PWR 101 - Use Your On-premises Data with PowerApps, Power BI, and Microsoft Flow
Daniel Glenn, MVP - Featured Speaker

Microsoft Power BI, Flow, and PowerApps are powerful cloud tools that can take your on-premises data, stored in systems like SQL and SharePoint, to new heights. Using your data where it is now gives you the ability to invest in improving processes, instead of focusing on a data migration strategy.

In this session, we will discuss the benefits of using the cloud tools and how workflow, analytics, and business apps can utilize your on-premises data. We will setup a data gateway, connect to on-premises data sources, and discuss how to use that data in Office 365 to create rich business solutions.

You will walk-away from this session with the knowledge you need to immediately start using your on-premises data with Office 365.

PWR 102 - Create beautiful content in seconds: Communication and Team Sites in SharePoint Online
Chris Johnson, MVP - Featured Speaker

Communication Sites and Team Sites give us a new, modern page-editing experience for building beautiful, responsive content in SharePoint Online. 

This session covers what to use when, key differences between Communication and Team Sites, and provides a great overview of the new page capabilities to get you up and creating in seconds.

PWR 103 - Show! Don’t Tell: Build a Demo Environment
Tamara Bredemus - Featured Speaker

Ever try to tell a user how metadata works better than a folder structure to organize documents? How about the key differences between a SharePoint List vs an Excel Spreadsheet? Stop banging your head against a wall. Stop telling and start showing.

 In this session, we will build a SharePoint Show and Tell environment to illustrate the toughest top three concepts new users need to understand.

  1. Metadata vs Folders
  2. Lists vs Spreadsheets
  3. Content Types vs Doc Templates
PWR 104 - PowerApps for SharePoint Users
Wes Preston, MVP - Featured Speaker

Are, or were, you a user of SharePoint Designer? InfoPath? Access Services? How are you building business solutions today? PowerApps targets the business user and power user gaps left between SharePoint’s out of the box capabilities and custom development.

Non-coding SharePoint users should take a serious look at how Microsoft PowerApps adds business value by extending SharePoint: from building mobile apps, to custom forms, to powerful business applications. PowerApps and SharePoint integration is relatively new but rapidly changing.

It’s important for SharePoint users to understand where PowerApps can be leveraged and how to set expectations for organization and user adoption.

PWR 105 - No-Code Forms and Workflow Tools of the SharePoint Trade
Asif Rehmani, MVP - Featured Speaker

Don't code your solutions, configure them! Many no-code developers (aka Power Users) don't realize that SharePoint already has the building blocks you need to create powerful solutions. There is no need to program everything from scratch. What you need to know is: which tool should you use for specific scenarios. Once you know that, you're all set!

Come to this session and we'll talk through tools such as PowerApps, Search web parts, InfoPath, Flow, and SharePoint Designer.

PWR 201 - Introduction to Office 365 Groups
Drew Madelung, MVP - Featured Speaker

Let’s get started with modern collaboration! Office 365 Groups are a solution developed with people and collaboration in mind. Groups are providing a new way for your team to work together. If you are in Office 365 or moving to it, you will need to learn what Office 365 Groups are and how they fit in into your enterprise. 

This session will be filled with demos around an overview and introduction to Groups and how you interact with them as an end user. 

PWR 202 - From SharePoint to PowerApps: Evolution of the ‘Intake Form’ Solution
Wes Preston, MVP - Featured Speaker

SharePoint and O365 power users solve business problems by combining out of the box SharePoint lists, libraries, and components into multi-page solutions.

  • Users need to submit a request, manage or have visibility to their requests, and access archived requests
  • Folks managing requests need visibility to new requests, the ability to review or triage them, and then assign requests to the appropriate resources
  • Folks responding to requests need to have visibility to what is assigned to them, need to see request details in order to respond to the request, and close requests.
  • Management needs to see an overview of what’s being requested and how effective their team is at working the requests.

PowerApps integration with O365 adds a new options for these solutions – by augmenting, or outright replacing, legacy approaches. Walk through a simple intake request list example and see how PowerApps brings new features, capabilities, and accessibility to these solutions.

PWR 203 - Creating Amazing Dashboards in SharePoint
Matthew Bailey, MCT - Featured Speaker

SharePoint is good at a lot of things, but reporting isn't one of them. In this session, we will discover how to make dashboards of all types. From simple out of the box web part based concepts, to beautiful visual dashboards with JavaScript, CSS, display templates and/or Power BI.

You will be able to walk away from this session with impressive ideas to create appealing dashboards in your own environment.

PWR 204 - Promoted Links - You Get This One For Free
Stacy Deere-Strole, MVP - Featured Speaker

A Quick Win is something that takes little time and money but has a LARGE impact...Promoted Links are exactly that so check it out!

Promoted links is an out of the box function that provides an easy way to manage a visual layout of links on your site.  With the links being part of a list you get various features that a list provides such as security trimming, views, and opening in a separate window.

In addition, as with all the great features and functionality there are always some downsides and gotchas that you need to be aware of and know how to fix or work around them. In this presentation you will learn what to watch out for and how to avoid some potential issues.

PWR 205 - Apps for Everyone – Building No Code Business Apps
Chris McNulty - Microsoft

SharePoint has a rich history as a home for business focused applications. One of SharePoint’s greatest strengths is its ability to unify teams with content collaboration and business productivity applications. Modern application developers can create powerful solutions. But now information workers can create productivity apps without code that can deliver immediate business impact.

Join me for the roadmap of building custom solutions for enhanced collaboration, data analysis, account processing, business intelligence and mobile integration – using Microsoft Flow, PowerApps, Power BI and SharePoint.