WRK405 - Content Services and Managed Metadata in SharePoint & Office 365

Chris McNulty  MVP, MBA

As SharePoint explodes in enterprise capacity, big data often results in a lot of big noise, too. Content Services extends the patterns and systems used to shape long term document storage to shape the first year, or even the first day of the content lifecycle. Managed Metadata and Enterprise Content Management provide tools and analysis to help you separate valuable signals from all the useless background static. This workshop is intended for enterprise architects and content managers looking to optimize the user experience for document-centric collaboration in SharePoint and Office 365.

We’ll cover:
• Principles of SharePoint information Architecture
• Harvest – the best ways to analyze, discover and reuse preexisting content including Delve Boards
• Create – deploying Office Lens and Content Types to ensure content is “born” managed
• Coordinate – Using document libraries, MMS, Flow and search to systematize and improve content collaboration and publishing
• Protect – establishing information governance policies for content retention/deletion, data loss prevention, records management, and automatic classification
• Hybrid content services

We’ll conclude with a hands on team exercise to build information governance for Office 365.

Level: Intermediate - Platform: Cloud/Online