually, it’s the worst thing that can possibly happen to your SharePoint implementation. 

The basis of implementing SharePoint within an organization is collaboration and if the users are bookmarking sites then they are missing all the information the company is trying to share with their organization.  The home page becomes obsolete, editors of the sites stop updating it and then collaboration only (hopefully) exists within the content sites and the company fails in communication.

In this session we will explore navigation best practices, how to clean up your existing navigation to make it more relevant, easy to use and turn it into the wow factor of your site.  Last but not least some tips and tricks on how to get your users excited about SharePoint and your new navigation.

ADM 102 - Implementing SharePoint: Failure to Plan is Planning to Fail
Paul Stork, MVP MCM MCT MBA - Featured Speaker

One of the most common mistakes I’ve seen clients make when implementing SharePoint is to not spend enough time review a list of seven planning topics that are critical to the success of every SharePoint project. We’ll review what questions you should ask and why each area is critical to project.

The seven areas include:

  • Governance
  • Security
  • Content Classification (Taxonomy/Folksonomy)
  • Physical and Logical Architecture
  • High Availability/Disaster Recovery
  • Staffing
  • Training/Communications
ADM 103 - Tapping the Power in PowerShell
Sean McDonough, MVP - Featured Speaker

PowerShell has been around in some form since 2005, but it was only with SharePoint Server 2010 that PowerShell became an official part of the SharePoint administrative landscape. Nowadays, PowerShell is the preferred mechanism for administrative management of SharePoint farms, both on-premises and in the cloud with SharePoint Online.

In this session, we’ll be taking a more advanced look at PowerShell and how it can be used to execute and script administrative actions for SharePoint. We’ll look at some common SharePoint activities that are carried-out through PowerShell, as well as some of the newer PowerShell capabilities like desired state configuration (DSC).

We’ll also look at some PowerShell watch-outs including some behaviors that can sometimes cause trouble with SharePoint. Administrators and developers alike will leave this session with a variety of concepts and script samples that can be used to immediately improve operations within their own SharePoint environments.

ADM 104 - Write Amazing PowerShell Scripts to Make Your Job as an Office 365 Administrator Easier
Doug Hemminger - Featured Speaker

PowerShell has been around for quite some time now and as we extend our environments into the cloud, it continues to provide ways to do amazing things that simplify our lives. While, in some cases, administrative tasks can be done through the user interface or PowerShell, in other cases certain tasks can only be done in PowerShell. Regardless, PowerShell has amazing potential to make your life as an Administrator a lot easier.

Join us for an introduction to writing and using PowerShell on Office 365. Although you don’t need to know how to use PowerShell on Office 365 coming into the session, some PowerShell experience will help you better understand the session. As we get towards the end of the session we will extend our skills and explore slightly more complex topics.

ADM 105 - Security and Compliance within Office 365
Liam Cleary, MVP - Featured Speaker

So you have an Office 365 tenant, you have sites, you use search and maybe you use every feature that is available to you. You create, upload, edit and delete content and even tag it, but what happens when you need to know what has happened to a piece of content? How do you know who opened a specific file? How do you stop specific types of content from residing within the site? How do you control who can do what, when and maybe where from?

Luckily we have the tool for this, it is the Security and Compliance Center within Office 365. In this session we will walk through the Security and Compliance Center, answering each of questions with practical examples.

ADM 106 - Advanced PowerShell for remote SharePoint administration & inspection
Richard Toland  - Featured Speaker
As SharePoint admins and consultants in tightly secured ecosystems, we often are not granted the access to run PowerShell connected to an onprem farm or MSO tennant. Or perhaps you have access to run the commandlets but need to shave time off of your job run with parallel processing methods. Or maybe you've been given a task to offload administrative tasks to Azure Automation & functions. 
This session teaches advanced tactics for remote SharePoint administration PowerShell.  Topics will cover a broad range of SharePoint connections and automation optimization as we examine gathering collections from Search, exploring object attributes with web services, processing these objects quickly through parallel processing with script blocks, jobs, and queues. 



ADM 201 - Building a Hybrid SharePoint Environment: The Best of Both Worlds
Paul Stork, MVP MCM MCT MBA - Featured Speaker

Microsoft has been “All in” on the cloud for several years now.  But many companies aren’t sure they are ready to commit all their resources to a cloud environment.  Still, most companies see the cost savings and efficiencies to be gained by putting some things in the cloud, like personal sites (OneDrive for Business).

To solve this dilemma many companies are moving to a hybrid environment that includes both SharePoint on-premises and Office 365. In this talk we’ll review the case for hybrid cloud environments and demonstrate how to build a hybrid environment using either SharePoint 2013 or 2016. 

We'll also review each of the hybrid workloads and provide tips on how to maximize the effectiveness of your hybrid environment.

ADM 202 - All You Need to Know for Automated SharePoint Site Provisioning with PnP PowerShell
Eric Overfield, MVP - Featured Speaker

Provisioning sites and assets in Office 365 and in particular SharePoint in repeatable, reliable method used to require Visual Studio, developers and the feature framework. Well no more! Using Office 365 Developer Patterns and Practices (PnP), it no longer takes VS or developers to create deployment packages.

In this session we will look into the provisioning toolset found within PnP to provision columns, content types, list templates, list and library instances, branding and file assets and even metadata and more all with XML provisioning templates and PowerShell. This demo heavy session with the PowerShell scripts and sample provisioning templates will help you jumpstart your next SharePoint project using future friendly provisioning methodologies. Being a developer is not required, although developers are encouraged to attend to not be left behind.

Benefits of this Session:

  • Learn how PnP provides provision tools
  • See how to provision SharePoint assets without a developer
  • Get the reusable PowerShell scripts to start your next project
ADM 203 - Why Hybrid Equals Coexistence Going Forward
Jason Himmelstein, MVP - Featured Speaker

SharePoint 2016 is the hybrid release. Microsoft has shown us the SharePoint roadmap to the future and it is not a one-way ticket to a boring Cloud-only service management world. Instead, Microsoft has laid out a landscape full of choices whereby companies can take advantage of the best available technology in the locale that is best for their specific needs. This means that a state of onPrem and Cloud coexistence is going to be a big part of our future.

Join Rackspace’s Microsoft MVP, Jason Himmelstein, as he explains the new landscape and how companies both large and small can take advantage of all the features that Office 365, Azure, and most specifically SharePoint 2016 bring to the table. He will share topology guidance, discuss best of locale governance options, cover the authentication models that companies have at their disposal, and most importantly, discuss path forward to coexistence that will allow customers to maximize their investment.

ADM 204 - Managing Data Recovery in SharePoint
Brian Alderman, MVP MCT - Featured Speaker

SharePoint Server includes several content recovery options for SharePoint administrators, site collection administrators, and end users. Educating your users, and site collections and lighten the burden on your SharePoint farm administrators.

Using Central Administration or PowerShell you can backup and restore your entire farm or components of your farm. You can also perform more granular content backups by exporting site collections, site, libraries, and list. SharePoint also provides the option of recovering site collections, sites, list and libraries from content databases that are no longer part of the SharePoint farm. With a vast majority of your SharePoint content stored in SQL Server it is imperative that you have an efficient way to recover items or entire databases as quickly as possible.

This discussion will introduce the Best Practices framework that will allow your SharePoint administrator to configure SharePoint and SQL Server for quick content recovery minimizing the downtime and providing shorter yet achievable Service Level Agreements (SLA’s).

ADM 205 - Integrating SharePoint and Office Online Server
Vlad Catrinescu, MVP - Featured Speaker

Office Online Server (formerly known as Office Web Apps) allows your users to view and edit Office Documents directly in the browser, without having to download them locally as well as enables the Durable Links functionality with SharePoint Server 2016.  Lastly, since Excel Services is not part of SharePoint 2016 anymore, Office Online Server is mandatory in order to enable Business Intelligence features in SharePoint Server 2016. 

