AZR304 - Gateway Drugs: PowerApps/BI & Flow for on-prem, just the beginning. Now Azure Data Factory?

Richard Toland  

For some admins and developers, the demand for cloud capabilities using data accessible only on-prem has increased as many organizations continue to employ Hybrid architectures. To meet that need (and the security constraints that accompany on-prem data), the Microsoft Data Management Gateway gives us better integration to this data and in more secure ways, all while leaving it at the source. Coupled with the Azure Data Factory, your on-prem content can architecturally reach a number of connections never possible before by leveraging the unprecedented scale and compute power throughout the breadth of Azure services.

This session will illustrate how to leverage on-prem SharePoint content to interface with and drive cloud services through the secure Data Management Gateway and Azure Data Factory integrations. We’ll cover the setup and configuration of the Gateway, the Factory, and our data connections, as well as some gotcha’s and pitfalls along the path to becoming a full Gateway/Hybrid addict.

Level: Advanced   -    Platform: On-Prem & Cloud