SPT 101 - Understanding Federal IT Compliance in Three Steps
Adam Levithan, MVP - Featured Speaker 

Do you have government contracts or are looking to broaden your portfolio? Aggravated by acronyms like FISMA, DFARS or NIST? A new class was defined in 2015 as Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) to add to the list of acronyms and as of January 1, 2018 its protection will be an integral piece of government contracts.

In this session we'll cover the three steps to be complaint, and overview of the technologies required. Whether in business development or information technology we'll take a look at how Office 365 and Azure support you in this journey to compliance.

SPT 104 - Why US Federal, State and Local Struggle with Cloud Adoption
Christian Buckley, MVP - Featured Speaker 

Government agencies have been accelerating their move to the Microsoft cloud and Office 365 to comply with cloud first mandates, modernize their IT infrastructure, and provide improved citizen (and employee) services. Progress, however, has been met with security, cost, deployment, and policy concerns.

Join this session based on independent research conducted in late 2017 and learn about the Top 10 cloud adoption concerns within the public sector, and how to mitigate the risks surrounding each -- from the initial discovery process and migration planning, to collaboration and governance best practices.

SPT 105 - SharePoint Red Team Blue Team
Liam Cleary, MVP - Featured Speaker

Hackers and Security organizations often have two teams play a virtual game of capture the flag. This involves teams trying to break into environments while the other team is defending.

In this session we will play a virtual game of capture the flag within a SharePoint environment. We will look at tools that can be used for both teams as well as how we can play both teams within our organization to ensure the best security practices.

SPT 202 - Ensuring Business Continuity: Planning for High Availability and Disaster Recovery in SharePoint
Paul Stork  MCT, MVP, MCM, MBA - Featured Speaker

Many organizations depend on SharePoint as a critical part of their business when it comes to sharing information.  Guaranteeing efficient and uniterrupted operation of your SharePoint environment has become a priority for these organizations.  But ensuring business continutiy is still a complex and confusing topic for many people. 

In this talk we'll try to clear up the confusion by providing answers to the following common questions:

  • What is Business Continuity Management?
  • Isn't a good Backup all I need?
  • What are RTO adn RPO?
  • What is High Availability (HA)?
  • What is Disaster Recovery (DR)
  • What's the difference between them?
  • Isn't Microsoft handling all this for me in Office 365?
SPT 204 -The History of Content Security: Take 2
Adam Levithan, MVP - Featured Speaker 

We're currently living Take 1 of the Content Security Journey and now we've reached a critical juncture where technologies have evolved to support Take 2. Our journey to reach the Secure Productive Enterprise (SPE) includes understanding users, their roles, what devices they're working on, and how to protect that content at rest and flying across the network.

Based on real-life use cases in the Aerospace & Defense and Life Sciences industries you will walk away with an understanding of the technologies available to you, and a clear way to communicate with business stakeholders.