ADM201 - Migration in the real world: a cautionary tale of success

Jason Himmelstein  MVP

Migration is a dirty, dirty word. When people hear the word, they cringe and shudder. There are people would rather have 8 root canals at once than live through another migration. There seems to be hope for people with Office 365, but to get there they have to go through yet another migration.

Join Rackspace’s Microsoft MVP, Jason Himmelstein, as he shares real world experiences from the field about how companies, both large and small, have made the shift to Office 365 and Hybrid Estates. He will share tips and tricks that will help you be successful with you next, and hopefully last, migration including identity requirements & remediation, hybrid methodology for Exchange Migration, and hybrid SharePoint topology recommendations.

Level: Intermediate   -    Platform: On-Prem & Cloud