In this session, we will look more in detail at what Office Online Server is, best practices on how to install it and how to design an Office Online Server Farm. We will also learn how to properly integrate it with SharePoint Server 2016, and lastly, what features it can bring to other Office Servers products such as Exchange and Skype for Business.

BI 101 - Analytically shiny and new: A guided tour of Microsoft’s Business Intelligence toys
Jason Himmelstein, MVP - Featured Speaker

Having trouble keeping up with all of the changes in the BI space around SharePoint & Office 365? Feel like every time you think you understand what is going on Microsoft pivots (pun intended) yet again? You are not alone.

Join Rackspace Microsoft MVP, Jason Himmelstein, for a journey through the Microsoft story around BI and how the latest changes are making it all more cohesive & something worth investing your time (and money) into. He will cover Power BI, what changes as a result of SQL Server 2016 for SharePoint, the Excel story, and help you understand the integration story with Office 365.

BI 102 - Power BI for Beginners
Christina Wheeler - Featured Speaker

In today’s world, the growth of data is increasing each day as so does the need for self-service business intelligence. Microsoft Power BI for O365 is a collection of powerful features that enables the ability to find and visualize data, share discoveries, and collaborate in intuitive ways.

As there are many roles with working with Power BI this session focuses on the capabilities and features targeted for the end user/report creator. If you work with Excel, you easily work with Power BI to turn data into decision-ready insights.

In this session, you will learn the basics of Power BI as well as demonstrate working with content packs beyond Excel.

BI 103 - What you should know about Power BI to deliver an incredible BI solution for your organization
Treb Gatte MVP,  - Featured Speaker

I’ll present a common business scenario, highlighting the undocumented IT Pro strategies needed for a successful implementation for both Cloud and Hybrid environments.

I’ll also demonstrate key Power BI functionality that sells the project to your management.

BI 104 - Business Intelligence - Does SharePoint Matter Anymore?
John White, MVP - Featured Speaker

SharePoint has long been Microsoft's platform for the delivery of Business and for dashboards on premises. Power BI on the other hand has emerged as the pre-eminent BI platform in the cloud. The release of SQL Server 2016 contains a vastly updated Reporting Services, which is Microsoft's stated platform for the delivery of reports on-premises, and SSRS Integrated mode is going away. Excel Services has moved away from SharePoint and into Office Online Server. So what role does SharePoint now play for BI? As always, it is an excellent integrating and dashboarding platform.

This session explores all of the ways that SharePoint, Power BI, Reporting Services and Office Online Server work together, both on-premises and in the cloud. Learn how to bring your Power BI reports to your SharePoint users quickly and efficiently, and learn how to report on your SharePoint data using Power BI. We will tie it all together.

BI 201 - Building Business Applications for Office 365/ SharePoint Online using Azure Machine Learning
Prashant G Bhoyar, MVP - Featured Speaker

Machine learning is a technique of data science that helps computers learn from existing data in order to forecast future behaviors, outcomes, and trends.

In this demo-driven session, we will cover the basics of the Azure Machine Learning and how we can leverage the Azure Machine Learning to implement the real-life business solutions in Office 365 / SharePoint Online.

You will learn:

  • What is Azure Machine Learning?
  • How to leverage Azure Machine Learning to implement the real-life business solutions in Office 365/ SharePoint Online?
BI 202 - How To Use Google Analytics With Power BI to Get Usage Statistics from an Intranet
Knut Relbe-Moe MVP,  - Featured Speaker

Google Analytics content pack for Power BI connects your Google Analytics through Power BI. You will get a Power BI dashboard and a set of Power BI reports that provide insights about your site traffic and user dimensions. You can use the dashboard and reports provided, or customize them to highlight the information you care most about. The data will be refreshed automatically once per day.

In this session we will look into how you can add google analytics to your SharePoint Intranet, and then get reports on which pages are most popular, which news are most popular and so on. 

This session will give you the foundation you need to get started with Google analytics in your Intranet.

BI 203 - Five key trends in Business Intelligence and how they will impact your organization
Treb Gatte MVP,  - Featured Speaker

Is your organization ready for the third BI wave? There are five key trends in Business Intelligence that are dramatically changing the way we approach reporting.

Join Treb as he takes you through each trend, the challenges resulting from the trend and recommended actions to take.

BI 204 - Power BI - What's the Fuss All About
John White, MVP - Featured Speaker

In less than two years, Power BI has gone from non-existent to being the pre-eminent tool for doing self-service analytics. Power BI is the tool that is allowing Microsoft to democratize Business Intelligence, bringing Power (BI) to the People.

This session is an introduction to what Power BI is, and how to work with it. We will demonstrate a number of its capabilities with real world examples. At the end of this session, you will be able to see how Power BI can help bring your data to life.

BV -101 The Future of Work and Where Digital Transformation Comes Via the Digital Workplace Using Office 365
Jeff Willinger, MVP MBA - Featured Speaker

Creating the ultimate Digital Workspace to engage employees - Inside the Enterprise, content and systems are sprawling and endpoints to deliver that content are exploding exponentially. All this while employees need access to the essential information to do their jobs, anytime, anywhere they need it. The Intranet of Things is about harnessing the power of connectivity to transform your business and create the ultimate Digital Workspace for employees. In this session, learn how to craft a truly transformative intranet that engages employees, reduces repetitive friction, maximizes productivity—and ultimately profits— through interconnected, contextually relevant, and hyper-personalized experiences.

BV 102 - Create an End User Adoption Strategy
Erica Toelle - Featured Speaker

We all know that End User Adoption is an important area of focus in your SharePoint project.

In this session, we will take a closer look at the End User Adoption work stream on a SharePoint project, and the associated roles, responsibilities, and tasks for the project plan. We will also review case studies to demonstrate how these differ based on the size of the project and the specific needs of the organization.

You’ll walk away from this session with a tactical formula you can follow to create your end user adoption strategy and templates to support the process.

BV 103 - What’s New with OneDrive for Business
Drew Madelung, MVP - Featured Speaker

Have you seen all the new features in OneDrive for Business (OD4B) lately? Are you getting ready to roll-out OD4B to your enterprise? Or are you just looking to see what you’re missing if you aren’t on OD4B yet?

OneDrive for Business in Office 365 is changing quickly and we as end-users and IT professionals need to try keep up. Join me as we walk through the newest improvements to the world of OneDrive for Business in Office 365.

This session will be demo filled and by the end you will see the investment and dedication that Microsoft has too provide a solid personal file solution.

BV 104 - De-Mystifying ROI calculation for SharePoint
Sarah Haase - Featured Speaker

ROI is a “fancy” acronym for Return on Investment. While ROI implies success, it usually involves mysterious mathematical formulas that many people can’t see or understand. So how does an everyday SharePoint business owner tackle the ROI puzzle? Do you just “flip the switch” on your implementation and move on? Or are you so busy with post-launch support that you don’t have time to circle back and quantify your results?

This session will help you demonstrate the business value for your SharePoint implementation. We’ll examine common ROI calculation methodologies while providing strategies for identifying your ROI niche and quantifying the business value of your SharePoint implementation.

BV 201 - Taming the Hoarders...Organizing Users who Keep Everything!
Stephanie Donahue, MVP - Featured Speaker

Email, file shares, documents, legacy systems, metadata.....it can be overwhelming. Whether you are planning a brand new SharePoint implementation, migrating from another system, or supporting the SharePoint site you already have, this presentation will help you get (and stay) organized.

I will take you through some tips and tricks for organizing even the most challenging users in SharePoint:

  • Learn about locations that users typically hoard save their data
  • Learn methods to help difficult users adopt SharePoint
  • Review easy ways to plan your site architecture
  • Discuss training methods that will increase user engagement
BV 202 - High Value Scenarios for Microsoft Teams
Erica Toelle - Featured Speaker

Microsoft Teams is a collaboration tool that empowers teams to work together more effectively, providing persistent chat and a user interface that ties together multiple Office 365 tools.

