SRC203 - Find and Display - Delivering dynamic user experiences in Office 365

Benjamin Niaulin  MVP, RD, MCT

Having the data isn't an issue, we definitely have it and store it almost everywhere. The challenge lies in getting the right data and displaying it in a way your end users will want to consume and gain value out of it. Now there is a challenge!

In the past, you may have used SharePoint Search to do this and you still can today. However, as we moved to the cloud, we've gained new capabilities that don't necessarily require us to be developers to build them.

This session will help you bring value to your work by showing you how to leverage Search in Office 365 with its new modern web parts as well as Power BI and Power Apps to bring data out of its closet and into the hands of any users within your organization.

You will gain a lot by democratizing access to data insights within your company, be the one to lead that change.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: Cloud