WF 101 - Workflows and Forms in Microsoft world - when to use what?
Asif Rehmani, MVP - Featured Speaker

We all know that forms and workflows are essential for us in any SharePoint initiative. However, the ever evolving story around these technologies has confused a lot of people. Questions such as the following come to mind:

  • What tools should I be using or should we be creating them from scratch?
  • Will my forms and workflows continue to work when I upgrade?
  • Are SharePoint Designer and InfoPath still alive or should I concentrate my efforts on PowerApps and Flow?
  • Should I consider a 3rd party solution?

Come to this session and we'll dissect all of these questions and more. We'll discuss (along with lots of demos) the pros and cons for going with each strategy. You'll leave the session with the confident understanding of which tool you should be using when.