In this session, we will discuss where Teams fits in the Microsoft collaboration toolkit, and review Teams scenarios that have been proven to provide value in real life situations.We will then discuss lessons learned from organizations that have been using Teams and have deployed it throughout their organizations.

BV 203 - The Intranet of Things and Future of Work and Digital Transformation
Jeff Willinger, MVP MBA - Featured Speaker

Inside the Enterprise, content and systems are sprawling and endpoints to deliver that content are exploding exponentially. All this while employees need access to the essential information to do their jobs, anytime, anywhere they need it. The Intranet of Things is about harnessing the power of connectivity to transform your business and create the ultimate Digital Workspace for employees.

In this session, learn how to craft a truly transformative intranet that engages employees, reduces repetitive friction, maximizes productivity—and ultimately profits— through interconnected, contextually relevant, and hyper-personalized experiences.

BV 204 - Escaping the land of confusion: How to create effective business process solutions in SharePoint
Sarah Haase - Featured Speaker

Are you caught in an infinite loop of overgrown, outdated processes? Are your end-users stuck in a rut, copying data between an endless string of Excel spreadsheets? If so, this is the conference session for you! We’ll explore common process engineering methodologies, outline the “universal truths” that will help you relate to your business users and expose the “forgotten layer of content management” that exists at most organizations.

Then it’s GO TIME! We’ll outline a formula for finding your alpha project, provide a streamlined storyboarding/requirements gathering process and show you how to incorporate ROI valuations into your project timeline. You will leave this session with a “couch-to-success” plan for building effective business process solutions.

BV 205 - Enabling O365 adoption from within - How an emerging technologies team can make a big difference
Mark Roden, MVP - PSC Group

Too often when an organization makes major technology shifts, it is often not the technology change which causes problems, it's the people and how they adapt to change. While we often associated this to end users, the same is just as true for developers. If we want to retain our best development talent then we have to give them a part in the transition. Allow them to understand it and own it.

With so many new technologies and capabilities being exposed within Office 365 and Azure, many business are frankly overwhelmed with the possibilities and often fall back on the bare minimum of mail, calendaring and SharePoint. This talk will demonstrate cost effective measures to keep developers engaged while providing benefit to the company in a mutually beneficial manner.

An internal research and development team can create a sustainable balance of creative knowledge growth for the individual, matched with a method to future proof the overall organization. How changes in technology affect the success of a company need to be understood, managed and the effects managed. With the unrestrained freedom to explore emerging technologies and without the constraints of today’s corporate development policies your best talent can achieve great things, stay engaged, and more importantly stay.

In this presentation Mark will discuss and demonstrate how a creative “labs” team can lead to short, medium and long term benefits for any business willing to invest in people and technology.

DEV 100 - The Lay of the Land of Client Side Development circa 2017
Marc Anderson, MVP - Featured Speaker

Are you dazzled by all the noises you hear about client-side development? In this mid-level session, we’ll talk about the types of things you can do with client-side development, how SharePoint can be used as a service (SPaaS?), and what the popular toolsets are.

Whether you’re a server-side developer who wants to catch up with the new trends, a power user wanting to flex your muscles in new ways, or an end user who would like to speak more intelligently with IT, this session will provide useful foundational information as well as open your mind to new possibilities.

DEV 101 - Developing SPFx Components using Visual Studio
Paul Schaeflein, MVP - Featured Speaker

The SharePoint Framework uses many modern, script frameworks. This includes the tools used to create, package and publish the components. But what about Visual Studio and it's capabilities? If you use VSTS capabilities other than source code control, the new tool chain has some gaps.

This session will introduce a community effort that enables SPFx component development in Visual Studio.

DEV 102 - React for the SharePoint Developer
Ryan Schouten, MCT - Featured Speaker

For years client-side development in SharePoint was accomplished with jQuery and JavaScript. In the last year the development landscape has changed. With the introduction of the SharePoint Framework, SharePoint developers were introduced to new ways of developing.

With this new paradigm we need to refresh our skills. React is a library that integrates really well with SharePoint, whether you are currently using the SharePoint Framework or you are prepping your code for the future.

DEV 103 - Leveraging Microsoft Graph API through Client Side Web Parts - Overview
Julie Turner, MVP - Featured Speaker

One API to rule them all, the Microsoft Graph API is the central hub to access all your Office 365 assets such as user profiles, Groups, One Drive, Excel, and video.  Although it requires separate authentication strategy, you can create powerful solutions by leveraging SharePoint and the Graph API together in your client side web parts. 

This demo heavy session will walk you step by step through the authentication theory and the actual code needed to access the Graph API from either generic JavaScript or the Angular 1.x framework and then show a basic example of utilizing the Graph API.

DEV 104 - SharePoint Framework, Angular & Azure Functions : The modern SharePoint developer tool belt
Sébastien Levert, MVP - Featured Speaker

Things are moving fast. Sometimes you might even feel that you own comfort zone is getting of control. But in a Mobile-First, Cloud-First world, things are changing to a crazy pace and to stay on the top of your game, you need keep up with the latest and greatest technologies that are available out there. By staying up to date, you will give to yourself new options that will let you be more productive, write better code and push you in a more open and more collaborative world.

With the official shipment of Angular 4 and the current release of the SharePoint Framework, it is now the time to start moving towards those new technologies in your SharePoint Solutions.

In this session, we will cover the modern tool belt of the SharePoint developer by covering the SharePoint Framework as the new surface to express yourself, Angular as a Framework to enable you to build complete applications within your SharePoint modern experiences and Azure Function as the perfect server-side companion for all your Office 365 & Azure development.

This very demo-intensive session will make sure that at the end you get those 3 key takeaways :

  • Understand the role of the SharePoint Framework, Angular and Azure Functions in this Cloud-First, Mobile-First world
  • Have a complete sample where the modern tool belt is relevant and useful in a real-world scenario
  • Change the way you will think for your next SharePoint project
DEV 105 - Get Started with TypeScript Now
Eric Overfield, MVP - Featured Speaker

The SharePoint Framework is the future of SharePoint development and customization yet its underlying language, TypeScript, is unknown to most developers. Let’s fix that now.

This session is your chance to learn what TypeScript is all about and will get you started on your path to become a TypeScript pro as quickly as possible.TypeScript is a solid, well defined language that will enable you to build not only SharePoint Framework projects, but any large web based project, more quickly and easily in a far more maintainable way than you could achieve with JavaScript alone. We will also see how we can translate our existing JavaScript to TypeScript as well to help jumpstart your next project.

Session Benefits:

  • TypeScript language overview
  • Sample TypeScript code and projects
  • Learn how TypeScript related to the SharePoint Framework
DEV 106 - Robust, Highly Available, Reliable & Scalable Eventing with Webhooks in SharePoint & Microsoft Graph
Andrew Connell, MVP - Featured Speaker

In the past, SharePoint gave developers a few different options for event handling. It started with server-side events in SharePoint 2003 through 2010, then we got remote event receivers in SharePoint 2013. These options worked but were not ideal.

The latest option is to leverage webhooks, which is by far the best option of all! In this session you will learn the basics of working with webhooks for SharePoint as well as Microsoft Graph and learn some tips and tricks on how to best implement handlers for webhooks using Azure Functions to make the most reliable and reliable handlers. We will even look at how you can port remote event receiver handlers to leverage this same pattern.

DEV 200 - Developers, The Case for Microservices and Containers for Dev Environment & Your Next App
Andrew Connell, MVP - Featured Speaker

As a developer, it has been impossible to miss this container wave sweeping over our industry over the last few years. So many of the popular tech companies boast how containers have helped their business! While a tool for only the most savvy for a while, containers have matured significantly that all developers can now consider adding them to their workflow and toolbox… however not everything belongs in containers.

In this session we will first look at how adopting containers within your development process can benefit your organization. Then we will explore why a microservice-based application, implemented using containers, makes a lot of sense for many types applications. You will walk away with some examples and ideas on how you can improve your developer life using containers.

