PWR303 - From SharePoint to PowerApps: Evolution of the 'Intake Form’ Solution

Wes Preston  MVP

SharePoint and O365 power users solve business problems by combining out of the box SharePoint lists, libraries, and components into multi-page solutions.

The introduction of PowerApps and Flow changes how power users build solutions to accommodate:
• Users need to submit a request, manage or have visibility to their requests, and access archived requests
• Folks managing requests need visibility to new requests, the ability to review or triage them, and then assign requests to the appropriate resources
• Folks responding to requests need to have visibility to what is assigned to them, need to see request details in order to respond to the request, and close requests.
• Management needs to see an overview of what’s being requested and how effective their team is at working the requests.

By replacing SharePoint forms and augmenting, or outright replacing, legacy approaches. Walk through a simple intake request list example and see how PowerApps brings new features, capabilities, and accessibility to these solutions.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: On-Prem & Cloud