ADM 102 - Write Amazing PowerShell Scripts to Make Your Job as an Office 365 Administrator Easier
Doug Hemminger, MCT - Featured Speaker

PowerShell has been around for quite some time now and as we extend our environments into the cloud, it continues to provide ways to do amazing things that simplify our lives. While, in some cases, administrative tasks can be done through the user interface or PowerShell, in other cases certain tasks can only be done in PowerShell. Regardless, PowerShell has amazing potential to make your life as and Administrator a lot easier.

Join us for an introduction to writing and using PowerShell on Office 365. Although you don’t need to know how to use PowerShell on Office 365 coming into the session, some PowerShell experience will help you better understand the session. As we get towards the end of the session we will extend our skills and explore slightly more complex topics.