In addition, the next time you architect an application you will be well prepared to evaluate if containers are a good fit.

DEV 201 - Using Logic Apps to Automate Your Processes
Ryan Schouten, MCT - Featured Speaker

Logic Apps are a way for developers and power users to be able to automate processes in their organizations. Logic Apps are more powerful than the consumer Microsoft Flow.

Come attend this session to explore how to create Logic Apps that can be tied in with your existing systems whether on-premise or in the cloud. We will also explore using Azure Functions to be able to handle different events from various types of systems.

DEV 202 - Building Single Page Applications (SPAs) in SharePoint with JavaScript
Marc Anderson, MVP - Featured Speaker

While the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) matures, we can continue to build Single Page Applications (SPAs) using lists and libraries for our data model, building with AngularJS, and deploying using Webpack and gulp-spsave.

While this approach doesn’t utilize SPFx yet, you can build in such a way that you are ready when SPFx gives us the capability to take over an entire “modern” page.

DEV 203 - BI for the Cobbler's Children
Julie Turner, MVP - Featured Speaker

Data visualizations are a hot commodity, and “Power” tools abound.  To be sure, they are powerful.  With some time, patients, and effort they can also be visually pretty appealing.  But what happens when you want to create a very customized visualization, or you need to make it interactive like an application, or you need to manipulate data in code first but lack access to a full blown back end server stack to make it happen.  Enter, "Client BI"... custom web parts written using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to turn data visualization on its head. 

We’ll start with really easy examples using libraries such as Highcharts and c3 and then move up to more advanced solutions using canvas.  Join me and explore some of the ways we can make data visualization in a web part a reality.

DEV 204 - The Bot Framework and the Microsoft Graph : Join the revolution
Sébastien Levert, MVP - Featured Speaker

Hey Cortana! Hello Google! We're getting used to talk with those weird characters that live in our phones or on our computers nowadays. When well done, those assistants can actually help us in being more productive, more relevant and getting information very quickly without having to search for it for hours. The bot revolution is real and it's time for you to jump in the bandwagon.

But how can we make it productive, or even just useful for us, Information Workers? How can a bot help us in our daily working lives? This session is all about how we can build and bring to life a bot that will get directly to the core of our corporate data and help us in getting information, making better decisions so we can focus on what's important. We will learn the basics of the Microsoft Bot Framework and how it integrates with Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies such as Facebook Messenger, Skype or even Microsoft Teams. Then we will have a conversation with our users and act as a concierge to their corporate data by using the Microsoft Graph. We will leverage different workloads including Emails, Events, Azure AD and SharePoint data.

Let's build the concierge we always wanted in under 60 minutes and be part of the revolution! This very demo-intensive session will make sure that at the end you get those 3 key takeaways :

  • Understand the role of the Bot Framework and the Microsoft Graph to build great concierge experiences
  • Have a complete sample where a bot targeting Information Workers can be relevant and useful in a real-world scenario
  • Change the way you will think for your next software development project.
DEV 205 - Broken Tokens -- Understanding Modern Auth in Office Development
Paul Schaeflein, MVP - Featured Speaker

Web applications and web services can be secure, but securing them requires tokens. Connecting to Office 365 also requires a token. How do I get one, how does it work and how do I find my way in a maze of acronyms?

Fix your AuthN and AuthZ issues by attending this session. We will discuss the many facets of identity and authorization tokens in the Office Development space.

ECM 101 - Oh! The Places You will go in SharePoint
Liz Sundet MVP MBA PMP - Featured Speaker

Have you ever had that dreaded moment when you learn something new and wish you would have learned it just a week before? Let’s face it, SharePoint is big! It can be daunting at first and there’s lot of places to make mistakes.

In this session, we will hit some of the hottest tips, tricks, gotchas and ah ha’s for getting started with SharePoint. From what browsers work best to where to find content types this fast paced session will give you a great start on your journey into SharePoint. You will succeed, yes indeed!

ECM 102 - Navigating thru the Mess of a Shared Network Drive Migration to SharePoint
Joanne Klein MVP - Featured Speaker

Whether your organization has been using SharePoint for awhile or just starting down that road, many organizations still have large shared network drives holding content that could rightfully belong in SharePoint. Migrating this content into SharePoint is a challenging task and one that many of us are being asked to do.

Come to this session and we'll talk about reasons why migrating some of this content is a good thing, proven methods for making it happen, common pitfalls and ways to avoid them and how to help end-users make the "shift" from network drives to SharePoint. As it turns out, not quite as easy as you would think.

This session applies to both SharePoint On-Premises and SharePoint Online.

ECM 103 - Cross-site Publishing, the most powerful underutilized SharePoint feature
Brian Alderman, MVP MCT - Featured Speaker

Sharing information across sites, site collections, even Web Apps has never been easier than it is with the use of Cross-site publishing. It’s easily configured, and provides current information to the user whenever they view the dynamically updated list.

In this session, we are going to explore the configuration needed to use cross-site publishing. We will then configure the sites needed to quickly configure and implement cross-site publishing, by creating a content portal that author’s will use to manage content, and a separate publishing site collection that displays the content in the Search Query Web Part.

ECM 104 - Do we still need metadata?
Louis-Philippe Vallée - Sharegate

Collaboration with SharePoint Online is very different with the arrival of Office 365 Groups, Delve and OfficeGraph. Do we still need metadata to organize and retrieve our content?

When taking the leap to the cloud, you also have to think about your users. Our IT reflexes push us to set up complex documentary architectures that hinder the adoption rate. How does Office 365 revolutionize the way we collaborate? What are the pitfalls to which we should not fall victim to?

ECM 105 - Using Advanced Features for Document Management and Process Improvement
Tom Robbins, MCT - Featured Speaker

Document Sets are a feature of SharePoint that allow an enterprise to manage multiple pieces of content as one single work product. We can think of Document Sets as “Super Folders” because they allow us to group information together, but that is as far as it goes. Folders are something you want to avoid in SharePoint because they have little value in the big scheme of actually managing SharePoint content. Document Sets have the same attributes as folders, but come with other object elements that allow us to perform many different management functions. Some of the features of Document Sets are: version management, workflow association, Information Management Policy, and metadata.

This session will introduce the attendee to Document Sets and will dive deep into how to create and use them. Document Sets can then be used to implement business processes and this goes beyond the normal approach of using them simply as folder replacements. We will dive into Information Management Policy for Retention as well as using Workflow to automate approvals and retention of Document Sets. This session will really open the mind when it comes to really using SharePoint to its fullest to implement business processes.

ECM 201 - The Document Set Content Type
Tamara Bredemus - Featured Speaker

Learn how the City of Minneapolis is using document sets to make quick work of some complicated processes.

The majority of this session is devoted to when to use, how to plan and how to create document set content types. We will walk through what each document set setting does and how to use it.

Finally, we will pull the document set content type into a library and finish off with additional configurations available within the library for our document set.

ECM 202 - Make Your Intranet go from Good to Great
Liz Sundet MVP MBA PMP - Featured Speaker

Imagine spending hundreds or even thousands of dollars on your company intranet portal only to realize that people really don't like it, don't spend much time in it and avoid it as much as possible. It could be because your corporate intranet, while having lots of information, just doesn't function well for the general population.

In this session, we will talk thru examples of different company intranets build using SharePoint and what makes them transform and make the leap from good to great. Use those examples and little things to make your intranet a place of interest and collaboration that help to connect people in the workplace.

ECM 203 - Migrate from cross-site publishing to Communication sites
Louis-Philippe Vallée - Sharegate

Now that Microsoft has announced his new communication sites, we need to understand what this means for our transition to Office 365. Many organisations are currently using cross-site publishing to expose news and corporate content to their employees.

How can we migrate our publishing sites to communication sites and what are the changes to be expected for our contributors.

