DEV 100 - The Lay of the Land of Client Side Development circa 2017
Marc Anderson, MVP - Featured Speaker

Are you dazzled by all the noises you hear about client-side development? In this mid-level session, we’ll talk about the types of things you can do with client-side development, how SharePoint can be used as a service (SPaaS?), and what the popular toolsets are.

Whether you’re a server-side developer who wants to catch up with the new trends, a power user wanting to flex your muscles in new ways, or an end user who would like to speak more intelligently with IT, this session will provide useful foundational information as well as open your mind to new possibilities.

DEV 101 - Developing SPFx Components using Visual Studio
Paul Schaeflein, MVP - Featured Speaker

The SharePoint Framework uses many modern, script frameworks. This includes the tools used to create, package and publish the components. But what about Visual Studio and it's capabilities? If you use VSTS capabilities other than source code control, the new tool chain has some gaps.

This session will introduce a community effort that enables SPFx component development in Visual Studio.

DEV 102 - React for the SharePoint Developer
Ryan Schouten, MCT - Featured Speaker

For years client-side development in SharePoint was accomplished with jQuery and JavaScript. In the last year the development landscape has changed. With the introduction of the SharePoint Framework, SharePoint developers were introduced to new ways of developing.

With this new paradigm we need to refresh our skills. React is a library that integrates really well with SharePoint, whether you are currently using the SharePoint Framework or you are prepping your code for the future.

DEV 103 - Leveraging Microsoft Graph API through Client Side Web Parts - Overview
Julie Turner, MVP - Featured Speaker

One API to rule them all, the Microsoft Graph API is the central hub to access all your Office 365 assets such as user profiles, Groups, One Drive, Excel, and video.  Although it requires separate authentication strategy, you can create powerful solutions by leveraging SharePoint and the Graph API together in your client side web parts. 

This demo heavy session will walk you step by step through the authentication theory and the actual code needed to access the Graph API from either generic JavaScript or the Angular 1.x framework and then show a basic example of utilizing the Graph API.

DEV 104 - SharePoint Framework, Angular & Azure Functions : The modern SharePoint developer tool belt
Sébastien Levert, MVP - Featured Speaker

Things are moving fast. Sometimes you might even feel that you own comfort zone is getting of control. But in a Mobile-First, Cloud-First world, things are changing to a crazy pace and to stay on the top of your game, you need keep up with the latest and greatest technologies that are available out there. By staying up to date, you will give to yourself new options that will let you be more productive, write better code and push you in a more open and more collaborative world.

With the official shipment of Angular 4 and the current release of the SharePoint Framework, it is now the time to start moving towards those new technologies in your SharePoint Solutions.

In this session, we will cover the modern tool belt of the SharePoint developer by covering the SharePoint Framework as the new surface to express yourself, Angular as a Framework to enable you to build complete applications within your SharePoint modern experiences and Azure Function as the perfect server-side companion for all your Office 365 & Azure development.

This very demo-intensive session will make sure that at the end you get those 3 key takeaways :

  • Understand the role of the SharePoint Framework, Angular and Azure Functions in this Cloud-First, Mobile-First world
  • Have a complete sample where the modern tool belt is relevant and useful in a real-world scenario
  • Change the way you will think for your next SharePoint project
DEV 105 - Get Started with TypeScript Now
Eric Overfield, MVP - Featured Speaker

The SharePoint Framework is the future of SharePoint development and customization yet its underlying language, TypeScript, is unknown to most developers. Let’s fix that now.

This session is your chance to learn what TypeScript is all about and will get you started on your path to become a TypeScript pro as quickly as possible.TypeScript is a solid, well defined language that will enable you to build not only SharePoint Framework projects, but any large web based project, more quickly and easily in a far more maintainable way than you could achieve with JavaScript alone. We will also see how we can translate our existing JavaScript to TypeScript as well to help jumpstart your next project.

Session Benefits:

  • TypeScript language overview
  • Sample TypeScript code and projects
  • Learn how TypeScript related to the SharePoint Framework
DEV 106 - Robust, Highly Available, Reliable & Scalable Eventing with Webhooks in SharePoint & Microsoft Graph
Andrew Connell, MVP - Featured Speaker

In the past, SharePoint gave developers a few different options for event handling. It started with server-side events in SharePoint 2003 through 2010, then we got remote event receivers in SharePoint 2013. These options worked but were not ideal.

