ADM201 - Why Hybrid Equals Coexistence Going Forward

Jason Himmelstein

Microsoft has shown us the SharePoint roadmap to the future and it is not a one-way ticket to a boring Cloud-only service management world. Instead, Microsoft has laid out a landscape full of choices whereby companies can take advantage of the best available technology in the locale that is best for their specific needs. This means that a state of onPrem and Cloud coexistence is going to be a big part of our future.
Join Rackspace’s Microsoft MVP, Jason Himmelstein, as he explains the new landscape and how companies both large and small can take advantage of all the features that Office 365, Azure, and most specifically SharePoint 2016 bring to the table. He will share topology guidance, discuss best of locale governance options, cover the authentication models that companies have at their disposal, and most importantly, discuss the path forward to coexistence that will allow customers to maximize their investment.