In this session, you will learn:

  • The differences between those 2 publication approaches
  • Limitations of Communication sites
  • Suggested migration path for your organisation
ECM 204 - Content Type Syndication: Understanding Content Types, Scope, and Deployment
Tom Robbins, MCT - Featured Speaker

Enterprise Content Management is at the core of guaranteeing SharePoint is a relevant and valuable information management system. Content types allow us to define reusable content for our sites and site collections to guarantee that users are utilizing the same templates and content definitions across all information. Out-of-the-box, Site Columns and Site Content types have a deployment boundary of Sites and Site Collections. If we want to guarantee that the content is available across the entire farm, we must syndicate the content types using a Content Type Syndication hub.

Content Type Hubs enable administrators to create new content types and then make them available to other SharePoint site collections in the same or different web applications or across farms. This is a publisher-subscriber model, where content types are published by the Content Type Hubs using the Metadata service and subscribers are the web applications in the SharePoint Farm.

Finally, all the site collections in the web application which subscribe to this Metadata service will get this content type. In this session the attendee will learn what content types are and the value they return in SharePoint as well as how to create, deploy, and manage content types.

OFF 101 - Transforming your organization into a Digital Workplace
Stephanie Donahue, MVP - Featured Speaker
Mark Rackley, MVP - Featured Speaker

Transforming into a digital workplace can seem like a daunting task, with outdated legacy apps to support, skeptical stakeholders who can't envision the benefits, and workforce that must be retrained.

Where do you even start? Learn how a global manufacturing company is undergoing a digital transformation using Office 365. From simple steps like moving email to the cloud, to more complex collaboration needs with joint venture partners, you’ll learn about the challenges, quick wins, and long term success of an organization committed to change.

You will leave encouraged that no matter where your organization is starting from, that a digital transformation through Office 365 is possible!

OFF 102 - A Deep Dive into Groups/Teams for Office 365
Knut Relbe-Moe MVP,  - Featured Speaker

This session will teach you all about one of the main foundation of Office 365 that needs to be the foundation of any Office 365 implementation.

We will look into best practice for group creation, and what's included when you create a group. We will deep dive into the bits and bolts of Office 365 groups, and take a look at teams the new visual way of working with the Office 365 Groups.

We will also check out the different PowerShell commands you should know if you plan to work with Office 365 groups and teams for you as an administrator

We will also create policies to remove the possibility to create groups/teams for certain users.

OFF 103 - Knowledge Management and Office 365: What’s Possible, What’s Transformative, and What You Need to Know
Susan Hanley, MVP MBA - Featured Speaker

SharePoint is part of many knowledge management solutions in organizations all over the world. When you use SharePoint with Office 365, you have the potential to transform the way your organization connects and collaborates in ways that have not been possible in the past.

But there are a lot of choices – modern vs. classic team sites, Teams, Groups, Yammer, and Delve – and the degree of maturity for each capability is different (and evolving) – especially when it comes to KM. If you are wondering how you can best enable your KM objectives with Office 365, this session is for you! You will learn how you can leverage the current capabilities of Office 365 to capture, share, retain, and transfer organizational knowledge.

You will take away practical advice about what’s real, what’s promised, and what you need to know when it comes to Office 365 and knowledge management – so you can make the best decision about when to adopt and how to deploy.

OFF 104 - Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, SharePoint, Yammer...What Should I Use, and When?
Dux Raymond Sy, MVP PMP - Featured Speaker

For today's fast-paced, mobile-driven, and globally dispersed workplace, Microsoft offers tons of great ways to effectively communicate and collaborate. But which tools are right for your organisation?

Solutions like Microsoft Teams, Office 365 Groups, Yammer, Skype for Business, SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, PowerApps, and Microsoft Flow all offer something unique to your business. In this interactive session, you will gain practical guidance on finding the right tools to facilitate efficient communications and collaboration both inside and outside the walls of your organisation. We’ll also explain how to drive adoption and keep your chosen solution under control.

Get ready to walk away with the ability to chart a productive and pragmatic collaboration approach that delivers immediate and lasting value to your modern workplace.

OFF 105 - Getting Started with PowerShell for Office 365
Vlad Catrinescu, MVP - Featured Speaker

Take your Office 365 Administrator skills to the next level by learning to manage Office 365 and automate repetitive tasks using the magic of PowerShell.

In this session, you will learn how to use PowerShell for Office 365!

OFF 106 - Manage Office 365 Like a Ninja
Seb Matthews - Featured Speaker

Ninjas move quietly, disturb nothing and get the job done. Office 365 Admins need to be like ninjas – the 24x7 nature of Office 365 means that users are able to use their IT systems like never before. The Martini principle of ‘anytime, anyplace, anywhere’ means that the Office 365 IT Pro needs to be faster, wiser and stealthier than ever before. In this new for 2017 session, international consultant and speaker Seb will walk through:

• The Office 365 Portal
• PowerShell fundamentals for Office 365
• Groups, Teams, Planner and other Office 365 elements

Packed with indispensable advice from the real-world, if you’re responsible for the management of your Office 365 tenant, trying to understand what’s involved, or you just want to know more, these sessions are for you.

OFF 200 - Information Management/Data Governance: From Theory to Practice in an Office 365 World
Joanne Klein MVP - Featured Speaker
What does Information Management and Data Governance mean within the context of O365? What are some of the tools to manage it? 
Organizations need to empower employees to reap the benefits of new collaboration services in the digital workplace, but they can’t compromise the security, compliance and protection of corporate assets while doing it. Capabilities are being rolled out to help organizations keep both managed and unmanaged content secure and compliant throughout O365. 
This session covers setting organizations up for success from an Information Management perspective without hindering usage and adoption of O365. Discussion covers AIP, DLP, and Retention.
OFF 201 - Lions and Tigers and Teams, Oh My! – Sorting through the options to connect and collaborate in Office 365
Susan Hanley, MVP MBA - Featured Speaker
Marc Anderson, MVP - Featured Speaker

Have you noticed that you now have multiple ways to connect and collaborate in Office 365? Teams, Groups, SharePoint, Yammer, Email – how do you provide guidance to your users so that they can make good choices?

Too much choice can lead to chaos, while not enough choice can create too much friction for effective collaboration to happen.

This session will provide guidance and a framework to help you make the right choices for your organization to help your users get real work done in a hyper-connected world.

OFF 202 - Using Microsoft Teams to unlock the value of Office 365
Jeremy Thake, MVP - Featured Speaker

Microsoft Teams became generally available on March 14th and is on by default in all Office 365 tenants. Spend 70 minutes with Jeremy Thake learning how Microsoft Teams can encourage your employees to unlock the value of all of Office 365.

Microsoft Teams is built on top of Office 365 Connected Groups which gives members access to Planner, Shared Calendars, Document Libraries and much more. Jeremy will show you some cool integration stories between all these products to take advantage of what you are already using in Microsoft products.

Why watch this over a standard Microsoft presentation? Jeremy will give his candid opinion of what Teams is great for, where there are gaps are, as well as some killer tips to get the most out of it.

OFF 203 - How to Develop Your Office 365 Information Governance Strategy in 4 Steps
Dux Raymond Sy, MVP PMP - Featured Speaker

So you’ve made the decision to move to Office 365 – now how do you ensure your critical business information is secure in the cloud?

In this interactive session, you will learn how to reduce risk and ensure your users do the right thing by employing industry best practices for information governance, risk, and compliance. We’ll also explain how recent enhancements from Microsoft – including Office 365 Security & Compliance Center and Azure Information Protection – as well as other related technologies can help.

This session will empower you to implement proven tactics to ensure your Microsoft Cloud investment meets business needs while protecting your most sensitive data.

OFF 204 - Understanding the Capabilities of the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center
Doug Hemminger - Featured Speaker

During this session, we will explore the capabilities of the Office 365 Security and Compliance Center, including:

  • Classifications – Demonstrate how to create and apply labels to content, including explaining sensitive information types and how labels can be applied to them.
  • Data Loss Prevention – Show how to setup and apply policies, including the various options for how to deal with flagged content.
  • Data Governance – Discuss the various methods for setting up retention policies and how to deal with disposition.
  • Threat Management – How to filtering mail and apply anti-malware rules.
  • Search and Investigation – Demonstrate how to probe the audit logs for activity by users or administrators

By the end of the session, you will have a solid understanding of the capabilities and purpose of each component of the security and compliance center.