The latest option is to leverage webhooks, which is by far the best option of all! In this session you will learn the basics of working with webhooks for SharePoint as well as Microsoft Graph and learn some tips and tricks on how to best implement handlers for webhooks using Azure Functions to make the most reliable and reliable handlers. We will even look at how you can port remote event receiver handlers to leverage this same pattern.

DEV 200 - Developers, The Case for Microservices and Containers for Dev Environment & Your Next App
Andrew Connell, MVP - Featured Speaker

As a developer, it has been impossible to miss this container wave sweeping over our industry over the last few years. So many of the popular tech companies boast how containers have helped their business! While a tool for only the most savvy for a while, containers have matured significantly that all developers can now consider adding them to their workflow and toolbox… however not everything belongs in containers.

In this session we will first look at how adopting containers within your development process can benefit your organization. Then we will explore why a microservice-based application, implemented using containers, makes a lot of sense for many types applications. You will walk away with some examples and ideas on how you can improve your developer life using containers.

In addition, the next time you architect an application you will be well prepared to evaluate if containers are a good fit.

DEV 201 - Using Logic Apps to Automate Your Processes
Ryan Schouten, MCT - Featured Speaker

Logic Apps are a way for developers and power users to be able to automate processes in their organizations. Logic Apps are more powerful than the consumer Microsoft Flow.

Come attend this session to explore how to create Logic Apps that can be tied in with your existing systems whether on-premise or in the cloud. We will also explore using Azure Functions to be able to handle different events from various types of systems.

DEV 202 - Building Single Page Applications (SPAs) in SharePoint with JavaScript
Marc Anderson, MVP - Featured Speaker

While the SharePoint Framework (SPFx) matures, we can continue to build Single Page Applications (SPAs) using lists and libraries for our data model, building with AngularJS, and deploying using Webpack and gulp-spsave.

While this approach doesn’t utilize SPFx yet, you can build in such a way that you are ready when SPFx gives us the capability to take over an entire “modern” page.

DEV 203 - BI for the Cobbler's Children
Julie Turner, MVP - Featured Speaker

Data visualizations are a hot commodity, and “Power” tools abound.  To be sure, they are powerful.  With some time, patients, and effort they can also be visually pretty appealing.  But what happens when you want to create a very customized visualization, or you need to make it interactive like an application, or you need to manipulate data in code first but lack access to a full blown back end server stack to make it happen.  Enter, "Client BI"... custom web parts written using HTML, JavaScript, and CSS to turn data visualization on its head. 

We’ll start with really easy examples using libraries such as Highcharts and c3 and then move up to more advanced solutions using canvas.  Join me and explore some of the ways we can make data visualization in a web part a reality.

DEV 204 - The Bot Framework and the Microsoft Graph : Join the revolution
Sébastien Levert, MVP - Featured Speaker

Hey Cortana! Hello Google! We're getting used to talk with those weird characters that live in our phones or on our computers nowadays. When well done, those assistants can actually help us in being more productive, more relevant and getting information very quickly without having to search for it for hours. The bot revolution is real and it's time for you to jump in the bandwagon.

But how can we make it productive, or even just useful for us, Information Workers? How can a bot help us in our daily working lives? This session is all about how we can build and bring to life a bot that will get directly to the core of our corporate data and help us in getting information, making better decisions so we can focus on what's important. We will learn the basics of the Microsoft Bot Framework and how it integrates with Microsoft and non-Microsoft technologies such as Facebook Messenger, Skype or even Microsoft Teams. Then we will have a conversation with our users and act as a concierge to their corporate data by using the Microsoft Graph. We will leverage different workloads including Emails, Events, Azure AD and SharePoint data.

Let's build the concierge we always wanted in under 60 minutes and be part of the revolution! This very demo-intensive session will make sure that at the end you get those 3 key takeaways :

  • Understand the role of the Bot Framework and the Microsoft Graph to build great concierge experiences
  • Have a complete sample where a bot targeting Information Workers can be relevant and useful in a real-world scenario
  • Change the way you will think for your next software development project.
DEV 205 - Broken Tokens -- Understanding Modern Auth in Office Development
Paul Schaeflein, MVP - Featured Speaker

Web applications and web services can be secure, but securing them requires tokens. Connecting to Office 365 also requires a token. How do I get one, how does it work and how do I find my way in a maze of acronyms?

Fix your AuthN and AuthZ issues by attending this session. We will discuss the many facets of identity and authorization tokens in the Office Development space.