Improve User Experience

Kanwal Khipple & David Francoeur

March 26, 2021 - 12:30 pm - 4:30 pm ET


As part of this workshop, we will aim to go through a number of practical tips and tricks that you can leverage when building your own SharePoint portals, designing your PowerApps as well as learn best practices that are applicable when working with any technology.

For the second half of the day, in groups, we will work through a design sprint and help you improve the usability of your current intranet.

Detailed Agenda
• UX Laws and Principles – what are the key markers for creating a great user experiences? These principles can be applied to not just SharePoint but user experience that users interact with. Learn these and forever be prepared to build experiences that greatly improve the user experience
• improving findability - how to build experiences that improve knowledge discovery
• How Design Sprints work – learn how to run them effectively with champions and executives involved.
• SharePoint Themes – learn how to leverage themes in SharePoint, how to create and apply themes in your current tenant
• UX Audit – what you need to consider when performing an UX audit of your existing applications
• Best Practices – reviewing best practices that I have learned over the years based on complexity and business value
• Implement Design Sprints – remainder of the workshop, we will use the knowledge that we have gained and improve your applications

• Wireframing Toolkit – will provide a wireframe toolkit that you can leverage to create your own wireframes
• Personas – critical to getting your application right but also important to start with a template. Will be provided during the workshop

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