OFF 205 - Completing the circle: building collaboration-focused apps for Microsoft Teams
Chris Johnson, MVP - Featured Speaker

Witness the firepower of this fully armed and operational development platform: Microsoft Teams! 

We'll cover how to package an end-user experience that includes custom tabs, connectors and bots into a Microsoft Teams app that redefines enterprise application development.

OFF 206 - Branding and organizing your SharePoint sites in Office 365
Benjamin Niaulin, MVP - Featured Speaker

Office 365 makes us rethink our logical architecture with the arrival of Office 365 Groups, Communication Sites and soon Hub Sites. In the past, we could get away with building a vertical structure of sub-sites below sub-sites to ease some of our navigation and management burdens. Today, we need to rethink it completely. However, many of our requirements stay the same when it comes to how we organize our technology to replicate our business and organizational structure. Not to mention the look and feel of each of our sites. The goal of the session is to help you understand and get a feel on how to organize your environment and keep it on brand where you can.

You will find out about:

  • The basics of Office 365 Groups, Communication Sites and Hub Sites
  • How to organize a logical architecture to use them effectively
  • The pros, cons and gotchas
  • See the branding possibilities and the ones Microsoft encourages
  • Quick look at building reusable templates for your organization
PWR 101 - Use Your On-premises Data with PowerApps, Power BI, and Microsoft Flow
Daniel Glenn, MVP - Featured Speaker

Microsoft Power BI, Flow, and PowerApps are powerful cloud tools that can take your on-premises data, stored in systems like SQL and SharePoint, to new heights. Using your data where it is now gives you the ability to invest in improving processes, instead of focusing on a data migration strategy.

In this session, we will discuss the benefits of using the cloud tools and how workflow, analytics, and business apps can utilize your on-premises data. We will setup a data gateway, connect to on-premises data sources, and discuss how to use that data in Office 365 to create rich business solutions.

You will walk-away from this session with the knowledge you need to immediately start using your on-premises data with Office 365.

PWR 102 - Create beautiful content in seconds: Communication and Team Sites in SharePoint Online
Chris Johnson, MVP - Featured Speaker

Communication Sites and Team Sites give us a new, modern page-editing experience for building beautiful, responsive content in SharePoint Online. 

This session covers what to use when, key differences between Communication and Team Sites, and provides a great overview of the new page capabilities to get you up and creating in seconds.

PWR 103 - Show! Don’t Tell: Build a Demo Environment
Tamara Bredemus - Featured Speaker

Ever try to tell a user how metadata works better than a folder structure to organize documents? How about the key differences between a SharePoint List vs an Excel Spreadsheet? Stop banging your head against a wall. Stop telling and start showing.

 In this session, we will build a SharePoint Show and Tell environment to illustrate the toughest top three concepts new users need to understand.

  1. Metadata vs Folders
  2. Lists vs Spreadsheets
  3. Content Types vs Doc Templates
PWR 104 - PowerApps for SharePoint Users
Wes Preston, MVP - Featured Speaker

Are, or were, you a user of SharePoint Designer? InfoPath? Access Services? How are you building business solutions today? PowerApps targets the business user and power user gaps left between SharePoint’s out of the box capabilities and custom development.

Non-coding SharePoint users should take a serious look at how Microsoft PowerApps adds business value by extending SharePoint: from building mobile apps, to custom forms, to powerful business applications. PowerApps and SharePoint integration is relatively new but rapidly changing.

It’s important for SharePoint users to understand where PowerApps can be leveraged and how to set expectations for organization and user adoption.

PWR 105 - No-Code Forms and Workflow Tools of the SharePoint Trade
Asif Rehmani, MVP - Featured Speaker

Don't code your solutions, configure them! Many no-code developers (aka Power Users) don't realize that SharePoint already has the building blocks you need to create powerful solutions. There is no need to program everything from scratch. What you need to know is: which tool should you use for specific scenarios. Once you know that, you're all set!

Come to this session and we'll talk through tools such as PowerApps, Search web parts, InfoPath, Flow, and SharePoint Designer.

PWR 201 - Introduction to Office 365 Groups
Drew Madelung, MVP - Featured Speaker

Let’s get started with modern collaboration! Office 365 Groups are a solution developed with people and collaboration in mind. Groups are providing a new way for your team to work together. If you are in Office 365 or moving to it, you will need to learn what Office 365 Groups are and how they fit in into your enterprise. 

This session will be filled with demos around an overview and introduction to Groups and how you interact with them as an end user. 

PWR 202 - From SharePoint to PowerApps: Evolution of the ‘Intake Form’ Solution
Wes Preston, MVP - Featured Speaker

SharePoint and O365 power users solve business problems by combining out of the box SharePoint lists, libraries, and components into multi-page solutions.

  • Users need to submit a request, manage or have visibility to their requests, and access archived requests
  • Folks managing requests need visibility to new requests, the ability to review or triage them, and then assign requests to the appropriate resources
  • Folks responding to requests need to have visibility to what is assigned to them, need to see request details in order to respond to the request, and close requests.
  • Management needs to see an overview of what’s being requested and how effective their team is at working the requests.

PowerApps integration with O365 adds a new options for these solutions – by augmenting, or outright replacing, legacy approaches. Walk through a simple intake request list example and see how PowerApps brings new features, capabilities, and accessibility to these solutions.

PWR 203 - Creating Amazing Dashboards in SharePoint
Matthew Bailey, MCT - Featured Speaker

SharePoint is good at a lot of things, but reporting isn't one of them. In this session, we will discover how to make dashboards of all types. From simple out of the box web part based concepts, to beautiful visual dashboards with JavaScript, CSS, display templates and/or Power BI.

You will be able to walk away from this session with impressive ideas to create appealing dashboards in your own environment.

PWR 204 - Promoted Links - You Get This One For Free
Stacy Deere-Strole, MVP - Featured Speaker

A Quick Win is something that takes little time and money but has a LARGE impact...Promoted Links are exactly that so check it out!

Promoted links is an out of the box function that provides an easy way to manage a visual layout of links on your site.  With the links being part of a list you get various features that a list provides such as security trimming, views, and opening in a separate window.

In addition, as with all the great features and functionality there are always some downsides and gotchas that you need to be aware of and know how to fix or work around them. In this presentation you will learn what to watch out for and how to avoid some potential issues.

PWR 205 - Apps for Everyone – Building No Code Business Apps
Chris McNulty - Microsoft

SharePoint has a rich history as a home for business focused applications. One of SharePoint’s greatest strengths is its ability to unify teams with content collaboration and business productivity applications. Modern application developers can create powerful solutions. But now information workers can create productivity apps without code that can deliver immediate business impact.

Join me for the roadmap of building custom solutions for enhanced collaboration, data analysis, account processing, business intelligence and mobile integration – using Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Power BI and SharePoint.

SRC 101 - How to Build Search Queries Effectively to Do More with SharePoint
Benjamin Niaulin, MVP MCT - Featured Speaker

Though the Search Results in SharePoint 2013/16 and Office 365 are already a great improvement over our previous experiences, it is even better when we take advantage of what it offers to change how results are displayed.

In this session, learn the difference between Crawled and Managed Properties and how the various Search Web Parts use them in SharePoint. See how to use Result Types, Result Sources, Query Rules as well as Display Templates. But before you use all this, you need to know how to build a query to fetch what you need.

The session will be filled with demos, all the files and Display Templates used in the demos will be available for you to download and use after the session.

SRC 102 - Intro to Content Search Web Parts: the sweetest way to view and manage content
Kim Frehe - Featured Speaker

Learn how you can use out-of-the-box content web parts to display your data in unique and interesting way. By combining content web parts with content types, metadata, search and audience targeting, you have a great way to bring information to your users, regardless of where the data may exist, without being a programmer. Imagine your users finding everything they need in one location in SharePoint!

