TMS303 - Right-sizing your approach to management and governance of Office 365 Groups

John Peluso  RD

Microsoft Teams offers fundamentally new ways for organizations to collaborate, promising high-velocity, high-visibility and minimal “red-tape” collaboration scenarios. This drives productivity on the business side but can raise some interesting questions for those tasked with management, governance and compliance of the platform. Microsoft is investing to assist with these concerns, but is it enough? The choice of “govern or do not govern” need not be a black and white one.

In this session we’ll review:
• The value and risks of both “wide open” and “highly controlled” Office 365 Group deployment options
• Management and governance capabilities Microsoft has delivered and what's on the way
• Challenges, best practices and lessons learned organizations from across the globe and their Office 365 Group deployments

Level: Advanced   -    Platform: Cloud