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Government Track

Monday, September 20th 2021, 9:00 am

  • Bobby Chang

    Office 365 Technologist at Microsoft
  • Ed Hild

    Technology Architect at Microsoft

WRK106 - Microsoft Teams - Make It Real Challenge for Government Agencies

Are you tired of attending events that overwhelm you with PowerPoint? Not a fan of mindlessly following step-by-step clicks of lab guides? Are you more interested in learning how to apply technology to real-world business challenges? Join us for a unique event where you will group together with other Microsoft government customers to configure Microsoft Teams and Office 365 to achieve specific business outcomes. The day will begin with a level-set of Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 services that our coaches recommend be the building blocks of your solutions. Afterwards, your group will be given some background of a fictitious agency facing difficulties in their ability to effectively respond to emergencies. Your group will then embark on a series of challenges where you improve the emergency response effectiveness of the agency by injecting Microsoft Teams and Office 365. Each challenge will have a series of required and optional business outcomes. The challenges are open-ended, and it is up to your group with the help of our coaches for you to decide how to meet them. At the end the event, groups will present/demo their solutions.

Wednesday, September 22nd 2021, 11:20 am

  • John Mancini

    Past President, AIIM and Current President, Content Results

SPT102 - The impact of the NARA M-19-21 guidelines to Federal Agencies

The Federal Government has provided critical new guidance from NARA regarding the preparation and delivery of records to meet M-19-21 guidelines. Agencies will no longer be able to send paper records to NARA after December 31st, 2022 and must adopt a paperless strategy. This session will provide a comprehensive look at the impact of the M-19-21 guidelines to Federal Agencies, readiness and gap best practices and maximize the investment by leveraging a robust suite of services/solution tools within your platform.

Wednesday, September 22nd 2021, 4:20 pm

  • Scott Money

    DocPoint Solutions, Director of Technology & Solutions

CM106 - Preparation of M-19-21 - Paper to SharePoint

Another deadline is quickly approaching. Can I scan this stuff and migrate it to my SharePoint environment? With the ever-expanding effort to move into a digital environment, Agencies are being pressured to address paper that is consuming storage space and endless documents on network drives. Appending the M-19-21 initiative to that need and many entities will be overwhelmed. This session will include a demonstration to show a methodology for managing the NARA Deadline of M-19-21 while utilizing existing SharePoint resources to manage the content.

Wednesday, September 22nd 2021, 4:20 pm

  • Rima Reyes

    Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Teams Engineering, Microsoft

TMA105 - The Do’s & Don’ts of Deploying Microsoft Teams in US Government

If you are preparing to or have just deployed Microsoft Teams in your Government organization, then this session is a must! We will share insights on the top reasons why Teams deployments fail or drop in usage right after deployment for most Government users. Don't worry though, Team Engineering will share their advice on how to solve these issues. This session is focused on customers utilizing GCC, GCC High and DOD Office 365 environments.

Thursday, September 23rd 2021, 1:20 pm

  • Jay Leask


CM202 - Information Management or Records - What do I need to know to be ready for NARA!

NARA's guidance on Records has begun to push away from a focus on "permanent" records towards the importance of full information lifecycle. During this topic we'll review the latest guidance from NARA and discuss important topics for modernizing your paper records processes using office 365 to support full information lifecycle management! Plus, how much do I get nativly with Office 365, and HOW do I get my users to care?

Friday, September 24th 2021, 9:00 am

  • Rima Reyes

    Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Teams Engineering, Microsoft

TMS301 - What’s New in Microsoft Teams for US Government

Join us to learn how Microsoft Teams, the hub for collaboration, is transforming the way people work in US Government. We will showcase some big feature innovations we have made in the past year for GCC, GCC High and DOD and give you a sneak peak at some of the exciting new innovations coming to Microsoft Teams for US Government!

Friday, September 24th 2021, 10:40 am

  • Rima Reyes

    Senior Program Manager, Microsoft Teams Engineering, Microsoft

TMA302 - How to Be a Rockstar Microsoft Teams Admin in US Gov

Microsoft Teams empowers US Government administrators with the controls they need to provide the best experience possible to users all while protecting agency data in order to meet mission needs. Join us to learn about which features and settings your US Government organization should configure right now! This session is focused on GCC, GCC High & DOD environments.

Friday, September 24th 2021, 1:00 pm

  • Bobby Chang

    Office 365 Technologist at Microsoft
  • Max Fritz

    Technology Solutions Professional at Microsoft

TMA303 - Microsoft Teams in a Regulated Environment

Come learn how you can deploy, use, and achieve success with Teams in a regulated environment. Max Fritz and Bobby Chang, Teams Technical Specialists at Microsoft for Regulated Industries, will show you the strategies and technologies you need to succeed. You will learn: • Governance Strategies • Compliance & Records Management • Security Options • Monitoring & Auditing Capabilities • Training and Enablement