This session will show users real world examples of content displayed with SharePoint 2010, 2013 and SharePoint Online Content Query, Content Search and Search Results web parts. Examples include targeted communications, content owner-maintenance views, dashboards and more. You will learn when you should use which web part and how to make minor modifications in order to make each more effective.

We will wrap up with tips and tricks, as well as session recommendations to learn more in-depth information on each topic.

SRC 104 - Delivering a World Class Search Experience
Mark Rackley, MVP - Featured Speaker

SharePoint search is one of the most underutilized features of SharePoint. With the proper use of search you can give your users a rich, powerful experience allowing them to find the information as easily as shopping for a product on amazon.com.

In this demo packed sessions users will learn:

  • How to incorporate jQuery into display templates to take search to the next level
  • Best practices for using Content types to aggregate content across multiple sites or site collections
  • Create and use custom refiners to make search for a document as simple as finding a product on Amazon
SRC 202 - Making the Most of SharePoint Search
Christina Wheeler - Featured Speaker

Search in SharePoint 2013/2016 and SharePoint Online is very powerful and greatly improved from previous versions of SharePoint. However, just implementing search out-of-the-box without making any customized configurations really doesn't leverage search to its fullest potential.

In this session, we will take a deep dive into SharePoint on-prem/SharePoint Online search and demonstrate what configurations and customizations can be done to provide much better search results and a better user experience for your users. This session will focus on working with managed properties, custom result sources, advanced queries, as well as demonstrate using display templates to create cool jQuery sliders as well as transform calendar items and other data on a page.

SRC 204 - SharePoint Doesn't Suck, Your Search Sucks - Improving the SharePoint 2013/2016/0365 Search Experience
Kim Frehe - Featured Speaker

Has your organization rolled out SharePoint only to have tons of documents that you can no longer find when you search for it? Are you tired of hearing your users say they want their search to be like Google, even though Google has an army of people to manage their search and you don't? Are you a Site Owner and want to learn to improve how content is discovered and displayed on your site?

This session will show you how you can monitor and improve your 2013 Search (On Premises or Office 365) to help users find what they are looking for. We will cover:

  • Why you need to fine-tune your search for better content management
  • How to improve search results
  • How to improve how users interact with search results
  • How to help content owners improve their content's searchability
  • How to conduct more successful searches
SRC 205 - Modern Collaboration with AI
Mark Wroblewski & Sean Lawrence,SPR

As the Digital Transformation wave finds its way into everything we do, and artificial intelligence is no longer reserved for movie magic and mad scientists, we are faced with understanding its role within our day-to-day lives, our business, and our solutions. 1This can be overwhelming and the promise that it will make our lives easier comes with some skepticism.

Join Mark Wroblewski and Sean Lawrence as they share solutions that can be built using Azure Cognitive Service, Azure Machine Learning, LUIS, BOTS, Cortana, and Delve using data from Office 365 and the Microsoft Graph to improve collaboration within the Modern Workplace and SharePoint Online.

We will also look at what it takes to get started, how far the solutions have evolved, and where they are going.

SPT 103 - Office 365 Groups Best Practices and Solutions
Justin Walker - AvePoint

With Office 365 Groups, your users are empowered to work together much more effectively. But how do you effectively administer and govern Groups when most controls are left to your end users? This interactive question-and-answer session will cover:

  • Key considerations when activating Office 365 Groups
  • How to manage the various Office 365 artifacts that come with Groups
  • Tips for building a strong Groups governance strategy
  • Solutions for regulating Groups creation, management, and end of life

By the end of this session, you will understand key considerations when administering Office 365 Groups and how to stay in control with minimal business disruption.

SPT 202 - Understanding and Leveraging Microsoft’s Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) Suite
Sean McDonough, MVP - Featured Speaker

The Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) Suite is a product offering that receives a lot of attention and “air time” from Microsoft nowadays. Although many enterprise architects, technical decision makers, and IT Pros have heard about EMS, many don’t know exactly what it is and what it does. In this session, we will be looking closely at EMS and the growing set of identity, security, data, and device management problems that it addresses.

We will look at each of the workloads and capabilities within EMS, how they work, and some practical examples of solutions involving each. We will also clear-up the confusion that frequently arises in understanding where Office 365 ends and EMS begins.

By the end of this session, you will understand what EMS is, the role that it plays in secure cloud solutions, and why it is a natural fit for consumers already leveraging Office 365 in their day-to-day operations.

SPT 203 - Ensuring Business Continuity: Planning for High Availability and Disaster Recovery in SharePoint
Many companies depend on SharePoint as a critical part of their business when it comes to sharing information. Guaranteeing efficient and uninterrupted operation of your SharePoint environment has become a priority for these organizations. But ensuring business continuity is still a complex and confusing topic for many people. In this talk we'll try to clear up the confusion by providing answers to the following common questions:
  • What is Business Continuity Management?
  • Isn't a good Backup all I need? What are RTO and RPO?
  • What is High Availability (HA)?
  • What is Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • What's the difference between them?
  • Isn't Microsoft handling all this for me in Office 365?
SPT 205 - Reimagine the way work gets done
Michelle Caldwell, MVP & Microsoft Regional Director - Featured Speaker

Your success with 0365 and SharePoint 2016 is not assured: A successful Digital Workplace transformation goes way beyond getting the software installed and configured successfully. Fortunately your chances have greatly improved recently with the advances made by Microsoft. By integrating new capabilities and social tools into everyday work processes we are able to reimagine how work gets done and have measureable impact to the bottom line.

In this session we will discuss the importance of creating a Digital Workplace Transformation Strategy to ensure a successful Digital Workplace Transformation. In this highly interactive session, we’ll share key aspects of a Digital Workplace Strategy and discuss how to engage business stakeholders, drive user adoption, and realize a true return on your organization’s investment in SharePoint and 0365.

SOL 01 - Unlock the full potential of Office 365 using Hyperfish
Jakob Maciolek - Hyperfish

Hyperfish helps organizations bring people together by ensuring their profile information is always complete and up-to-date. Hyperfish understands what's invalid, and automatically starts a conversation with end users to collect and validate their information. Users can quickly and easily manage their information from anywhere via mobile or internet connected device. Hyperfish continually monitors your environment to ensure consistency and compliance to standards as your organization changes. Hyperfish improves IT service delivery, increases employee engagement and helps unlock the value of your SharePoint/Office 365 investment.

SOL 02 - Learn from customers: how the Nintex platform can be used together to build rich business processes with great user experiences

When your business relies on compliance with regulatory and financial requirements to stay in business, you can’t afford to make a mistake. Join us to hear first-hand how William Blair used Nintex to automate their manual processes.
As a global investment firm, William Blair will discuss how the implementation of workflow and forms has helped them to:

  • Reduced Dependence on Paper
  • Better Utilize Employee Talents
  • Empower People to Think Critically and Innovate

Founded in 1935, William Blair is an independent and employee-owned investment banking and asset management firm with over 1,300 employees, more than $92.7 billion in client assets and transactions in more than 35 countries, for 900 companies.

SOL 03 - How to Protect Your Critical SaaS Data
Ian Gillespie - Backupify

More and more businesses are relying on Office 365 to get things done. But with all of that cloud data comes a whole new set of concerns for IT professionals. What if a user accidentally deletes or overwrites a file? When employees leave the company, can you prevent their files from leaving with them? How can you protect your organization from app outages, misconfigured workflows or even ransomware attacks? Learn how to protect your critical business data with Backupify, the leader in cloud-to-cloud backup, enabling enterprises to extend data protection and accessibility best practices to the cloud. More than two million business customers rely on Backupify to protect SaaS data in Office 365, G Suite, and Salesforce.

SOL 04 - How to Boost Microsoft Flow with Rich Process Automation Functionality for End-to-End Digital Transformation
Bre Huston - K2

With K2 Flow Connector, take Microsoft Flow to a whole new level. Do more than just build simple , event-driven business processes - K2 Flow Connector enables you to connect your systems and environments OOB (with no coding required!), while adding rich functionality, automation, and customization across your workflow and process spectrum. Learn how this partnership bolsters your Business Process Management and Digital Transformation topologies through a live demo of example processes like:

  • Handling social media events to establish employee or customer sentiment, and responding accordingly;
  • Reacting to changes in a Dynamics CRM or Salesforce opportunity and kicking off a business process;
  • Starting a complex workflow form from a Jira event or any of Flow’s other 140 built-in connectors

Walk away with tips on how to give your existing Microsoft Flow instance a big boost. You’ll learn how to build and scale the processes you've always wanted—from the most basic to the highly complex—in a fraction of the time typically required


SOL 05 - How to create a Branded, Multi-lingual, User Targeting O365 Global Intranet
Ricardo Martinez Salas - Protiviti

Nemak is a leading provider in the global automotive industry. The company employs more than 23,000 people at 38 facilities worldwide, generating revenues of US$4.3 billion in 2016. Recently, the Nemak Communication team partnered with Protiviti to design and implement a new corporate Intranet on O365 with key goals of creating a design building a 10 language site that targets content from a centralized location in Monterrey, Mexico around the world. Using search, custom user profile updates, the video hub and much more, the success of this project was agreed to on a global scale.


SOL 06 - SPFx based Intranet – Saketa Intranet Suite
Ujjwal Saketh - Saketa

The Saketa Intranet Suite (SIS) is a disruptive, ready-to-go intranet for Office 365, comprising engaging widgets and an intuitive interface. Built on the latest SharePoint framework, it comprises a wide range of fully responsive widgets, to maximize collaboration among employees. Completely flexible and adaptable to suit the design language of any organization, the Saketa Intranet Manager serves as the perfect interface between the employee and the organization. Come see us at SPFest, Chicago.


SOL 07 - BPM for professional services
Shyamal Addanki - FireStart

In this session, Shyamal will share a few ideas of how a lean BPM, like FireStart, can be used by professional service organizations, such as law firms. Law firms are a typical example of organizations with strong process-driven operations, strict governance requirements, and large non-technical user base with a small IT support team. Implementing a user-centric BPM drives adoption across the firm and reduces the administrative workload on attorneys while ensuring quick resolutions and clear, consistent communication through the value-chain.

Presenting with Shyamal will be Neal Gerber Eisenberg, a leading Chicago law firm that represents a number of Fortune 100 companies, financial institutions, nonprofits and high net worth individuals.

SOL 08 - SharePoint Migration – Handle with Care
Michael Smith - Metalogix

Is your technology suited to help you upgrade to a more powerful platform on-premises or in the cloud? If you are like other organizations, then you are probably unsure of how secure your governance strategy is, how optimized your storage is, and how easily you can translate your old platform to the new one. Without proper planning, your SharePoint migration could lead to sensitive data exposure, late delivery, and a negative user experience. Join us to learn about the latest industry best practices and free tools that will help you easily navigate technical roadblocks, performance challenges and security concerns as you embark on your SharePoint or Office 365 migration journey.

SOL 09 - Groups and Teams Governance Made Easy with AvePoint
Justin Walker, Senior Solution Engineer, AvePoint

By design, Office 365 Groups and Microsoft Teams are poised to change the way every individual in your organization works together – from Millennials to Baby Boomers. Learn how to strike the balance between enforcing governance over Groups and Teams, and getting your users what they need quickly with AvePoint.

WF 102 - Getting Started with Office365/SharePoint Online Workflows
Prashant G Bhoyar, MVP - Featured Speaker

"Office 365/SharePoint Online Workflows" is a broad topic and can sometimes leave developers wondering which approach to use. Between OOTB, SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio, Microsoft Flow, Logic Apps and 3rd party products, the choices can be overwhelming.

In this demo-driven session, we will cover the important features and architectural changes of the different Workflows options, as well as, their limitations in Office365/SharePoint online. Even though the title of the session includes SharePoint online, the contents of this session are applicable for SharePoint On-Prem 2013/2016 as well.

Pre-requisite: Familiar with Office365/SharePoint Online, SharePoint Designer, Visual Studio 2012/2013/2015/2017.

You will learn:

  • Architecture of Office365/SharePoint Online Workflows
  • Architecture Decisions for Building Office365/SharePoint Online Workflows
  • Important Features and Limitations of Workflow development tools/services
WF 103 - Flow: The Future of Automation in SharePoint
Scott Shearer, MCT - Featured Speaker

What is Flow? Use Flow to create automated workflows between your favorite apps and services to get notifications, synchronize files, collect data, and more. Flow is tightly integrated with the new "modern" list and library experience in Office 365. One click is all it takes to begin creating your first Flow.

Learn to use the Flow web interface to start automating Office 365 SharePoint processes. See how you can start using Flow instead of SharePoint Designer 2013 workflows. Step into the future of automation with Flow.




WF 104 - Business Process Automation for SharePoint
Andy Huneycutt, MVP MCT - Featured Speaker
Business Process Automation for SharePoint is all about using out of the box tools to meet the ever-changing needs of our business.
Our client needs to develop an automated facilities management portal. The facilities management team is currently struggling to handle incoming requests for use of company resources for meetings, training, and conferences. Their goals for the new system include a customized form for handling requests, a workflow for manager approval, and a workflow process for assigning tasks to their team related to setup and breakdown of facility resources. They would also like custom dashboards for manager overview of requests and tasks, setup and breakdown assignments, and event related expenditures.
What can we build with SharePoint to meet our client's demands? The clock is ticking, we have 70 minutes to build a working business solution for our client. Let's build a business solution using Business Process Automation for SharePoint.



WF 105 - Intelligent Processes Automation: Principles and Tactics
Mike Fitzmaurice - Nintex
Everyone should be able to automate business processes. But there’s a difference between a simple, personal automation that scratches an itch and an intelligent process that solves business problems. There’s a difference between data-centric, UI-centric, and process-centric solution-building. There’s a commitment to analyzing and optimizing to consider. There’s the matter of deciding who plays what role in building these solutions. This session will cover principles and best practices for all of these, with an eye toward immediate applicability, no matter your platform of choice.



WF 203 - Advanced SharePoint Designer 2013 Workflows
Scott Shearer, MCT - Featured Speaker

This session is designed to help you take your Designer 2013 workflow skills to the next level. Full of live demos, you’ll learn how to use Designer workflows to set permissions on list items and use new features such as App Steps, Loops and Task Actions. We’ll also explore the Designer string actions and show you when to use them.

If you ever wondered how and why to use an Association Column, this session is for you. Unlock the power of no-code solutions with Designer 2013 workflows.




WF 204 - Business Process Automation: Advanced Workflow Solutions
Andy Huneycutt, MVP MCT - Featured Speaker

BPA is the automation of complex business processes beyond conventional data management. It focuses on “run the business” activities and often deals with event-driven, mission-critical, core processes. This session is designed to showcase how custom workflows can provide a rich feature set, and a no code solution, that helps increase efficiency in the workplace, provide transparency, and promote accountability.

In this session, you will learn about creating custom workflows using SharePoint Designer. Using real-world examples, we will demonstrate how to design workflow solutions to meet the ever-changing business requirements faced by today’s professionals. We'll also discuss the future of workflow with the introduction of Microsoft PowerApps and Flow.




WF 205 - SharePoint Workflow for Cross-Site data, web services, and Flow
Richard Toland  - Featured Speaker
This session teaches how to leverage SharePoint Designer 2013 or better workflow to interface with remote web services. While this provides the ability for everything from posting to Twitter or instantiating Azure automation routines, it is also particularly useful to SharePoint users for list item creation and manipulation between sites or site collections or even provisioning sites. 
With the recent release of Microsoft Flow this can now be used in tandem to seamlessly integrate between SharePoint onprem and online or beyond.